150+ Best English Name Starting with ‘X’ for Boys and Girls

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Sometimes, selecting a second name in English can be a challenging task. To assist you in this process, we have compiled a list of over 150 English names that begin with the letter “X” based on information from reputable foreign websites that are highly regarded. Feel free to refer to this list for your convenience.

7 Most Popular Meanings for English Names Starting with the Letter ‘X’

In order to help you choose names with the desired meanings, we will suggest some of the best meanings for your consideration:

  • Naming based on a lucky meaning.
  • Naming based on a meaning of wealth and prosperity.
  • Naming with a meaning of strength and courage.
  • English names based on religious significance.
  • Naming after a type of flower.
  • Naming based on color or gemstone.
  • Naming based on unique personality traits.

The Best English Names Starting with ‘X’ for Girls

Strong and bold personalities are often given names that start with the letter ‘X’. Parents, consider giving your daughters these names!

No. Name Meaning
1 Xue Aspiring scholar; Pure and white as snow
2 Xena Brave and beautiful
3 Xian Independent and strong
4 Xoan Merciful and virtuous like the Lord
5 Xyla Dream of the parents
6 Xeena Elegant and noble woman
7 Xenia Sociable and friendly
8 Xlama Innocent and talented
9 Xylie Dream of the parents
10 Xandra Strong-willed and determined
11 Xandrea Light in the lives of parents
12 Xandraea Beautiful like flowers, wonderful appearance
13 Xandraya Remarkable beauty
14 Xristiana Feminine and kind-hearted
15 Ximena Feminine and beautiful; Wife of a hero in Castilian history, Ximeno.
16 Xiomara Famous and ambitious girl
17 Xandra Shortened form of Alexandra, meaning brave and strong
18 Xanthe Blonde-haired girl with a strong personality
19 Xara Beautiful and sweet girl, like a princess
20 Xayah Independent and determined girl
21 Xavia Female version of Xavier, fostering family bonds or couples
22 Xena Both beautiful like a princess and courageous like a warrior
23 Xianna Youthful and charming girl
24 Xion Used in the Jerusalem Bible, meaning compassionate and virtuous
25 Xanna Beautiful like a lily flower
26 Xanh Name for a girl with green or blue eyes
27 Xanthi Precious and golden like a treasure to parents
28 Xinlin Elegant, wealthy, and full of compassion
29 Xosha Name of famous actress Xosha Roquemore
30 Xue Born in the winter; Sweet and beautiful like Snow White

English Names Starting with ‘X’ for Boys

Names that begin with the letter ‘X’ for boys often carry connotations of strength, courage, determination, and fairness. Below are some of the best English names that embody these meanings.

No. Name Meaning
1 Xavier Virtuous and noble-hearted man
2 Xander Distinguished, modern boy’s name
3 Xavi Based on the name of a soccer player from Spain
4 Xerxes Aspiring for a courageous, strong, leadership-oriented, and wealthy son
5 Xandy A solid support for everyone
6 Xian Energetic and youthful young boy
7 Xanders Aspiring for leadership and skilled command
8 Xabiere The best choice in all circumstances or the perfect individual
9 Xakeri A Hebrew-origin name, based on Zachary, meaning to be remembered by everyone
10 Xevion Derived from a famous African-American rock band, signifying strength and high spirit
11 Xayvion Aspiring for strength and great spirit
12 Xia Bright, youthful young boy
13 Xiao A boy who loves the morning’s peace, gentle, pure, and youthful
14 Xanthus Blonde-haired young boy
15 Xuan Born in the spring
16 Xeno Multifaceted and interesting young boy
17 Xandro Derived from Xande with origins from Greek
18 Xanthos Blonde-haired young boy
19 Xaviell Bright and energetic young boy
20 Xun Quick-witted young boy
21 Xinyi Cheerful, friendly, approachable, and brings joy to others
22 Xu Radiant like the sun, also meaning attractive due to talent and appearance
23 Xzander Strong and courageous young boy
24 Xenophon Multifaceted and intriguing young boy
25 Xenos Sociable and friendly young boy
26 Xiomar Aspiring for fame through one’s bravery and strength
27 Xan Xan is a name derived from Sander in German and the Greek name Xander
28 Xandros Xandros is a name of Hungarian origin, rooted in the name Alexander, signifying a brave and strong young boy
29 Xathieur Virtuous and noble-hearted man
30 Xaviero Always helpful and loving young boy
31 Xidorn Upright, fair, and just young boy
32 Ximenez Ximenez is a name related to the Spanish name Ximenes
33 Xenophilius Curious, explorative, and accepting young boy
34 Xever A boy who is a great source of spiritual support or someone who provides strength
35 Xhemal Handsome man with an attractive appearance
36 Ximeno Masculine and manly young man
37 Xiwan A boy who is someone’s hope or aspiration
38 Xytos Name of various popes during the Roman period
39 Xacobe A virtuous young man under the protection of God
40 Xannos Brave and courageous man
41 Xenokrates A young man fond of adventures, exploring
42 Xenos A man who enjoys novelty and discovery
43 Xquenda A reliable source of support for someone
44 Xandinho Strong and courageous young man
45 Xasan A man with an attractive appearance
46 Xhafer Strong and determined young man
47 Xinyi A boy who brings happiness to the family, brings joy to everyone

Compiling English Names for Both Genders

If you wish to choose a name that is gender-neutral, you can refer to the list below:

No. Name Meaning
1 Xzander Strong and courageous individual
2 Xia Bright and energetic individual
3 Xenophon Multifaceted and intriguing individual
4 Xiao A person who appreciates the peace of mornings, also gentle, affectionate, and pure
5 Xuan Born in the spring or fond of this season
6 Xidorn Upright, always following the right path and just
7 Xandy A dependable foundation, trusted by everyone
8 Xinyi A cheerful, friendly, approachable person who brings joy to everyone
9 Xael Divine messenger or angel
10 Xanthe Golden-haired
11 Xara Princess-like, sweet
12 Xaviell Bright and energetic
13 Xelan Tranquil, calm, serene
14 Xylan Skilled in various arts or crafts
15 Xyler Forest dweller
16 Xylo One who plays the xylophone
17 Xyris A flowering plant
18 Xeryx Charismatic, influential leader
19 Xylan Skilled in various arts or crafts
20 Xava Radiant, bright

English names starting with the letter “X” resembling famous individuals

No. Name Gender Profession
1 Xavier Male Filmmaker
2 Xander Male Actor
3 Xena Female Actress
4 Xenia Female Model, Influencer
5 Ximena Female Model
6 Xander Male Actor
7 Xavi Male Soccer Player
8 Xaviell Male Musician, Composer
9 Xara Female Actress
10 Xyler Male Actor
11 Xanthe Female Actress, Singer
12 Xylia Female Athlete
13 Xandria Female Musician
14 Xenophon Male Philosopher, Writer
15 Xael Male Musician, Artist
16 Xyris Female Botanist, Scientist
17 Xosha Female Actress
18 Xathieur Male Entrepreneur
19 Xavo Male Soccer Coach
20 Xana Female Singer

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In conclusion

In conclusion, presented here is a comprehensive list of over 150 English names starting with the letter ‘X’ for both boys and girls. This compilation encompasses a wide array of options, catering to various preferences and styles. Whether you lean towards classic, modern, or unique names, this list offers a diverse selection to assist you in finding the ideal name for your child. Take your time perusing the options to discover a name that resonates with you and suits your family’s preferences.

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