Chinese Girl Names

by Sophia Roberts

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We Present the Most Popular Chinese Girl Names in English & Chinese

As a parent, one of the most delightful responsibilities you have is choosing unique Chinese baby names for your baby girl. We understand that things might be a bit overwhelming for you right now. Visitors, calls, and messages might be flooding in as everyone comes to bless and meet the new addition to your family. However, this is the ideal time to embark on the journey of name selection. The sooner you start, the more it will feel like a joyful experience rather than a burden. Rest assured, we are here to assist you in selecting popular baby names for your baby girl.

What to Consider in a Unique Chinese Girl Name?

The belief is that the right name for your baby girl will bring good luck, prosperity, and happiness to your little one. While it might take some time, the process is undoubtedly worthwhile. Chinese baby girl names with characters are crafted by combining different characters that convey both the family name and the given name for your baby girl. For your convenience, we have also included modern baby girl names in English on our website.

The Tradition Behind Popular Chinese Girl Names for Baby Girls:

Traditionally, parents seek guidance from astrologers to suggest a name or they create a shortlist of unique Chinese baby girl names and make a final decision after consulting with their family and an astrologer. With a history spanning over 5000 years, Chinese culture remains deeply rooted, and many still follow these traditional practices, particularly in Mainland China. However, in countries like the USA, UK, and Europe, a blend of modern culture has influenced naming choices, prompting us to list popular Chinese baby names in English as well.

Chinese Feature Girl names

No. Name Meaning
1 Babs Stranger, foreigner
2 Caitlin Chaste, pure
3 Dada One with wavy hair
4 Eartha From Earth
5 Halle Living in a manor
6 Ife Woman of love
7 Jacobina Following after
8 Lagina Queen
9 Maartje Rendered to Mary
10 Naamah Agreeable, lovely
11 Ogechi The greatest of God
12 Palma Palm tree
13 Queen Female monarch
14 Takisha Healthy and alive
15 Uliana Soft-haired
16 Waiola Violet flower
17 Xandra Protector of humanity
18 Yadira Unclear
19 Abela Breathing
20 Fairy Fairy spirit
21 Gail My father’s delight
22 Kachina Dancing spirit
23 Rae Sheep’s friend
24 Sacnite Pasty blossom
25 Valentina Strong and sound
26 Zanna Lily
27 Talin Unclear
28 Talin Unclear
29 Valentina Strong and sound
30 Sacnite Pasty blossom
31 Rae Sheep’s friend
32 Kachina Dancing spirit
33 Gail My father’s delight
34 Fairy Fairy spirit
35 Abela Breathing
36 Yadira Unclear
37 Xandra Protector of humanity
38 Waiola Violet flower
39 Uliana Soft-haired
40 Takisha Healthy and alive
41 Queen Female monarch
42 Palma Palm tree
43 Ogechi The greatest of God
44 Naamah Agreeable, lovely
45 Maartje Rendered to Mary
46 Lagina Queen
47 Jacobina Following after
48 Ife Woman of love
49 Halle Living in a manor
50 Eartha From Earth
51 Dada One with wavy hair
52 Caitlin Chaste, pure
53 Babs Stranger, foreigner

A Great Name: Your First Gift to Your Baby:

Selecting and bestowing a name upon your little angel is her first gift from you. This name will accompany her throughout her life, and she will undoubtedly appreciate the thought you put into it. Postponing this task will only make it more daunting in the future. So, take a moment to clear your mind and consider what kind of unique baby girl names you envision for your daughter. Would you like to name her after a renowned author, a prominent scientist, or a beloved historical figure? Once you define the characteristics you seek in unique Chinese baby girl names, the decision-making process will become smoother.

Relax and Let Us Assist You:

Now, simply grab a cup of coffee, a pen, some paper, and invite your spouse to join you. Scroll down to explore our list of Chinese baby girl names, presented in both Chinese characters and English. As you peruse the list, you’ll likely jot down a few favorite popular and unique baby girl names. With these options in hand, consult with your family and make a decision that feels right for you all.