100+ Most Popular El Salvadorian Girl Names

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Choosing the perfect name for your newborn is a cherished tradition, imbued with cultural significance and personal preference. In El Salvador, names often reflect a rich tapestry of heritage, family values, and linguistic beauty. From timeless classics to modern innovations, the spectrum of popular girl names in El Salvador offers a glimpse into the country’s vibrant cultural mosaic. Whether you’re seeking inspiration or simply intrigued by the diversity of names, exploring the most popular El Salvadorian girl names unveils a treasure trove of meaning and tradition.

100+ Most Popular El Salvadorian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Sofia Wisdom
2 Valeria Strength, valor
3 Camila Young ceremonial attendant
4 Isabella Devoted to God
5 Valentina Strong, healthy
6 Gabriela God is my strength
7 Daniela God is my judge
8 Emily Industrious, hardworking
9 Fernanda Adventurous, bold
10 Natalia Born on Christmas Day
11 Andrea Manly, brave
12 Ana Grace, favor
13 Maria Bitter, sea of bitterness
14 Adriana From Hadria (Italy)
15 Victoria Victory
16 Alejandra Defender of mankind
17 Luciana Light, illuminated
18 Emilia To strive or excel
19 Mia Mine
20 Clara Bright, clear
21 Elena Bright, shining
22 Paula Small, humble
23 Mariana Combination of Mary and Anna
24 Antonella Praiseworthy
25 Catalina Pure
26 Jimena Listener
27 Juliana Youthful, dedicated to Jupiter
28 Diana Divine
29 Carolina Free man
30 Ximena Hearkening
31 Elizabeth God is my oath
32 Karen Pure
33 Sara Princess
34 Jennifer Fair one
35 Monica Adviser
36 Kimberly From the meadow of the royal fortress
37 Vanessa Butterfly
38 Brenda Sword
39 Stephanie Crowned one
40 Genesis Beginning
41 Michelle Who is like God?
42 Paola Small
43 Allison Noble, kind
44 Leslie Holly garden
45 Nicole Victory of the people
46 Abigail My father is joyful
47 Valery Strong, valiant
48 Alexa Defender of mankind
49 Kiara Dark-haired
50 Marisol Sea and sun
51 Estefania Crowned with laurels
52 Melanie Black, dark
53 Jasmin Jasmine
54 Cecilia Blind
55 Giselle Pledge, hostage
56 Pamela All sweetness, honeyed
57 Karla Free woman
58 Yessenia Flower
59 Daniella God is my judge
60 Bianca White
61 Fabiola Bean grower
62 Jessica God beholds
63 Marlene Combination of Mary and Magdalene
64 Naomi Pleasant, beautiful
65 Yesenia Flower
66 Angelica Angelic
67 Sasha Defender of mankind
68 Thalia Blooming, flourishing
69 Dulce Sweet
70 Samantha Listener
71 Dayana Divine
72 Zara Princess
73 Jocelyn Joyous, happy
74 Esmeralda Emerald
75 Nayeli I love you
76 Erika Eternal ruler
77 Alisson Son of the noble one
78 Sandra Defender of mankind
79 Wendy Friend
80 Keyla Slender
81 Evelyn Desired, wished for
82 Isabel God is my oath
83 Lourdes From the place of the miraculous waters
84 Elisa God is my oath
85 Maritza Bitter sea
86 Yanira Peaceful
87 Anabella Beautiful, graceful
88 Karina Pure
89 Clarissa Bright, clear
90 Estrella Star
91 Viviana Full of life
92 Aleida Noble, kind
93 Rosalinda Beautiful rose
94 Ivanna God is gracious
95 Cecelia Blind
96 Marlen Combination of Mary and Magdalene
97 Anahi Beautiful
98 Xiomara Ready for battle
99 Kenya Animal horn, brave one
100 Leila Night
101 Nayara Beautiful island
102 Eileen Bright, shining
103 Elvira True, faithful
104 Graciela Graceful
105 Lissette Consecrated to God
106 Noemi Pleasant, delightful
107 Roxana Dawn, bright, radiant
108 Amaya Night rain
109 Fabiana Bean grower
110 Maribel Miraculous beauty
111 Paloma Dove
112 Raquel Innocent lamb
113 Thelma Nursing, affectionate
114 Zulema Peace
115 Araceli Altar of the sky
116 Belinda Beautiful
117 Celia Heavenly
118 Delilah Delicate, weak
119 Fatima One who abstains, abstinent
120 Ingrid Beloved child, beauty
121 Jacquelyn Supplanter
122 Kendra Knowledgeable ruler
123 Lisbeth Consecrated to God
124 Nidia Nest
125 Odalys Wealthy
126 Perla Pearl
127 Reyna Queen
128 Socorro Help, succor
129 Teresa Harvester
130 Violeta Violet
131 Zaira Princess

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In conclusion,

The spectrum of popular El Salvadorian girl names reflects a deep-rooted connection to culture, tradition, and the inherent beauty of language. From names that honor family legacies to those that celebrate the natural world, each choice carries a unique story and significance. As parents embark on the journey of naming their daughters, they are not only bestowing them with an identity but also embracing a cultural heritage that spans generations. Whether drawn to the timeless elegance of María or the modern charm of Valeria, the plethora of options ensures that every parent can find a name that resonates with their heart and echoes the spirit of El Salvador.

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