100+ Most Popular Chinese Names for Girls

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In the intricate mosaic of Chinese culture, names are more than mere labels—they are reflections of heritage, aspirations, and the beauty of language. Among the myriad of names bestowed upon girls in China, there are those that sparkle with a timeless elegance, resonating with tradition and grace. From the poetic imagery of flowers to the celestial charm of stars, Chinese names for girls encapsulate a rich tapestry of meanings and cultural significance. Join us as we embark on a journey to explore the most popular Chinese names for girls, each one a tribute to the depth and diversity of Chinese identity.

100+ Most Popular Chinese Names for Girls

No. Name Meaning
1 Jing Quiet
2 Li Beautiful
3 Mei Beautiful
4 Hui Splendid
5 Fang Fragrant
6 Yan Elegant
7 Xin Heart
8 Wei Precious
9 Xia Glow
10 Ling Delicate
11 Qian Modest
12 Ying Graceful
13 Xiu Elegant
14 Yu Jade
15 Rui Sharp
16 Yun Graceful
17 Ming Bright
18 Qing Clear
19 Jia Beautiful
20 Wen Cultured
21 Lan Orchid
22 Chun Spring
23 Yue Moon
24 Zhen Precious
25 Shu Elegant
26 Ya Elegant
27 Zhi Intelligent
28 Xue Snow
29 Ping Tranquil
30 Xinyi Happy and Beautiful
31 Yaqi Elegant and Gorgeous
32 Xiuying Elegant and Graceful
33 Yumei Beautiful Plum Blossom
34 Yuxin Jade Heart
35 Fangfang Fragrant and Beautiful
36 Xiaoyan Little Swallow
37 Xiaohui Little Wisdom
38 Xiaoli Little Beauty
39 Xiaoxue Little Snow
40 Xiaoqian Little Humble
41 Xiaomin Little Clever
42 Xiaodan Little Grace
43 Xiaoyu Little Rain
44 Xiaojie Little Outstanding
45 Xiaomei Little Beautiful
46 Xiaowei Little Greatness
47 Xiaoqing Little Celebration
48 Xiaoling Little Bell
49 Xiaoxia Little Summer
50 Xiaolan Little Orchid
51 Jiao Delicate
52 Huan Joyful
53 Xian Elegant
54 Yiyi Elegant
55 Yanmei Beautiful and Graceful
56 Yulan Elegant Orchid
57 Yuhan Beautiful and Graceful
58 Yiling Elegant and Delicate
59 Yunhua Graceful and Elegant
60 Yingying Graceful and Elegant
61 Yuexin Beautiful Heart
62 Yujie Beautiful and Outstanding
63 Yuting Elegant and Graceful
64 Yunyun Graceful and Gentle
65 Yuli Elegant and Beautiful
66 Yuxia Jade Summer
67 Yuzhen Precious and Genuine
68 Yurong Beautiful Melody
69 Yanyan Delicate and Beautiful
70 Yuwei Elegant and Graceful
71 Yuliang Elegant and Bright
72 Yuying Elegant and Graceful
73 Yaqing Elegant and Clear
74 Yuqian Elegant and Humble
75 Yuyan Elegant and Beautiful
76 Yanyu Elegant and Pure
77 Yunxia Graceful and Summer
78 Yuqiao Elegant and Delicate
79 Yufeng Elegant and Gentle
80 Yunzhi Graceful and Intelligent
81 Yuexiang Fragrant and Graceful
82 Yujia Elegant and Beautiful
83 Yuxuan Elegant and Mysterious
84 Yanying Elegant and Graceful
85 Yufang Elegant and Fragrant
86 Yuwen Elegant and Cultured
87 Yujin Elegant and Precious
88 Yuxi Elegant and Delicate
89 Yufei Elegant and Flying
90 Yuning Elegant and Peaceful
91 Yuhong Elegant and Red
92 Yunmei Graceful and Beautiful
93 Yuhua Elegant and Luxuriant
94 Yuxiao Elegant and Little
95 Yulian Elegant and Lotus
96 Yuchun Elegant and Pure
97 Yuzhu Elegant and Bamboo
98 Yujun Elegant and Gentle
99 Yushan Elegant and Mountain
100 Yuer Elegant and Graceful
101 Yushuang Elegant and Frost
102 Yujiao Elegant and Delicate
103 Yurui Elegant and Auspicious
104 Yuxiang Elegant and Fragrant
105 Yuling Elegant and Delicate
106 Yujing Elegant and Serene
107 Yumin Elegant and Gentle
108 Yuhui Elegant and Splendid

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In conclusion,

As we conclude our exploration of the most popular Chinese names for girls, we’re reminded of the profound significance these names hold in Chinese culture. Each name is a reflection of tradition, familial pride, and the enduring beauty of the Chinese language. From the delicate elegance of floral-inspired names to the celestial grace of those evoking heavenly bodies, these names carry stories of generations past and aspirations for the future. Through them, we glimpse the richness and diversity of Chinese identity, celebrated in the timeless art of naming.

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