100+ Most Popular Hong Kong Names for Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for a baby girl is an important task for parents. In Hong Kong, names reflect cultural heritage and significance. This article explores over 100 of the most popular names for girls in Hong Kong, providing insights into their meanings and origins to help you find the ideal name for your daughter.

100+ Most Popular Hong Kong Names for Girls

No. Name Hong Kong Equivalent Meaning
1 Hoi-Lam 海琳 Sea and elegant
2 Hoi-Man 海文 Sea and literature
3 Hoi-Yee 海儀 Sea and etiquette
4 Ka-Wai 嘉慧 Auspicious and intelligent
5 Ka-Yan 嘉欣 Auspicious and joyful
6 Ka-Yee 嘉儀 Auspicious and etiquette
7 Kam-Ling 錦玲 Brocade and tinkling
8 Kam-Yan 錦欣 Brocade and joyful
9 Kar-Yan 家欣 Family and joyful
10 Kar-Yee 家儀 Family and etiquette
11 Lok-Man 樂雯 Joyful cloud
12 Lok-Yi 樂兒 Joyful child
13 Man-Ling 文玲 Literature and tinkling
14 Man-Yee 文儀 Literature and etiquette
15 Nga-Wing 雅穎 Elegant and clever
16 Nga-Yee 雅儀 Elegant and etiquette
17 Pui-Yee 佩儀 Adorn and etiquette
18 Sze-Wai 詩慧 Poetry and intelligent
19 Sze-Yan 詩欣 Poetry and joyful
20 Sze-Yi 詩儀 Poetry and etiquette
21 Tsz-Ching 子晴 Child and clear (weather)
22 Tsz-Kwan 子君 Child and noble
23 Tsz-Yan 子恩 Child and grace
24 Wai-Lam 慧琳 Intelligent and elegant
25 Wai-Man 慧文 Intelligent and literature
26 Wai-Yee 慧儀 Intelligent and etiquette
27 Wing-Sze 榮詩 Glory and poetry
28 Wing-Yee 榮儀 Glory and etiquette
29 Yan-Yi 欣兒 Joyful child
30 Yin-Ching 燕晴 Swallow (bird) and clear (weather)
31 Yuet-Wah 月華 Moon and splendor
32 Yuen-Ling 圓玲 Complete and tinkling
33 Yuen-Yee 圓儀 Complete and etiquette
34 Yuen-Yi 圓儀 Complete and etiquette (repeat entry)
35 Yuet-Yee 月儀 Moon and etiquette
36 Yuet-Yi 月儀 Moon and etiquette (repeat entry)
37 Chi-Yan 季欣 Season and joyful
38 Chi-Yee 季儀 Season and etiquette
39 Ching-Man 正文 Righteousness and literature
40 Ching-Wai 正慧 Righteousness and intelligent
41 Hiu-Tung 曉彤 Dawn and red (used for elegant)
42 Hiu-Yan 曉欣 Dawn and joyful
43 Ho-Yee 可儀 Able and etiquette
44 Hoi-Ching 海晴 Sea and clear (weather)
45 Hoi-Tung 海彤 Sea and red (used for elegant)
46 Hoi-Yan 海欣 Sea and joyful
47 Ka-Lam 嘉琳 Auspicious and elegant
48 Ka-Man 嘉敏 Auspicious and quick-witted
49 Ka-Wing 嘉穎 Auspicious and clever
50 Kam-Hing 錦卿 Brocade and lady (used for elegant)
51 Kam-Lam 錦琳 Brocade and elegant
52 Kam-Wai 錦慧 Brocade and intelligent
53 Kam-Yi 錦儀 Brocade and etiquette
54 Kar-Ling 家玲 Family and tinkling
55 Kar-Man 家敏 Family and quick-witted
56 Kar-Wai 家慧 Family and intelligent
57 Kit-Yee 潔儀 Pure and etiquette
58 Lai-Ying 麗英 Beautiful and flower
59 Lai-Yan 麗恩 Beautiful and grace
60 Lai-Yee 麗儀 Beautiful and etiquette
61 Lam-Yi 藍兒 Blue (color) and child
62 Lam-Yan 藍恩 Blue (color) and grace
63 Lam-Yee 藍儀 Blue (color) and etiquette
64 Lok-Ching 樂晴 Joyful and clear (weather)
65 Lok-Wai 樂慧 Joyful and intelligent
66 Lok-Yee 樂儀 Joyful and etiquette
67 Man-Ching 敏晴 Quick-witted and clear (weather)
68 Man-Lam 敏琳 Quick-witted and elegant
69 Man-Wai 敏慧 Quick-witted and intelligent
70 Mei-Ling 美玲 Beautiful and tinkling
71 Mei-Wah 美華 Beautiful and splendid
72 Mei-Yee 美儀 Beautiful and etiquette
73 Nga-Yi 雅兒 Elegant child
74 Nga-Yin 雅恩 Elegant grace
75 Nga-Ying 雅英 Elegant flower
76 Pui-Man 佩文 Adorn and literature
77 Pui-Ying 佩英 Adorn and flower
78 Sze-Man 詩文 Poetry and literature
79 Sze-Wan 詩雲 Poetry and cloud
80 Sze-Yin 詩妍 Poetry and beauty
81 Tsz-Man 子文 Child and literature
82 Tsz-Wai 子慧 Child and intelligent
83 Tsz-Wing 子穎 Child and clever
84 Wing-Lam 榮琳 Glory and elegant
85 Wing-Man 榮文 Glory and literature
86 Yan-Lam 欣琳 Joyful and elegant
87 Yan-Man 欣敏 Joyful and quick-witted
88 Yan-Wai 欣慧 Joyful and intelligent
89 Yan-Yee 欣儀 Joyful and etiquette
90 Yee-Wah 怡華 Pleasant and splendid
91 Yee-Yan 怡恩 Pleasant and grace
92 Yee-Yee 怡儀 Pleasant and etiquette
93 Yim-Wah 艷華 Beautiful and splendid
94 Yuet-Ching 月晴 Moon and clear (weather)
95 Yuen-Lam 圓琳 Complete and elegant
96 Yuen-Man 圓敏 Complete and quick-witted
97 Yuen-Wai 圓慧 Complete and intelligent
98 Yuet-Yin 月妍 Moon and beauty
99 Yuet-Ying 月英 Moon and flower
100 Yuet-Yan 月恩 Moon and grace
101 Yuet-Man 月敏 Moon and quick-witted
102 Yuet-Lam 月琳 Moon and elegant
103 Yuet-Wing 月穎 Moon and clever
104 Yuet-Mei 月美 Moon and beautiful
105 Yuet-Chi 月芝 Moon and orchid
106 Yuet-Nga 月雅 Moon and elegance
107 Yuet-Sze 月詩 Moon and poetry

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In summary,

Selecting the right name for your baby girl is a special and meaningful decision. The most popular Hong Kong names for girls blend tradition with modernity, offering a variety of beautiful choices. We hope this list has inspired you and helped you find a name that perfectly suits your little one, reflecting both your family’s heritage and your hopes for her future.

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