Biblical Baby Girl Names

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Biblical Baby Girl Names Alphabet

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5000 Modern & Unique Christian (Biblical) Names for Baby Girls

Congratulations on the arrival of one of the most beautiful creations in the world: a baby girl. The experience must have been truly exhilarating, hasn’t it? Whether she has already arrived or is still on her way, the moment you hold your tiny angel in your arms will undoubtedly be the most precious. Now, the time has come to choose a Holy Christian (biblical) name for your daughter that is as beautiful as she is. This website offers an extensive collection of over 5000 unique Christian girl baby names with meanings. We invite you to explore our online library brimming with charming names for your baby, and select the perfect name for your angel.

Consider it a Delight, Not a Burden

Many parents feel a sense of nervousness when contemplating the task of selecting the right Christian baby girl name for their newborn. They sometimes view it as a burden, overlooking the joy that can be found in the process. Your daughter has either already arrived or is about to, entrusting you with the joyful task of choosing the most fitting modern Christian baby girl name for her. What you should do is take a moment, savor a cup of coffee, sit down with your partner, clear your minds of all distractions, and allow us to assist you in discovering the most promising biblical girl name for your precious child.

Everyone’s Opinions Matter, But Yours Matters Most

The occasion of having a baby is exhilarating, and it often involves an outpouring of suggestions from well-wishers regarding which unique Biblical girl baby names to consider, what outfit to dress her in, and even speculating about her first word (rest assured, it’s likely to be either ‘mama’ or ‘dada’). This entire experience can indeed be overwhelming, leaving you somewhat bewildered and inclined to opt for any popular Biblical girl baby name that catches your attention. Yet, consider this: you are the one who has brought your daughter into this world, and you are the one who will nurture her into a wonderful young girl. Therefore, there’s no need to rush this decision. Take your time, remain composed, and thoughtfully select the perfect Holy Christian baby girl name.

No. Name Meaning
1 Abbey Intelligent and brave (Abbey isn’t just a standalone name; its meaning adds depth to its charm. The name Abbey signifies intelligence and beauty. Originating from the Bible, Abbey holds a special place as a biblical girl’s name, garnering popularity within the realm of biblical baby names.)
2 Cadence Beat, rhythm (The name Cadence carries the delightful meaning of ‘beat’ or ‘rhythm.’ With its origins rooted in the Bible, Cadence holds a significant place as a biblical baby girl’s name, especially cherished within biblical contexts.)
3 Dacia A woman from Dacia, ancient region (The name Dacia bears the meaning of ‘A woman from Dacia.’ With its origins intertwined with the Bible, Dacia stands as a noteworthy choice for a biblical baby girl’s name, gaining popularity within biblical narratives.)
4 Earleen Noble woman (The name Earleen carries the significance of ‘Noble woman.’ Rooted in biblical heritage, Earleen emerges as a meaningful option for a biblical baby girl’s name, recognized for its popularity within biblical contexts.)
5 Fan Lethal (The name Fan holds the meaning of ‘Lethal.’ With its origins intertwined in biblical heritage, Fan stands as a significant biblical baby girl’s name, notable for its prevalence within biblical references.)
6 Gala Woman of serenity (The name Gala signifies the essence of ‘Woman of Serenity.’ Rooted in biblical origins, Gala emerges as a distinctive biblical baby girl’s name, resonating particularly within the context of the Bible.)
7 Hai Coming from the sea (The name Hai carries the profound meaning of ‘Coming from the Sea.’ Rooted in biblical heritage, Hai stands as a noteworthy biblical baby girl’s name, finding particular popularity within the pages of the Bible.)
8 Iesha One who is alive and well (The name Iesha holds the significant meaning of ‘One who is alive.’ With its roots in biblical origins, Iesha is recognized as a meaningful biblical baby girl’s name, resonating especially within the context of the Bible.)
9 Jackie One who supplants (The name Jackie carries the meaningful essence of ‘One who supplants.’ This name holds significance and depth, reflecting its origin and significance.)
10 Kaelan Thin (The name Kaelan holds the meaning of ‘Thin.’ This name’s significance is a reflection of its unique attribute, capturing its essence)
11 Lacey Person from Normandy
12 Mackenzie Pretty, good-looking
13 Naak Golden
14 Odalis Riches
15 Paisley From a glade
16 Rada Filled with care
17 Sachi Blessed child
18 Tal Dewy
19 Vada Wisdom
20 Wen Literate person
21 Xiang Good luck
22 Yan Swallow bird
23 Bambi Little girl
24 Qiana Soft, silky
25 Ulla Powerful and prosperous
26 Zalika A well-born child
27 Hedva Joy
28 Agape Love and affection
29 Akilah Clever, bright
30 Nayeli I love you

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