150+ Best English Names Starting with ‘W’ for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Do you know the criteria for meaningful English names that are not only appealing but also fitting for the person being named? Join us in exploring a list of English names that start with the letter ‘W’ and choose suitable names for yourself or your loved ones.

8 Meaningful Ways to Choose English Names Starting with ‘W’

There are various methods to select an English name, and if you choose a name based on your favorite letter, you can consider the following suggestions:

  • Opt for the most common English names.
  • Choose a name with a lucky meaning.
  • Select a name symbolizing wealth and prosperity.
  • Opt for a name representing strength and courage.
  • Choose a name based on religious significance.
  • Select a name inspired by flower species.
  • Choose a name based on colors or gemstones.
  • Opt for a name that reflects unique personality traits.

Some of the Most Popular English Names Starting with ‘W’ Worldwide

Among the countless different English names, some of the names listed below have achieved the highest levels of global popularity. You can consider using these names to give yourself a name.

No. Name Meaning Number of Users
1 William Strong-willed person 3,524,670
2 Walter Leader, team head 452,806
3 Willie Strong-willed, decisive person 335,173
4 Wayne Strong, name reflects respect for one’s origins 335,173

If you’re not fond of common choices and seek something distinctive, consider exploring our list of English names for both genders, boys, and girls in the following sections.

Meaningful English Names Starting with ‘W’ for Girls

The first person in the family who needs an English name is your son or daughter. Let’s try naming your baby girl with the following names:

No. Name Meaning
1 Wini Desiring victory and triumph in all challenges
2 Wendy Beloved girl who enjoys literature and has many friends
3 Winny Refers to a girl with smooth, soft, and fair skin, also symbolizes parental happiness
4 Willa The wish and desire of the parents
5 Win Symbolizes a girl with fair, soft skin, aspiring for justice and integrity
6 Wendi Wishing the child to have many close friends
7 Wila Depicts a loyal girl
8 Waheda Desiring a child with exceptional talent and beauty
9 Wilda Resembles a willow tree ā€“ delicate yet strong and resilient
10 Wasila Represents an integral part of everyone
11 Winter A child born in the winter season
12 Wirsha Adorable and loved child
13 Wina The joy of parents and everyone
14 Whoopi The joy of parents and everyone
15 Wynter A child born in the winter season
16 Winn Wishing the child success
17 Wynn Aspiring for a fair, upright, and pure daughter
18 Wisdom A diligent girl with great intelligence
19 Winni Playful, friendly, and having many friends
20 Wilona The desire and longing of parents
21 Wally Name with origins from Wales
22 Wenonah Name for the firstborn daughter
23 Weslia Feminine version of the name Wesley (for twins)
24 Winifred Girl with a calm, upright, and saintly character
25 Wilhelmina A girl with desires, determined to pursue passions
26 Wendee Girl with fair and soft skin
27 Wyneth Desiring victory and triumph in all challenges
28 Windy Resembling the wind, sometimes gentle, sometimes fierce
29 Wallis Name with origins from Wales
30 Wynne The joy of parents
31 Wifrun The pride of everyone
32 Wing Aspiring for continuous success
33 Weslee Feminine version of the name Wesley (for twins)
34 Wileen Girl who can provide protection and luck for others
35 Waleis Name with origins from Wales
36 William Strong personality
37 Wrtheve Girl who always surprises others
38 Wallie Name with origins from Wales
39 Wallace Name with origins from Wales
40 Wallys Name with origins from Wales
41 Winfirth Girl who loves peace and pursues justice

Beautiful English Names Starting with ‘W’ for Boys

If you have sons as well in your family, choose one of the names from the following list to name your child.

