100+ Most Popular Greek Names for Boys

by Sophia Roberts

Greece, the cradle of ancient civilization, has a rich heritage that extends to its names, which carry echoes of mythology, history, and tradition. Among the myriad choices for parents seeking a name for their newborn son, some stand out as perennial favorites, steeped in cultural significance and timeless charm. In this exploration of the most popular Greek names for boys, we delve into the meanings, legends, and enduring appeal behind these cherished monikers that have captivated generations. From the illustrious gods of Mount Olympus to the heroes of epic tales, each name encapsulates a piece of Greece’s vibrant past and promises a legacy of strength, wisdom, and character for the future. Join us on a journey through the beloved names that continue to resonate with parents around the world, embodying the spirit of Greece and its enduring influence on naming traditions.

100+ Most Popular Greek Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Alexander Defender of men
2 Nicholas Victory of the people
3 Theodore Gift of God
4 Andreas Manly
5 Dimitrios Follower of Demeter
6 Georgios Farmer
7 Constantine Constant, steadfast
8 Spiros Spirit
9 Ioannis God is gracious
10 Panagiotis All-Holy
11 Antonios Priceless
12 Christos Anointed
13 Athanasios Immortal
14 Vasilios Kingly
15 Nikolaos Victory of the people
16 Evangelos Messenger of good news
17 Alexandros Defender of men
18 Stefanos Crown
19 Konstantinos Constant, steadfast
20 Petros Rock
21 Leonidas Lion-like
22 Pavlos Small
23 Apostolos Apostle
24 Dionysios Of Dionysos (god of wine)
25 Stavros Cross
26 Sotiris Savior
27 Efstathios Well-established
28 Kyriakos Belonging to the Lord
29 Anestis Resurrection
30 Ioannou God is gracious
31 Michail Who is like God?
32 Spyridon Spirit
33 Themistoklis Glory of the law
34 Theodoros Gift of God
35 Kostas Constant, steadfast
36 Lampros Bright
37 Marios Male
38 Orestis Of the mountains
39 Prokopis Advance, progress
40 Stelios Crown
41 Theofilos Friend of God
42 Timoleon Honoring the gods
43 Xanthos Blond, yellow-haired
44 Yannis God is gracious
45 Zacharias Remembered by God
46 Zenon Zeus’ messenger
47 Zisis Life
48 Aristotelis Best purpose
49 Agamemnon Resolute and steadfast
50 Ares Greek god of war
51 Apollo Greek god of the sun, light, music, and prophecy
52 Hermes Greek god of boundaries, travel, and communication
53 Odysseus Son of pain
54 Achilles Pain
55 Perseus To destroy
56 Heracles Glory of Hera
57 Dionysus Divine protector of vineyards
58 Orpheus Darkness
59 Adonis Lord
60 Aristides Best kind
61 Callisthenes Beautiful strength
62 Dorian Descendant of Dorus
63 Jason Healer
64 Lysander Liberator
65 Menelaus Strength of the people
66 Nestor Wisdom
67 Theseus To set
68 Triton Pray
69 Aristarchus Best ruler
70 Calix Very handsome
71 Damon Gentle
72 Eros Love
73 Hector Holding fast
74 Icarus To assail
75 Lycurgus Wolf-work
76 Miltiades Red earth
77 Nicostratus Victor of the people
78 Pericles Surrounded by glory
79 Pythagoras Of the Pythagoreans
80 Socrates Whole might
81 Telemachus Distant fighter
82 Theron Hunter
83 Zephyrus West wind
84 Dion Greek god of wine
85 Evander Good man
86 Leander Lion-man
87 Xenophon Foreign voice
88 Aristophanes Best manifestation
89 Chariton Grace
90 Demetrius Follower of Demeter
91 Euripides Delightful
92 Galen Calm
93 Hippocrates Horse power
94 Isidoros Gift of Isis
95 Maximus Greatest
96 Niketas Victor
97 Pankratios All-powerful
98 Philemon Affectionate
99 Timotheos Honoring God
100 Zeno Gift of Zeus
101 Aeschylus Shame, suffering
102 Cleon Renowned
103 Demetrios Follower of Demeter
104 Eudoxus Good opinion
105 Gerasimos Old
106 Iason Healer
107 Kleitos Renowned
108 Melanthios Black flower
109 Neoptolemus New war
110 Orestes Mountain dweller
111 Pausanias Greek name
112 Philo Lover
113 Sosthenes Safe in strength
114 Tiberius Of the Tiber river
115 Xenon Foreign
116 Zenobios Life of Zeus
117 Alcibiades Strength of the sea

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In conclusion,

In conclusion, the allure of Greek names for boys endures through the ages, captivating parents with their timeless elegance, rich history, and cultural significance. Whether inspired by legendary gods, heroic figures, or enduring virtues, these names carry a sense of strength, wisdom, and resilience that resonates across generations and continents. From the majestic Zeus to the steadfast Alexander, each name tells a story of Greece’s illustrious past and holds the promise of a bright future for the boys who bear them. As we celebrate the enduring popularity of these names, we also honor the enduring legacy of Greek culture and its profound impact on the world of naming traditions.

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