100+ Most Popular Romanian Girl Names

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Step into the enchanting world of Romanian culture as we unveil the most beloved names for girls. Reflecting centuries of tradition and contemporary influences, Romanian girl names are as diverse and captivating as the land itself. Join us on a journey through the timeless charm and modern allure of the most popular Romanian girl names, each carrying its own unique story and significance.

100+ Most Popular Romanian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Ana Grace
2 Maria Variant of Mary, meaning “beloved”
3 Ioana Romanian form of Joanna, meaning “God is gracious”
4 Elena Bright, shining light
5 Andreea Feminine form of Andrew, meaning “manly”
6 Cristina Variant of Christina, meaning “follower of Christ”
7 Mihaela Romanian form of Michael, meaning “who is like God”
8 Alina Bright, beautiful
9 Alexandra Defender of mankind
10 Laura Laurel, symbol of victory
11 Diana Divine, heavenly
12 Gabriela Feminine form of Gabriel, meaning “God is my strength”
13 Adriana Dark, rich
14 Carmen Song
15 Roxana Dawn
16 Daniela God is my judge
17 Simona Hearkening, listening
18 Florina Flower
19 Raluca Unknown
20 Oana Graceful
21 Catalina Pure
22 Irina Peace
23 Loredana Laurel tree
24 Ramona Wise protector
25 Bianca White
26 Anca Gracious
27 Denisa Devotee of Dionysos, god of wine and revelry
28 Patricia Noble, patrician
29 Larisa Cheerful, happy
30 Corina Maiden
31 Geanina Unknown
32 Violeta Violet
33 Madalina Tower of strength
34 Mariana Bitter grace
35 Monica Adviser
36 Sabina Sabine woman
37 Stefania Crown, garland
38 Claudia Lame
39 Adina Noble, delicate
40 Natalia Born on Christmas day
41 Valentina Brave, strong, healthy
42 Sorina Bright sky
43 Lorena Crowned with laurels
44 Adelina Noble
45 Anamaria Grace
46 Iulia Youthful
47 Beatrice Voyager, traveler
48 Marilena Unknown
49 Nicoleta Victory of the people
50 Florentina Blooming
51 Silvia From the forest
52 Rodica Rose
53 Anghelina Messenger, angelic
54 Silvana Wooded, forest
55 Emilia Industrious, striving
56 Lorelei Alluring
57 Evelina Life-giving, lively
58 Teodora Gift of God
59 Melania Black, dark-skinned
60 Cătălina Pure
61 Miruna Peaceful, calm
62 Codrina Unknown
63 Silviana From the forest
64 Valeria Strong, healthy
65 Ioanina God is gracious
66 Gabriella God is my strength
67 Georgeta Unknown
68 Victoria Victory
69 Ilinca Unknown
70 Teodosia Gift of God
71 Eliza Pledged to God
72 Eleonora Light, torch, bright
73 Cornelia Horn
74 Dorina Gift
75 Aliona Unknown
76 Anisia Grace
77 Viorica Bluebell
78 Otilia Rich
79 Verona Truth
80 Eleni Torch, bright light
81 Margareta Pearl
82 Ingrid Beautiful
83 Viorela Bluebell
84 Lia Weary
85 Lavinia Unknown
86 Roxandra Defender of the people
87 Ileana Bright, shining
88 Adela Noble
89 Petronela Stone, rock
90 Cosmina Unknown
91 Lidia From Lydia, a region in Asia Minor
92 Narcisa Daffodil
93 Marisa Of the sea
94 Ruxandra Defender of the people
95 Viola Violet
96 Felicia Lucky, successful
97 Sorana Feminine form of Sorin, meaning “peace”
98 Florenta Blooming
99 Olimpia Of Olympus
100 Vasilica Royal, regal
101 Suzana Lily
102 Iuliana Youthful
103 Floarea Flower
104 Elvira True
105 Adelaida Noble
106 Mirela Admirable
107 Stefana Crown, garland
108 Livia Blue
109 Alis Noble

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In conclusion,

In concluding our exploration of the most popular Romanian girl names, we find a treasure trove of tradition, elegance, and cultural significance. From timeless classics to modern favorites, these names encapsulate the essence of Romanian heritage while embracing the evolving trends of contemporary society. As we celebrate the beauty and diversity of Romanian girl names, we also honor the rich tapestry of history and tradition from which they draw inspiration. Each name carries with it a story waiting to be told, shaping the identities of generations to come.

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