Jewish Baby Girl Names

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Best Collection of Popular and Elegant Jewish (Hebrew) Girl Names

Popular Jewish (Hebrew) baby girl names enjoy widespread popularity across the globe, particularly in Israel, the USA, and various European countries. In America, many of the top names have deep Hebrew roots. Some of these Hebrew names have even gained additional recognition due to their association with fictional characters in renowned movies like “Star Wars” and popular TV shows like “Game of Thrones.”

Setting Your Priorities:

Before delving into the list of unique Jewish baby girl names, it’s essential to establish your priorities. Are you seeking a classic Hebrew baby girl name that embodies religious significance, tranquility, blessings, and respect? Or do you lean towards modern Jewish girl names that reflect the achievements, intelligence, and fame of contemporary personalities, perhaps even a recent Nobel laureate? The clearer your priorities, the smoother the decision-making process.

Rich Historical Origins:

Hebrew girl names with meanings trace their origins back to the 13th century BCE. Many Prophets conveyed their teachings using Hebrew, and this ancient language also influenced the development of various modern languages. Our compilation of popular Hebrew baby girl names encompasses timeless choices that continue to be cherished and used extensively.

Jewish Feature Girl names

No. Name Meaning
1 Abigail My father’s delight
2 Barbro Stranger, foreigner
3 Cajsa Chaste, pure
4 Daisy Eye of the day
5 Ebele Compassion
6 Faith Trusting, belief
7 Galia Born in waves
8 Haley Meadow of hay
9 Iekika One who can foresee
10 Jacomina Following after
11 Karoliina Free woman
12 Lahela Sheep’s friend
13 Maarit Pearl
14 Nadzieja Filled with hope
15 Olive Olive tree
16 Pam All sweetness
17 Quartilla The fourth
18 Ragna Giving advice
19 Saga Tale
20 Taina Unclear
21 Ulrika Powerful and prosperous
22 Vana God is merciful
23 Wera Victory bearer
24 Xylia From the woods
25 Yeva Living and breathing
26 Zoe Life
27 Zanta Golden

Balancing Tradition and Modernity:

While appreciating the classics, we understand your hesitation in choosing names that might seem outdated for your baby girl. Many American women with classic and popular Jewish baby girl names choose to either shorten them (like Rey from Reyna) or adopt alternative nicknames. If this concern resonates with you, rest assured that our list includes not just classic and unique options, but also an extensive selection of modern Jewish baby girl names.

The Finest Selection of Jewish Girl Names:

These contemporary Jewish girl names have earned admiration and popularity across various spheres, from actresses and businesswomen to scientists and authors. If you’ve always dreamed of naming your baby girl after your favorite inspiring author, you’re in the right place. We’ve curated a user-friendly array of the most promising, cherished, and graceful Hebrew (Jewish) baby girl names.

Finding the Perfect Jewish Girl Baby Name:

Now that you’re well-informed, let’s get practical. Grab your paper, a cup of coffee, and perhaps include your spouse in this exciting endeavor. Peruse our list of unique Jewish baby girl names, designed with your convenience in mind. And guess what? We’ve gone the extra mile by providing meanings for each Hebrew and Jewish baby girl name on the list. Compare them side by side, discuss with your partner, and each select five favorites from the array of Hebrew girl names. Once you’ve narrowed it down, sit with your family to finalize the perfect Hebrew baby girl name that will shower blessings upon your little one.