100+ Most Popular Nicaraguan Names for Girls

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Embark on a journey through the captivating world of Nicaraguan names for girls, where tradition meets modernity in a tapestry of cultural significance. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, Nicaraguan names reflect the beauty, resilience, and diversity of the nation’s heritage. Join us as we explore over 100 of the most popular names that grace the daughters of Nicaragua, each carrying its own story and symbolizing the enduring spirit of Nicaraguan identity.

100+ Most Popular Nicaraguan Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Maria Beloved
2 Sofia Wisdom
3 Valeria Strong, healthy
4 Gabriela God is my strength
5 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
6 Daniela God is my judge
7 Isabella God is my oath
8 Victoria Victory
9 Fernanda Brave journey
10 Natalia Christmas Day
11 Andrea Manly
12 Alejandra Defender of mankind
13 Mia Mine
14 Emilia To strive or excel
15 Valentina Strong, vigorous
16 Luciana Light
17 Catalina Pure
18 Adriana Woman from Adria
19 Carolina Free man
20 Mariana Bitter or sea of bitterness
21 Elena Bright, shining light
22 Laura Laurel tree
23 Paola Small
24 Juliana Youthful
25 Clara Bright, clear
26 Antonia Priceless
27 Ana Grace
28 Regina Queen
29 Estefania Crowned in victory
30 Violeta Violet flower
31 Romina Roman
32 Alma Soul
33 Lorena Laurel
34 Ximena Listener
35 Isidora Gift of Isis
36 Elisa God is my oath
37 Jimena Listening, hearkening
38 Belen Bethlehem
39 Renata Reborn
40 Silvia From the forest
41 Vanessa Butterfly
42 Rosario Rosary
43 Marta Lady
44 Rocio Dew
45 Erika Eternal ruler
46 Leticia Joy, happiness
47 Damaris Calf, gentle
48 Tatiana Fairy queen
49 Sonia Wisdom
50 Marisol Mary of Solitude
51 Jazmin Jasmine flower
52 Nayeli I love you
53 Esmeralda Emerald
54 Giselle Pledge, hostage
55 Noelia Christmas
56 Karla Strong woman
57 Brenda Sword
58 Marlene Combination of Mary and Magdalene
59 Yesenia Flower or God beholds
60 Ivonne Archer
61 Anabel Beautiful
62 Miriam Rebellious
63 Selena Moon
64 Lourdes From Lourdes, France
65 Xiomara Ready for battle
66 Yaretzi You will always be loved
67 Abril April
68 Adrianna Dark
69 Anahi My breath
70 Araceli Altar of the sky
71 Nayara I love you
72 Cecilia Blind
73 Estrella Star
74 Xochitl Flower
75 Juana God is gracious
76 Paloma Dove
77 Yasmin Jasmine flower
78 Ingrid Ing’s beauty
79 Karen Pure
80 Kiara Dark-haired
81 Milagros Miracles
82 Reyna Queen
83 Thalia To blossom
84 Wendy Friend
85 Yara Water lady
86 Zulema Peace
87 Amalia Industrious
88 Aurora Dawn
89 Beatriz Voyager
90 Carmen Garden
91 Dalila Gentle
92 Eileen Shining light
93 Fátima Captivating
94 Gilda Sacrifice
95 Haydee Noble, serene
96 Iris Rainbow
97 Jocelyn Joyous
98 Keila Citadel
99 Lina Light
100 Maritza Bitter
101 Nidia Nest
102 Odalis Wealthy
103 Pamela All sweetness
104 Quetzal Beautiful bird
105 Raquel Innocent
106 Suyapa Virgin Mary of Suyapa
107 Tania Fairy queen
108 Ursula Little female bear
109 Waleska Welsh
110 Xaymaca Land of wood and water
111 Yalitza Unique
112 Zenaida Life of Zeus
113 Abigail Father’s joy
114 Betania House of figs
115 Consuelo Consolation
116 Delfina Dolphin
117 Evelin Hazelnut
118 Flor Flower
119 Grecia Graceful
120 Hilda Battle woman
121 Ileana Bright, shining one
122 Jasmine Jasmine flower
123 Karina Pure
124 Liliana Lily
125 Mayra Beloved
126 Nancy Grace
127 Olga Holy
128 Patricia Noble, patrician
129 Queen Queen
130 Rosalba White rose
131 Susana Lily
132 Teresa Harvester
133 Uxía Daughter of nobility
134 Verónica Bringing victory
135 Wanda Wanderer
136 Xylia Of the woods
137 Yessenia Flower
138 Zafira Victorious
139 Abriana Father of multitude
140 Belinda Pretty, beautiful

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Nicaraguan names for girls, we are reminded of the profound significance these names hold within Nicaraguan culture. Each name tells a story of tradition, heritage, and identity, weaving a tapestry of resilience and beauty. From beloved family members to revered historical figures, these names serve as a testament to the richness and diversity of Nicaraguan identity. As we celebrate these names, we honor the past, embrace the present, and look forward to the future, where the daughters of Nicaragua will continue to carry forth the legacy of their names with pride and grace.

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