70 Ancient Chinese Names for Girls with Meanings

by Sophia Roberts

In the mosaic of Chinese culture and history, the names given to girls have always held a profound significance. These names are not mere words; they are encapsulations of familial hopes, cultural legacies, and the aspirations of generations. As we embark on a journey through the enchanting world of ancient Chinese names for girls, we uncover a treasury of meanings and symbolism, each name a lyrical verse in the poetic narrative of China’s past.

From the graceful elegance of names like “Meiying,” meaning “beautiful flower,” to the celestial charm of “Tianyi,” signifying “heavenly elegance,” we will unravel the layers of history, philosophy, and tradition that have shaped these names. Join us in exploring the enchanting universe of ancient Chinese girl names, where each syllable is a brushstroke painting a vivid portrait of Chinese culture and heritage.

70 Ancient Chinese Names for Girls with Meanings

No. Name Meaning
1 Mei Beautiful
2 Ying Cherry Blossom
3 Li Beautiful
4 Hua Flower
5 Xiu Elegant
6 Jing Crystal
7 Lan Orchid
8 Xinyi Happy and Righteous
9 Yue Moon
10 Meiying Beautiful Heroine
11 Xian Virtuous
12 Ruyi Obedient
13 Qing Green
14 Zhen Precious
15 Fang Fragrant
16 Ling Delicate
17 Xinyu Happy and Pleasant
18 Chun Spring
19 Yulan Elegant Orchid
20 Xue Snow
21 Xiujuan Graceful and Beautiful
22 Ming Bright
23 Qian Modest
24 Jiao Delicate
25 Yu Jade
26 Xinyan Happy and Beautiful
27 Aiyi Loving and Kind
28 Yueying Moon Heroine
29 Huan Joy
30 Lian Lotus
31 Rong Blossom
32 Yuhuan Jade Bracelet
33 Tianyi Heavenly Elegance
34 Hong Red
35 Chunhua Spring Flower
36 Xia Summer
37 Qi Elegant Spirit
38 Xiang Fragrance
39 Qiao Pretty
40 Jinfeng Golden Phoenix
41 Meiling Pretty and Delicate
42 Xiujuan Elegant and Graceful
43 Liling Graceful and Delicate
44 Yujie Precious and Outstanding
45 Zhihui Wisdom
46 Yumei Beautiful and Elegant
47 Xinyue Happy Moon
48 Ziyi Graceful One
49 Zhilan Orchid Orchid
50 Yuxin Jade Heart
51 Xianyi Virtuous One
52 Jiaxin Happy Heart
53 Yuanyuan Round and Complete
54 Xiaojie Little Outstanding
55 Yunjing Gentle and Quiet
56 Xiumei Elegant and Beautiful
57 Minghui Bright and Intelligent
58 Liuying Willow Heroine
59 Zhenzhen Precious and Valuable
60 Xinyang Happy and Sun
61 Xiangxi Fragrant Happiness
62 Liangliang Pretty and Beautiful
63 Yingying Cherry Blossom Blossom
64 Xiaofang Little Fragrance
65 Xianlian Virtuous Lotus
66 Meimei Beautiful and Beautiful
67 Rulan Like Orchid
68 Xiaoxiao Little Dawn
69 Qianqian Modest and Modest
70 Xinyue Happy and Moon

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30 Chinese Empresses and Princesses

The history of China is adorned with the grace and influence of remarkable women who wore the titles of empresses and princesses. These 30 names, encompassing both royal power and regal grace, represent the dynastic tapestry of China. From the awe-inspiring Empress Wu Zetian, the only female emperor in Chinese history, to the serene Princess Taiping of the Tang Dynasty, their names evoke visions of strength, wisdom, and cultural significance. Whether reigning with benevolence or embodying tranquility, these empresses and princesses have left indelible marks on China’s history, shaping the narrative of their times and serving as enduring symbols of feminine power and grace in a world steeped in tradition.

Name Title Meaning
Empress Wu Zetian Empress of China Sage Ruler
Princess Taiping Princess of Tang Peaceful and Serene
Empress Cixi Empress of China Compassionate Mother
Princess Pingyang Princess of Tang Peaceful and Upright
Empress Dowager Ci’an Empress Dowager of Qing Virtuous Tranquility
Princess Wencheng Tibetan Princess Cultured and Virtuous
Empress Dowager Longyu Empress Dowager of Qing Prosperous and Jade-like
Princess Miaoshan Buddhist Princess Marvelous Kindness
Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang Empress Dowager of Qing Filial and Respectful
Princess Shouyang Princess of Ming Longevity and Sunshine
Empress Dowager Cao Empress Dowager of Wei Benevolent and Venerable
Princess Lechang Princess of Song Joyful and Auspicious
Empress Dowager Lü Empress Dowager of Han Gentle and Virtuous
Princess Changping Princess of Ming Eternal Peace
Empress Xiaohuizhang Empress of Tang Filial and Outstanding
Princess Anle Princess of Tang Tranquil and Joyful
Empress Dowager Deng Empress Dowager of Western Wei Virtuous and Prosperous
Princess Wanning Princess of Ming Elegant and Peaceful
Empress Dowager Xiao Empress Dowager of Wei Virtuous and Filial
Princess Gaoyang Princess of Tang Noble and Sunshine
Empress Dowager Xie Empress Dowager of Northern Zhou Kind and Harmonious
Princess Zhaojun Princess of Han Peaceful and Gentle
Empress Dowager Liang Empress Dowager of Tang Gentle and Upright
Princess Wuyang Princess of Tang Elegant and Sunshine
Empress Dowager Zhang Empress Dowager of Sui Filial and Respectful
Princess Xiangning Princess of Song Auspicious and Tranquil
Empress Dowager Yan Empress Dowager of Northern Qi Virtuous and Gentle
Princess Huating Princess of Song Splendid and Auspicious
Empress Dowager Wang Empress Dowager of Qi Kind and Virtuous
Princess Ningguo Princess of Ming Tranquil and Prosperous

How Widely Are Ancient Chinese Names for Girls Used?

In conclusion, the usage of ancient Chinese names for girls is a testament to the enduring allure of tradition and cultural heritage. While many of these names still resonate today, they coexist with a wider spectrum of naming choices influenced by globalization and modernity. Some parents continue to cherish the profound meanings and historical significance of these names, passing them down through generations as a way to honor their heritage.

However, in the dynamic and evolving landscape of contemporary China, diverse naming trends have emerged, reflecting changing societal values and a desire for uniqueness. As a result, the widespread use of ancient Chinese names for girls may have somewhat diminished, particularly in urban areas where international naming conventions have gained popularity.

Nonetheless, these names continue to hold a cherished place in Chinese culture, preserving the essence of centuries-old traditions. Whether they are chosen to reflect cultural pride or simply for their inherent beauty, ancient Chinese names for girls remain an integral part of the nation’s rich tapestry of nomenclature.

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