100+ Most Popular Panamanian Names for Boys

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In Panama, names carry profound cultural significance, reflecting both familial heritage and societal trends. From the bustling streets of Panama City to the tranquil shores of Bocas del Toro, the names bestowed upon boys mirror a rich tapestry of tradition and modernity. As we delve into the realm of Panamanian nomenclature, we uncover a diverse array of monikers that have captured the hearts and imaginations of parents across the isthmus. Join us on a journey through the most popular Panamanian names for boys, where each name tells a story of heritage, aspiration, and belonging.

100+ Most Popular Panamanian Names for Boys

No. Name Meaning
1 Alejandro Defender of mankind
2 Carlos Free man
3 Juan God is gracious
4 Luis Famous warrior
5 Manuel God is with us
6 Miguel Who is like God?
7 Javier New house
8 Gabriel God is my strength
9 David Beloved
10 Eduardo Wealthy guardian
11 Jorge Farmer
12 Jose God will increase
13 Ricardo Brave ruler
14 Antonio Worthy of praise
15 Mario Warlike
16 Fernando Brave traveler
17 Daniel God is my judge
18 Rafael God has healed
19 Ernesto Earnest
20 Andres Brave warrior
21 Emilio Industrious
22 Victor Conqueror
23 Leonardo Brave lion
24 Diego Supplanter
25 Omar Flourishing
26 Alberto Noble, bright
27 Alexis Defender
28 Rodrigo Famous ruler
29 Felipe Lover of horses
30 Hector Holding fast
31 Francisco Free man
32 Roberto Bright fame
33 Nelson Son of Neil
34 Ramon Wise protector
35 Martin Warlike
36 Simon He has heard
37 Esteban Crowned
38 Benjamin Son of the right hand
39 Adrian Rich
40 Ivan God is gracious
41 Alvaro Guardian
42 Fabio Bean grower
43 Gonzalo Battle
44 Sergio Attendant
45 Osvaldo God’s power
46 Julian Youthful
47 Mauricio Dark-skinned
48 Cristian Follower of Christ
49 Marco Warlike
50 Emiliano Rival
51 Samuel Name of God
52 Orlando Famous throughout the land
53 Mateo Gift of God
54 Armando Soldier
55 Rubén Behold, a son
56 Renato Reborn
57 Arturo Bear king
58 Ismael God hears
59 Federico Peaceful ruler
60 Gustavo Staff of the Goths
61 Ezequiel God strengthens
62 Elías My God is Yahweh
63 Joel Yahweh is God
64 Axel Father of peace
65 Dario Upholder of good
66 Milton Mill town
67 Moisés Drawn out of the water
68 Elias My God is Yahweh
69 Adrián Rich
70 Iván God is gracious
71 Víctor Hugo Victory, mind
72 Jairo God enlightens
73 Abdiel Servant of God
74 Joaquín Established by God
75 Dionisio Of Dionysus
76 Óscar Divine spear
77 Wilfredo Desire for peace
78 Nicolás Victory of the people
79 Estéfano Crowned
80 Aurelio Golden
81 Óliver Olive tree
82 Cristóbal Christ bearer
83 Valentín Strength, health
84 Efraín Fruitful
85 Edgardo Wealthy spear
86 Teodoro God’s gift
87 Rubén Darío Behold, a son
88 Enzo Ruler of the household
89 Tadeo Praise
90 Amilcar Ancestor of Hannibal
91 Isaías God is salvation
92 Rómulo Founder of Rome
93 Eugenio Well born
94 César Thick head of hair
95 Ulises Wrathful
96 Salvador Savior
97 Eloy Chosen
98 Maximiliano Greatest
99 Raúl Wise ruler
100 Enrico Home ruler
101 Lorenzo Laurel wreath
102 Genaro Noble, well born
103 Fausto Lucky
104 Lázaro God has helped
105 Adonis Lord
106 Efrain Fruitful
107 Abelardo Noble and brave
108 Rolando Famous land
109 Anselmo Protected by God
110 Isidro Gift of Isis
111 Josué God is salvation
112 Alfonso Noble and ready
113 Octavio Eighth
114 Leandro Lion-like
115 Agustin Majestic
116 Leonel Young lion
117 Gregorio Watchful
118 Gaspar Treasurer
119 Faustino Lucky
120 Urbano From the city
121 Marcos Warlike
122 Benito Blessed
123 Edgar Wealthy spear
124 Brayan Strong, honorable
125 Silvio Forest
126 Serafín Fiery one
127 Santiago Saint James
128 Valentino Strength, health
129 Ignacio Fiery one
130 Danilo God is my judge
131 Eleazar God has helped
132 Simón He has heard
133 Román From Rome
134 Gerardo Brave spear
135 Tomás Twin
136 Eliseo God is my salvation
137 Wilmer Willful desire

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Panamanian names for boys, we are reminded of the vibrant cultural mosaic that defines Panama. From the timeless classics to the contemporary favorites, each name carries with it a unique narrative, reflecting the country’s rich history and dynamic present. Whether honoring ancestors, embracing modern trends, or simply resonating with personal meaning, these names serve as a testament to the diverse tapestry of identities that make up the fabric of Panamanian society. As we look to the future, may these names continue to echo through the streets and valleys of Panama, symbolizing the enduring spirit of its people.

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