100+ Most Popular Panamanian Names for Girls

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In the heart of Panama, where the lush jungles meet the azure waters, lies a tapestry of tradition and heritage woven into the very fabric of society. Nowhere is this more evident than in the names bestowed upon its daughters. From the bustling streets of Panama City to the serene shores of the Pearl Islands, the names of Panamanian girls reflect a rich amalgamation of cultural influences and personal aspirations. Join us as we embark on a journey through the most popular Panamanian names for girls, where each name carries with it a story of resilience, beauty, and the enduring spirit of Panama.

100+ Most Popular Panamanian Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Sofia Wisdom
2 Valentina Strong, vigorous
3 Isabella God is my oath
4 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
5 Valeria Strong, vigorous
6 Gabriela God is my strength
7 Victoria Victory
8 Natalia Christmas Day
9 Daniela God is my judge
10 Andrea Manly, brave
11 Mia Mine
12 Maria Bitter, sea of bitterness
13 Fernanda Brave journey
14 Adriana Dark
15 Ana Gracious, merciful
16 Alejandra Defender of mankind
17 Luciana Light
18 Antonella Praiseworthy
19 Paula Small
20 Mariana Bitter, sea of bitterness
21 Elena Bright, shining light
22 Carolina Free man
23 Juliana Youthful
24 Emily Industrious
25 Sara Princess
26 Isabel God is my oath
27 Laura Laurel wreath
28 Emilia To strive or excel
29 Catalina Pure
30 Diana Divine
31 Valery Strong, vigorous
32 Genesis Origin, beginning
33 Angie Messenger of God
34 Dayana Divine
35 Kimberly Chief or ruler’s meadow
36 Vanessa Butterfly
37 Leslie Holly garden
38 Milagros Miracles
39 Alondra Lark
40 Giselle Pledge
41 Yarelis Beautiful water lily
42 Yaritza Water princess
43 Karen Pure
44 Keila Citadel
45 Kiara Dark-haired
46 Nayeli I love you
47 Oriana Golden
48 Yessenia Flower
49 Zuleika Fair
50 Itzel Star of Aurora
51 Nayla Successful
52 Ximena Listener
53 Marisol Sea and sun
54 Xiomara Ready for battle
55 Ivanna God is gracious
56 Araceli Altar of the sky
57 Maritza Bitter
58 Jazmin Flower
59 Yoselin Little flower
60 Nayara Sunshine
61 Yuliana Youthful
62 Yesenia Flower
63 Jennifer Fair one
64 Yajaira Precious
65 Grecia Graceful
66 Lucero Bright star
67 Noemi Pleasantness
68 Adrianna Dark
69 Estefany Crowned
70 Rosalinda Beautiful rose
71 Lissette God is my oath
72 Mariangel Angel of the sea
73 Luz Light
74 Yasmin Jasmine
75 Nayda Hope
76 Fabiola Bean grower
77 Adrienne Dark one
78 Mayra Bitter
79 Yelitza Jehovah increases
80 Erika Eternal ruler
81 Adilene Noble
82 Milena Industrious
83 Karla Free man
84 Marlene Bitter
85 Yurem My delight
86 Zoraida Blooming
87 Nohemi Pleasantness
88 Keren Horn
89 Neida Nest
90 Yesica Wealthy
91 Miriam Rebellious
92 Abigail Father rejoices
93 Yurena My delight
94 Kianna Ancient
95 Luzmila Light
96 Yalitza Unknown
97 Melani Dark, black
98 Xitlali Star
99 Nayely I love you
100 Yanelis God is my judge
101 Gisselle Pledge
102 Yarixa Water princess
103 Mayte Beloved
104 Yovanna God is gracious
105 Jazlyn Jasmine
106 Kenia Animal horn
107 Mariela Bitter
108 Yenifer Fair one
109 Marilin Bitter sea
110 Yulissa Youthful
111 Yecenia Splendor
112 Yanci God is gracious
113 Xochitl Flower
114 Yaneth God is gracious
115 Elisa God is my oath
116 Mirian Sea of bitterness
117 Yaneli God is gracious
118 Yessica Wealthy
119 Yatziri Precious
120 Neysi Miracle
121 Yadiel God is my judge
122 Yessika Wealthy
123 Yesli Joyful
124 Yelena Bright, shining light
125 Ximara Listener
126 Yisela God’s promise
127 Yumara Kind-hearted
128 Yudit Praised
129 Yalissa God is my oath
130 Yeliana Torch of the sun
131 Yohanna God is gracious
132 Yaneira God answers
133 Yaneisy Gracious gift
134 Yaricel Beautiful water lily
135 Yarisleidy Beautiful water lily
136 Yatsiri Precious
137 Yeslin Joyful
138 Yobana God is gracious
139 Yulexi Successful
140 Yulisbeth God is my oath

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In conclusion,

As we draw the curtains on our exploration of the most popular Panamanian names for girls, we are reminded of the profound significance these names hold within the rich tapestry of Panamanian culture. From honoring ancestors to embracing contemporary trends, each name encapsulates a story of identity, resilience, and the vibrant spirit of Panama. As these names continue to echo through the streets and valleys of this beautiful country, they serve as a testament to the enduring legacy of its people and the timeless beauty of their traditions.

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