No. Name Meaning
1 Wahab Gift from parents, kind-hearted
2 Wafa Aspiring for honesty and loyalty
3 Will Desiring strong determination and protective nature
4 Wesley Suitable for the westward direction
5 Wadia Gentle and friendly
6 Wynn Representing fairness
7 Wade Energetic
8 Winston Strong and powerful, yet gentle in nature
9 Wid Gaining affection of others
10 Wilson Son of William
11 Wallace Name with origins from Wales, meaning foreigner
12 Willy Strong-willed and determined
13 Walden Strong and resilient
14 Wolf Strong and agile as a wolf
15 Willis Strong-willed and determined
16 Wally Serious and conscientious
17 Wilfred Symbolic of peace
18 Warner Aspiring to protect everyone
19 Wale Child of God
20 Willbur Like Will, with desires and passions
21 Win Fair and just, with many friends
22 Willie Resolute and strong
23 William Aspiring to be strong
24 Wadda Hoping for trust from others
25 Willson Son of Will
26 Winfred Friend of peace
27 Wian Resilient and full of life
28 Walton Protected and cared for
29 Wilton Born in spring
30 Whelan Son of Foalon, parents’ joy
31 Wayland Brave
32 Wulf Similar to Wolf, strong and swift like a wolf
33 Wilfrid Meaning virtuous person, from a Saint
34 Waren Loyal
35 Watt Resolute and determined
36 Wen Learned, refined, intelligent
37 Watkin Possessing leadership qualities
38 Wednesday Born on a Wednesday
39 Wera Sincere
40 Wada Skilled, valuable
41 Wine Hoping for many friends
42 Wythe Small yet strong-willed
43 Wilde Independent, steadfast in one’s beliefs
44 Whitt Fair-skinned
45 Wiler Creative-minded
46 White Fair-skinned with blonde hair
47 Wiebe Strong and brave like a warrior
48 Wiga Strong and brave like a warrior
49 Woden Inspiring to others
50 Wren Similar to a wren bird, poetic and musical
51 Wallach Name with origins from Wales
52 Wills Son of Will
53 Witt Blond and wise
54 Wilsan Son of Will
55 Wyth Small yet resilient
56 Willburt Resolute and strong
57 Welwyn Name with origins from Wales
58 Wize Intelligent individual
59 Wallie Name with origins from Wales
60 Warmund Loyal
61 Wescott Simple-hearted
62 Wrhyta Skilled and diligent
63 Wyburn Mighty and courageous like a hero
64 Wynter Born in winter
65 Wyber Tall and strong

Synthesize English names starting with the letter W for both Male and Female

Gender-neutral names in English are a great choice for individuals who prefer not to disclose their gender. If you’re also seeking that, consider the following names:

No. Name Meaning
1 Wyatt aspirational for bravery and strength
2 Winter born in the winter
3 Whitley creative, eager to explore new things, especially nature’s beauty
4 Wynn gentle, morally and intellectually strong
5 West adventurous, open to new experiences
6 Wister resembling the wisteria flower
7 Willy someone who can protect others
8 Winn brings joy to others, a close friend to many
9 Winslet simple, traditional
10 Willoughby small yet strong and resilient
11 Walker industrious, hardworking
12 Winnie aspiring for kindness to navigate a favorable path in life
13 Whitney wishing for a peaceful life akin to the flow of the River Wye
14 Winslow charming, sweet, living a beautiful, picturesque life like a painting
15 Wendell eager to explore the world, also possessing a charming and kind personality
16 Wynne pure child, just and bringing happiness to others
17 Waverley desiring a serene life, resilient in facing challenges
18 Wileen someone who can protect others
19 Wyn fair, pure, capable of bringing happiness to many
20 Wilmot someone who can protect others

20 English Names Similar to Famous Individuals Starting with ‘W’

No. Name Gender Profession
1 William Male Actor
2 Walter Male Musician
3 Whitney Female Singer
4 Winston Male Politician
5 Winona Female Actress
6 Wesley Male Author
7 Wendy Female TV Host
8 Wilson Male Football Player
9 Winfrey Female Media Mogul
10 Wade Male Basketball Player
11 Winfield Male Baseball Player
12 Whitney Female Actress
13 Warren Male Investor
14 Willard Male Comedian
15 Winifred Female Author
16 Wallace Male Journalist
17 Wendy Female TV Host
18 Woody Male Director
19 Wendy Female TV Host
20 Watson Male Scientist

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Above is the compilation of the best English names starting with the letter ‘W’ that we have gathered and curated. Feel free to explore and select the finest names for your children or loved ones. Moreover, if you’re looking for more meaningful name options, stay tuned for our upcoming articles on names arranged alphabetically.

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