Muslim Baby Girl Names

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Muslim Baby Girl Names Alphabet

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Muslim Baby Girl Names with Meanings from Quran

In accordance with a Hadith by our beloved Prophet (SAW), “a child must be named promptly on his/her birth.” Additionally, the Muslim baby girl name you select for your precious angel should embody your love for religion and values, shouldn’t it? That’s precisely why we have meticulously compiled an extensive list of the most promising and spiritually resonant Muslim baby girl names with meanings, specially for you.

A Birthright for Your Baby:

Bestowing a proper and beautiful name upon your baby girl is her birthright. In fact, her name should mirror her own innate beauty. We are here to guide you through this process. We recognize that the multitude of suggestions pouring in from relatives, friends, and colleagues can make arriving at a unanimous decision quite challenging. However, this shouldn’t deter you from seeking out a meaningful Muslim baby girl name on your own.

No Need to Hurry:

We understand that sifting through hundreds of thousands of unique Muslim baby girl names can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Even with your heightened motivation, this task can seem daunting. The new experiences you’ve encountered may have left you feeling drained, but now is not the time for weariness. Your baby deserves your undivided attention and enthusiasm during this special period.

Our Gift to Your Precious One:

We’ve undertaken the responsibility of introducing you to the most endearing Muslim baby names with meanings. You can simply peruse through them and create a shortlist of those that resonate with your heart for your little bundle of joy. After compiling this list of potential Muslim baby girl names, you can then convene with your family to collectively choose the name that brings you joy and graces your baby’s face with a sweet smile.

No. Name Meaning
1 Aabida Worshiper of Allah, especially during the day.
2 Aabira One who interprets, explainer.
3 Aabroo Honor, Fame, Dignity.
4 Aafiya Good health, Well-being.
5 Aaida Returner, Visitor.
6 Aaila Halo around the moon.
7 Aaima To make something subtle, to enlighten.
8 Aaina Mirror.
9 Aaira Noble, Honorable, Respectable.
10 Aaiza Replacement, Substitution.
11 Aalifa Kind, Friendly, Compassionate.
12 Aamal Hope, Aspiration.
13 Aamilah Hopeful, Righteous.
14 Aana Arabic for “dawn” or “early morning”.
15 Aaneseh Virtuous woman, Good-natured, Humanitarian.
16 Aaqilah Adoring, High, Mighty.
17 Aaribah Winner, Successful.
18 Aarifah Knowledgeable, Informed, Familiar.
19 Aarzu Hope, Desire, Expectation.
20 Aaseman Aaseman is a Persian name for girls that means “sky”.
21 Aasfa Protector, Guardian.
22 Aasia Hope.
23 Aasimah Protector, Defender.
24 Aasira Bond.
25 Aasiyah Pharaoh’s wife in the Quran.
26 Aasma Excellent, Precious, Supreme.
27 Aasmaa Excellent, Precious, Supreme.
28 Aatifa Affection, Sympathy, Compassion.
29 Aatifah Aatifah is an Arabic name for girls that means “affectionate”.
30 Aatika Aatika is an Arabic name for girls that means “noble”.
31 Marnia Wealthy in every aspect.
32 Rahel Sheep’s friend.
33 Nawlah She was a narrator of Hadith.
34 Nabiyah High status.
35 Laiba Name of a Hoor in paradise.
36 Iffah Purity, modesty, chastity.
37 Ibtihl Supplication, Prayer.
38 Hubayshah She was the daughter of Al-muzaffar.
39 Hamna Purple or black grape a fruit.
40 Hajra Wife of Hazrat Ibrahim.
41 Hadiqa Walled garden, Garden.
42 Haalah A crescent shaped ear-ring.
43 Haadiya Guide to righteousness.
44 Gul Barg Rose Petal.
45 Golnaz Golnaz is a Persian name for girls.
46 Ghuzail Ghuzail is an Arabic name for girls.
47 Ghizlan Ghizlan is From the word ghazal.
48 Ghina Singing, Song, Melody.
49 Gheeti Gheeti is a Persian name for girls.
50 Gheeta Gheeta is a Persian name for girls.
51 Ghazal Ode, Poem.
52 Fazzilet Blessings of Allah.
53 Farya Farya is a Persian name for girls.
54 Farrokh Farrokh is a Persian name for girls.
55 Fareen Fareen is a Persian name for girls.
56 Faleehah Faleehah is an Arabic name for girls.
57 Ezzah A person who gives the honor.
58 Elma Apple.
59 Bawan Bawan is a Kurdish name for girls.
60 Batlah Batlah is an Arabic name for girls.

Key Considerations:

Before you begin exploring our extensive collection of unique Muslim baby girl names for your newborn, we’d like to highlight a few key considerations:

  • Some Muslim baby girl names may appear similar in spelling, but their pronunciation can differ, altering their meanings in the process.
  • Altering the pronunciation of certain names can also modify their meanings significantly.
  • Many of these names have Arabic origins, rendering them universally recognized across various regions.
  • While our selection spans a diverse range of unique Muslim baby girl names, we’ve also included contemporary options. These names are drawn from distinguished Muslim scientists, scholars, and revered figures, reflecting the intellect, honor, and values associated with the personalities they are derived from.

Consulting with Religious Scholars:

In your journey to select a fitting name for your adorable baby girl, you need not hesitate to seek guidance from religious scholars. After you’ve shortlisted potential Muslim baby names for girls, a religious scholar can provide you with insights into the blessings and attributes associated with each name. Whether you choose to involve your family or make the decision independently, we’ve furnished ample details about these modern and unique Muslim girl names to aid you in finding the perfect name for your precious angel.