150+ Best English Names Starting with ‘Z’ for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Are English names starting with the letter Z really popular for you to comfortably choose from? While names beginning with Z are generally fewer than names starting with other letters like A, B, C… we still provide you with a list of the most common names. Follow through with all these names, and you’re sure to find a few that you love and resonate with your personality.

English names starting with Z for Boys

For those gentlemen who are struggling to choose an English name, check out these names that start with the letter Z and are popularly used by many people around the world!

No. Name Meaning
1 Zain Intelligent, capable, happy
2 Zohan Gift from God
3 Zaid Honest, great
4 Zaiden Strength
5 Zak Laughter, pure
6 Zion Light
7 Zeke Strength of God
8 Zane Beloved
9 Zack Laughter
10 Zubair Strong
11 Zeus Supreme god of the Greek mythology, Jupiter
12 Zavier New home
13 Zaydan One who always moves forward
14 Zeel Pond within
15 Zayad Prosperous
16 Zander Protector of mankind
17 Zed Just
18 Zin Protector
19 Zenil Stream
20 Zayne Mercy of God
21 Zakai Innocent, pure
22 Zahal Joy
23 Zayden Handsome
24 Zaydin Handsome
25 Zale Sea strength
26 Zarveen Good
27 Zoel Success
28 Zaine Mercy of God
29 Zuriel Strength from God
30 Zedrick Brave
31 Zen Tiny
32 Zadok Righteous
33 Zemme Bold, adventurous
34 Zyaire River
35 Zebediah Gift from God
36 Zender Protector
37 Zues Light
38 Zippy Quick, nimble
39 Zephyr Gentle breeze
40 Zayn Grace, beauty
41 Zev Deer
42 Zephaniah Hidden by God
43 Zabdiel Gift from God
44 Zayvion Energetic, enthusiastic
45 Zander Defender of the people
46 Ziv Brightness, radiance
47 Zael Shadow
48 Zaden Fighter, survivor
49 Zaylen Enthusiastic
50 Zebulon Exalted, honored
51 Zephyrus West wind
52 Zavian Gracious
53 Zayveon God is gracious
54 Zarek God may protect the king
55 Zabulon Exalted
56 Ziyad Abundance
57 Zaden Adorned
58 Zaniel Gift from God
59 Zayan Bright, shining
60 Zafir Victorious
61 Zorion Happy, joyous

English Names Starting with Z for Girls

Let’s check out some beautiful English names for girls that start with the letter Z, each with its own unique meaning. Names like Zuhi, Zaina, and Zara carry distinct significance. We hope you understand the meanings behind these names and can quickly and easily choose one that resonates with you.

No. Name Meaning
1 Zara Princess, noblewoman, radiance
2 Zia Light
3 Zaina Cute, beautiful, strong
4 Zahra Shining, beautiful
5 Zaara Light, brave
6 Zaria Princess, sun, strong woman
7 Zena Moon
8 Zoe Light, brave
9 Zora Sunrise
10 Zarina Golden, Queen
11 Zina Beauty
12 Ziyana Radiant
13 Zayna Beautiful, graceful
14 Zoey Responsible, truthful, happy
15 Zuhi Jasmine flower, light
16 Zee Happy
17 Zelda Warrior in the dark
18 Zinia Bright flower
19 Zayne Pure, love
20 Zinah Beauty
21 Zeisha Beloved
22 Zaneta Gift from God
23 Zandra Protector of humanity
24 Zanna Gift from God
25 Zinnia Flower garden
26 Zalina Moonlight, radiance
27 Zenith At the highest point
28 Zelma Humorous, witty
29 Zyla Shelter, protection
30 Zay Pure love
31 Zeta Petite, rose
32 Zillah Protection, shelter
33 Zhoie Faith
34 Zelene Sunlight
35 Zola Tranquil
36 Zen Petite
37 Zoraya Rich
38 Zetta Blossom
39 Zaclyn Radiant
40 Zin Protector
41 Zalea
42 Zian Solitary, alone
43 Zoelle Life
44 Zandria Ray of light
45 Zenifer Gentle
46 Zoriyah Beauty
47 Zavrina Princess
48 Zadie Princess
49 Zinny A beautiful flower
50 Zooey Honest, responsible, happy
51 Zondra Protector of humanity
52 Zanndra Protector of humanity
53 Zerenity Serenity
54 Ziggy Victory
55 Zandraea Grand
56 Zuzana Lily
57 Zienna Hospitable woman
58 Zenky Blossom, hope
59 Zoomie Energetic person
60 Zenny Noble

Unisex English Names Starting with Z

Certain names are considered ‘unisex,’ meaning they can be used for both males and females. If you’re interested, you can also consider the following names:

No. Name Meaning
1 Zephyr Gentle breeze
2 Zenith Highest point
3 Zephyrus West wind
4 Zuri Beautiful, radiant
5 Zephyra Gentle breeze
6 Zephyrine Gentle breeze
7 Zephyria Gentle breeze
8 Zephyrina Gentle breeze
9 Zephyr Gentle breeze
10 Zen Meditation, calmness
11 Zephyrine Gentle breeze
12 Zephyria Gentle breeze
13 Zephyrina Gentle breeze
14 Zephyr Gentle breeze
15 Zuri Beautiful, radiant
16 Zephyra Gentle breeze
17 Zephyrine Gentle breeze
18 Zephyria Gentle breeze
19 Zephyrina Gentle breeze
20 Zen Meditation, calmness
21 Zephyrine Gentle breeze
22 Zephyria Gentle breeze
23 Zephyrina Gentle breeze
24 Zephyr Gentle breeze
25 Zuri Beautiful, radiant
26 Zephyra Gentle breeze
27 Zephyrine Gentle breeze
28 Zephyria Gentle breeze
29 Zephyrina Gentle breeze
30 Zen Meditation, calmness

English Names Starting with ‘Z’ Resembling Famous Personalities

Even though they are still common names, we often tend to like names associated with famous individuals. Below is a compilation of 30 names inspired by famous people from all around the world.

Name Gender Profession
Zachary Male Actor, Singer
Zoe Female Actress, Model
Zane Male Author, Musician
Zendaya Female Actress, Singer
Zara Female Fashion Designer
Zayn Male Singer, Songwriter
Zara Female Princess, Heiress
Zachariah Male Religious Figure
Zelda Female Video Game Character
Zara Female Actress, Singer
Zachary Male Politician
Zadie Female Author
Zinedine Male Footballer
Zoya Female Author, Historian
Zeppelin Unisex Music Band
Zara Female Actress, Model
Zora Female Author, Anthropologist
Zayd Male Author, Scholar
Zina Female Actress
Zlatan Male Footballer
Zoe Female Philosopher
Zephyr Unisex Mythological Figure
Zora Neale Female Author
Zebulon Male Pioneer, Politician
Zilpha Female Author
Zara Female Athlete
Zayd Male Author, Scholar
Zadie Female Author
Zephyr Unisex Mythological Figure
Zara Female Fashion Designer

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In conclusion

In conclusion, here is a curated list of over 150 English names that start with the letter ‘Z’ for both boys and girls. This diverse compilation offers a wide range of options, catering to various tastes and preferences. Whether you’re drawn to classic, trendy, or unique names, this list provides ample choices to help you find the perfect name for your child. Take your time exploring these options and select a name that resonates with you and your family.

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