150+ Best English Names Starting with ‘V’ for Boys and Girls

by Sophia Roberts

Exploring names by selecting a beloved letter from the alphabet can be a truly wonderful experience. Follow the article below to pick a unique English name starting with the letter ‘V’ for yourself.

What does an English name that starts with the letter ‘V’ mean?

The letter “V” is a vibrant and versatile character in the English alphabet. It has a distinctive sound that can be both strong and melodious. Words that begin with “V” often carry a sense of vitality and vigor. This letter is known for its versatility, as it can be used in a wide range of words across various fields, from nature and science to art and entertainment. In names, “V” can add a touch of uniqueness and charm, making it a popular choice for individuals seeking distinctive and memorable names. Let’s explore some fascinating English names that start with the letter “V”.

English Names Starting with ‘V’ for Girls

There are some lovely English names for baby girls that begin with the letter “V” that you shouldn’t overlook.

No. Name Meaning
1 Victoria Victory
2 Vanessa Butterfly
3 Violet Purple flower
4 Valentina Strong, healthy
5 Vivian Full of life
6 Valerie Strong, brave
7 Veronica True image
8 Virginia Maiden
9 Viola Violet flower
10 Valeria Strong, healthy
11 Vida Life
12 Valerie Strong, brave
13 Vera True, faith
14 Vivienne Full of life
15 Vicky Victory
16 Viviana Lively
17 Vienna Capital city
18 Valentina Strength, health
19 Vanessa Star
20 Vesper Evening star
21 Vara Blessing
22 Victory Win, triumph
23 Verity Truth
24 Viera Faith, truth
25 Violetta Violet flower
26 Vada Wise
27 Vaughn Small, little
28 Venus Goddess of love
29 Verena Faith
30 Vina Vineyard
31 Viridiana Verdant, green
32 Vail Valley
33 Verona City in Italy
34 Viviette Full of life
35 Vanya God’s gift
36 Vanna God is gracious
37 Varya Stranger
38 Vinnie Conqueror
39 Varsha Rain
40 Velma Will, desire
41 Vidalia Noble
42 Vespera Evening star
43 Varya Stranger
44 Verity Truth
45 Victory Win, triumph
46 Viva Alive, lively
47 Vesna Spring
48 Viorela Violet
49 Vina Vineyard
50 Vivika Lively

Best English Names for Boys Starting with ‘V’

Let’s take a look at the finest English names for boys, starting with the letter ‘V’

No. Name Meaning
1 Vincent Conqueror
2 Victor Winner, conqueror
3 Vaughn Small, little
4 Vann Small, little
5 Vance Strong, courageous
6 Valentin Strong, healthy
7 Van Of the people
8 Vaughn Small, little
9 Valerian Strong, healthy
10 Vito Life
11 Vasco Crow
12 Vladimir Great ruler
13 Victorino Victory
14 Virgil Flourishing
15 Vance Strong, courageous
16 Valiant Brave, courageous
17 Vittorio Victory
18 Vahan Shield
19 Vester Western settlement
20 Verne Youthful, spring-like
21 Vernon Alder tree
22 Valdemar Famous ruler
23 Vinnie Conqueror
24 Vadim Knowing
25 Vann Small, little
26 Vashon God is gracious
27 Vero True
28 Vitaliy Vital, full of life
29 Vidal Vital, full of life
30 Vance Strong, courageous
31 Viktor Winner, conqueror
32 Valdemar Famous ruler
33 Viraj Resplendent
34 Van Of the people
35 Valentin Strong, healthy
36 Vito Life
37 Vallen Strong, healthy
38 Vaden Little, young
39 Vonn Little, young
40 Vadim Knowing
41 Varian Courageous
42 Vander From the riverbank
43 Varick Protector, leader
44 Volker People’s guard
45 Verlin Honest
46 Verne Youthful, spring-like
47 Vaughn Small, little
48 Van Of the people
49 Valiant Brave, courageous
50 Vernon Alder tree

English Names Starting with ‘V’ for Both Boys and Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Vivian Full of life
2 Vincent Conquering
3 Victoria Victory
4 Valentina Strong, healthy
5 Vaughn Small, little
6 Vanessa Butterfly
7 Victor Champion, winner
8 Violet Purple flower
9 Valerie Strong, brave
10 Vance Thresher
11 Veronica True image
12 Vivienne Lively, animated
13 Vaughn Small, little
14 Vera Truth
15 Vaughn Small, little
16 Vincent Conquering
17 Valerie Strong, brave
18 Vanessa Butterfly
19 Victor Champion, winner
20 Victoria Victory
21 Vance Thresher
22 Violet Purple flower
23 Vaughn Small, little
24 Valentina Strong, healthy
25 Vivian Full of life
26 Veronica True image
27 Vivienne Lively, animated
28 Vera Truth
29 Vincent Conquering
30 Valerie Strong, brave

30 Famous English Names Starting with the Letter ‘V’

No. Name Gender Profession
1 Victoria Female Former Queen
2 Vincent Male Artist, Painter
3 Vanessa Female Actress, Singer
4 Vladimir Male Political Leader
5 Vivian Female Actress
6 Valentina Female Model, Actress
7 Victor Male Author, Philosopher
8 Vera Female Author, Playwright
9 Virginia Female Author, Feminist
10 Voltaire Male Writer, Philosopher
11 Venus Female Mythological Goddess
12 Vince Male Actor, Producer
13 Verne Male Author, Novelist
14 Vivienne Female Fashion Designer
15 Vivaldi Male Composer, Musician
16 Vidal Male Author, Political Pundit
17 Vinnie Male Footballer
18 Viktor Male Political Leader
19 Velma Female Cartoon Character
20 Virginia Woolf Female Author
21 Virat Male Cricketer
22 Valery Male Poet, Essayist
23 Vanna Female TV Personality
24 Vidal Male Author, Political Pundit
25 Viola Female Actress, Singer
26 Vittorio Male Film Director
27 Vince McMahon Male Businessman, WWE Chairman
28 Vivek Male Actor, Comedian
29 Victoria Beckham Female Fashion Designer
30 Viggo Male Actor, Painter

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In conclusion

In conclusion, here is a curated list of over 150 English names that start with the letter ‘V’ for both boys and girls. These names offer a diverse range of options, allowing you to find the perfect name for your child. Whether you prefer traditional or unique names, this list provides a variety of choices to suit different tastes and preferences. Take your time exploring the options and selecting a name that resonates with you and your family.

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