100+ Most Popular Honduran Boy Names

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In the vibrant tapestry of Honduran culture, names hold profound significance, reflecting traditions, aspirations, and cultural heritage. Delving into the rich array of Honduran boy names unveils a mosaic of history and identity. From timeless classics to modern innovations, the names cherished in Honduran households offer a glimpse into the nation’s diverse heritage and the values cherished by its people. Join us on a journey through the most popular Honduran boy names, where each name carries a story waiting to be discovered.

100+ Most Popular Honduran Boy Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Carlos Free man
2 Luis Famous warrior
3 José God will increase
4 Juan God is gracious
5 Mario Warlike
6 Roberto Bright fame
7 David Beloved
8 Alejandro Defender of mankind
9 Fernando Brave journey
10 Oscar Divine spear
11 Manuel God is with us
12 Javier New house
13 Miguel Who is like God?
14 Jorge Farmer
15 Ricardo Powerful ruler
16 Daniel God is my judge
17 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
18 Francisco Free man
19 Marco Warlike
20 Leonardo Brave lion
21 Kevin Handsome birth
22 Gabriel God is my strength
23 Alexis Defender
24 William Resolute protector
25 Victor Conqueror
26 Nelson Son of Neil
27 Omar Flourishing
28 Emilio Industrious
29 Rafael God has healed
30 Cristian Follower of Christ
31 Steven Crowned
32 Marvin Friend of the sea
33 Brian Strong, virtuous
34 Israel God contended
35 Henry Ruler of the household
36 Andy Brave, manly
37 Ernesto Serious, determined
38 Edwin Wealthy friend
39 Allan Harmony
40 Geovanny God is gracious
41 Adrián Wealthy, dark one
42 Johnny God is gracious
43 Bryan Strong, honorable
44 Denis Devotee of Dionysos
45 Junior Young
46 Ramón Wise protector
47 Hector Holding fast
48 Elvin Elf friend
49 Alexander Defender of the people
50 Franklin Free landowner
51 Mauricio Dark-skinned
52 Josué God is salvation
53 Wilmer Resolute, famous
54 Adán Man, earth
55 Diego Supplanter
56 Adolfo Noble wolf
57 Efraín Fertile, productive
58 Saul Asked for, prayed for
59 Moisés Drawn out of water
60 Samuel Heard by God
61 Hugo Mind, intellect
62 César Long-haired
63 Andrés Brave, manly
64 Joselito God will increase
65 Ramiro Wise, famous
66 René Reborn
67 Darío Upholder of the good
68 Luis Fernando Famous warrior, brave journey
69 Rolando Famous throughout the land
70 Gerson Son of Gershom
71 Cipriano From Cyprus
72 Mateo Gift of God
73 Abel Breath, son
74 Geraldo Spear ruler
75 Gerardo Brave with a spear
76 Ronny Ruler’s advisor
77 Milton Mill town
78 Ariel Lion of God
79 Eleazar God has helped
80 Orvin Friend of the boar
81 Melvin Council protector
82 Fabio Bean grower
83 Elías Yahweh is God
84 Ángel Messenger of God
85 Erick Ever-ruler
86 Joseluis God will increase, famous warrior
87 Aldo Old, wise
88 Darwin Dear friend
89 Wilfredo Desires peace
90 Elder Older
91 Eddy Wealthy guardian
92 Josimar God will increase
93 Bismark Glorious battle
94 Ronaldo Wise ruler
95 Fabricio Craftsman
96 Gerónimo Sacred name
97 Ever Boar, wild pig
98 Aníbal Graced with charm
99 Fredy Peaceful ruler
100 Rolin Famous throughout the land
101 Néstor Homecoming
102 Enzo Ruler of the household
103 Josias God supports
104 Gaspar Treasurer
105 Edgardo Wealthy spear
106 Cristopher Christ-bearer
107 Ronal Wise ruler
108 Ezequiel God strengthens
109 Giancarlo God is gracious
110 Leandro Lion-man
111 Aarón Exalted
112 Agustín Majestic
113 Bladimir Famous ruler
114 Cruz Cross
115 Kervin Fair, gentle, kind
116 Lázaro God has helped
117 Leonel Lion-like
118 Marlon Little falcon
119 Randy Wolf counsel
120 Román Roman
121 Sebastián Revered
122 Víctor Conqueror
123 Walter Ruler of the army
124 Xavier Bright, splendid
125 Yadiel Precious gift of God
126 Yovanny God is gracious
127 Zeferino West wind
128 Abner Father of light
129 Adonis Extremely handsome
130 Braulio Shining, brilliant
131 Carmelo Garden
132 Danilo God is my judge
133 Edgar Wealthy spear

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In conclusion,

Exploring the most popular Honduran boy names has been a journey of cultural exploration and appreciation. Through these names, we’ve glimpsed into the rich tapestry of Honduran heritage, where tradition intertwines with modernity to create a diverse array of meaningful appellations. Whether rooted in historical significance or inspired by contemporary trends, these names reflect the values, aspirations, and pride of the Honduran people. As we conclude our exploration, we carry with us a deeper understanding of the cultural significance embedded in each name, recognizing the importance of names in shaping identity and connecting generations.

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