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Are you looking for names of boys and girls? You still don't know what your baby is going to be called? We have the best list of baby names for modern and classic babies! Choosing the name of the boy or girl is a difficult decision for parents, so we have compiled all the baby boy names and baby girl names: the meaning of the names, their on mastics and their origin, so that you have all the necessary information to decide What will your baby be called by consensus? Do you and your partner disagree? Does he like modern names baby names, and do you prefer classic English baby names? Do not worry! Create your preference lists and it will be easier for you to decide on a name that you both like. Names of original children, foreign baby names, short baby names.

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Our list of names is immense! You just have to perform your search, selecting the parameters you decide, and our filter will show you the results that best fit your personal tastes. Find your favorite name now! Find it in our dictionary of the meanings of names for boys and names for girls . We will show you the origin and history of your name, names of famous people and the dates of their on mastics. List of Christian, Muslim, Biblical, Chinese , Hindu, Tamil names. A complete guide to the names so you can choose the most beautiful for your daughter or son.

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if you are looking for the perfect name for your baby, and you need a hand or have the opportunity to know names of different origins and meanings, check our baby names search engine, and you can find lists of names by countries, that is, names Muslim, Biblical, Chinese , Hindu, Tamil. as well as thematic names, related to names of saints, mythological gods, flowers, stars, royalty, Christmas, values, nature, etc. Sweetbabynames.com offers you a complete guide of popular and traditional baby boy and baby girl names, famous names, names of saints, rare and original names, and many others. After all, the name you will give your baby will be the first and greatest gift you will give him. Therefore, we must be a unique, meaningful, dear and unforgettable name.

Names for babies with their meanings and origins

We are sure that fathers, mothers and pregnant women will find in our Dictionary of names for babies, boys and girls, the perfect name for their baby.

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  • 5 baby names inspired by famous soccer players.
  • 14 short names for boys and girls.
  • Original names of mythological gods for your baby.
  • Boy and girl names that are fashionable.

Do you want to know the origin of your baby names?

The origin of the names is a very important fact, because it tells us about its history, its tradition, the culture it transmits. Baby names also usually have a meaning, and in the past, names came to give more information about who wore it. Thus names were created that meant "brave, beautiful, triumphant, intelligent, courageous, hardworking, noble".

If apart from the origin and meaning of the name, you want to relate it to other data such as, names of flowers, royalty, names of famous Greek gods, values such as love, phenomena of nature, etc. If you do not want a girl or boy name at random, but you are looking for names with origin and meaning, we suggest you use our baby name search engine.

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  • Names for babies with their meanings and origins.
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today’s most famous characters are a great source of inspiration for parents when choosing the baby's name. The names of soccer players admired by parents, for example, have been used as names of countless children throughout history. If you want a famous footballer name for your child, we have a huge list, of which we offer some names.

The indoor activity for everyone

all babies can be enjoy with his/her toys as compaire to outdoor.

The indoor activity for everyone

all babies can be enjoy with his/her toys as compaire to outdoor.