100+ Most Popular Costa Rican Girl Names

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Embark on a journey through the enchanting world of Costa Rican culture as we delve into the most beloved girl names in the country. From names steeped in tradition to those inspired by nature and spirituality, each holds a unique story and significance. Join us as we explore the top picks that embody the beauty, diversity, and rich heritage of Costa Rican identity.

100+ Most Popular Costa Rican Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Valeria Strong, healthy
2 Sofía Wisdom
3 María Beloved, wished-for child
4 Daniela God is my judge
5 Andrea Brave, strong
6 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
7 Nicole Victory of the people
8 Isabella Devoted to God, pledged to God
9 Valentina Strong, healthy
10 Gabriela God is my strength
11 Alejandra Defender of mankind
12 Victoria Victory
13 Fernanda Adventurous journey
14 Natalia Christmas day, born at Christmas
15 Ana Grace, favor
16 Laura Laurel wreath
17 Catalina Pure
18 Paola Small
19 Jimena One who listens
20 Emma Whole, universal
21 Allison Noble, kind
22 Lucía Light
23 Stephanie Crowned
24 Karla Strong, womanly
25 Adriana Dark, rich
26 Emily Industrious, hardworking
27 Jennifer Fair one, white shadow
28 Diana Divine, heavenly
29 Melissa Honey bee
30 Sofia Wisdom
31 Kimberly Chief, ruler
32 Brenda Sword, torch
33 Sharon A plain, a flat area
34 Vanessa Butterfly
35 Ana Sofía Grace, wisdom
36 Mariana Beloved
37 Genesis Beginning, origin
38 Daniella God is my judge
39 Evelyn Desired, wished for
40 Ashley Ash tree clearing
41 Mia Mine
42 Pamela All sweetness
43 Naomi Pleasant
44 María José Mary, Jehovah has added
45 Sarah Princess
46 Karina Pure, beloved
47 Estefanía Crowned with laurels
48 Grace Grace, favor
49 Valery Strong, healthy
50 Alexa Defender of men
51 Ana Lucía Graceful light
52 Fabiola Bean grower
53 Jessica Wealthy
54 Mariela Bitter, sea of bitterness
55 Rebecca To tie, to bind
56 Karen Pure, clear
57 Kiara Dark
58 Natasha Born on Christmas
59 Leslie Holly garden
60 Estrella Star
61 Lizbeth God is my oath
62 Karol Strong, free
63 Marisol Sea and sun
64 Génesis Beginning, origin
65 Maritza Bitter sea
66 Jazmin Jasmine flower
67 Nelly Light
68 Marina Of the sea
69 Sasha Defender of mankind
70 Julieta Youthful, downy-haired
71 Jazmín Jasmine flower
72 Lourdes French town
73 Adrianna Dark, rich
74 Cindy Moon, woman from Kynthos
75 Yasmin Jasmine flower
76 Alisson Son of the noble one
77 Alondra Defender of mankind
78 Erika Eternal ruler
79 Sonia Wise, wisdom
80 Anabella Beautiful, graceful
81 Guadalupe Valley of the wolves
82 Luz Light
83 Rosalía Rose
84 Ana Victoria Graceful, victorious
85 Viviana Full of life
86 Patricia Noble, patrician
87 Dayana Divine
88 Silvia Woods, forest
89 Marlene Bitter, sea of bitterness
90 Ximena Hearkening
91 Nayeli I love you
92 Celeste Heavenly, celestial
93 Yesenia Flower
94 Araceli Altar of heaven
95 Adrienne Dark, rich
96 Ivanna God is gracious
97 Alba Dawn, white
98 Miriam Bitter, sea of bitterness
99 Gabrielle God is my strength
100 Kenia Soft breeze, fragrance
101 Esmeralda Emerald
102 Dulce Sweet
103 Mayra Beloved
104 Julianna Youthful, downy
105 Analia Gracious, sweet
106 Yessenia Flower
107 Nayara I love you
108 Eleni Light
109 Abigail Father’s joy
110 Monserrat Jagged mountain
111 Emilia Rival
112 Karime Generous, noble
113 Vianca God is gracious
114 Romina Roman
115 Evelin Hazelnut
116 Kattia Pure
117 Liliana Lily
118 Kenya Animal horn
119 Brigitte Exalted one
120 Ada Noble, serene
121 Jazmine Jasmine flower
122 Leticia Joy, happiness
123 Leonor Light
124 Nia Purpose, bright
125 Paulet Little, small

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In conclusion,

In closing, the exploration of the most popular Costa Rican girl names provides a captivating glimpse into the cultural richness and diversity of this vibrant nation. From names rooted in tradition to those embracing modern trends, each name carries its own unique charm and significance. These names serve as a testament to the enduring spirit of Costa Rican identity, celebrating the country’s heritage, values, and natural beauty. As we conclude our journey through these beloved names, we are reminded of the profound connection between language, culture, and identity, and the importance of preserving and honoring the unique heritage of Costa Rica for generations to come.

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