100+ Most Popular Indian Girl Names

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In the vibrant mosaic of Indian culture, the tradition of naming holds profound significance, especially when it comes to girls. From names steeped in ancient mythology to those inspired by nature and modern trends, Indian girl names encompass a rich tapestry of meanings and histories. Join us on a journey through the most popular Indian girl names, where tradition intertwines with innovation, and each name carries its own unique story.

100+ Most Popular Indian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Aaradhya Worshipper
2 Aisha Alive, prosperous
3 Anaya Unique, different
4 Avani Earth
5 Diya Lamp, light
6 Ishika Paintbrush
7 Kiara Dark-haired
8 Meera Devotee, saint
9 Nisha Night
10 Riya Singer
11 Saanvi Goddess Lakshmi
12 Sara Princess
13 Siya Goddess Sita
14 Zara Princess
15 Aanya Graceful
16 Aashi Smile
17 Akshara Letter, alphabet
18 Anika Goddess Durga
19 Anvi One who has a sister
20 Ishani Consort of Lord Shiva
21 Kavya Poem, poetry
22 Navya New, young
23 Pari Fairy
24 Pihu Chirp, peep
25 Prisha Beloved
26 Shanaya First ray of the sun
27 Tara Star
28 Trisha Thirst
29 Urvi Earth
30 Vedika Altar
31 Yashvi Fame, glory
32 Aadhya First power (Durga)
33 Aarohi A music tune
34 Advika Unique
35 Amaira Eternal
36 Ananya Unique, different
37 Avishi Earth
38 Divya Divine, heavenly
39 Esha Desire, wish
40 Gayatri Mother of Vedas
41 Jiya Sweetheart
42 Kriti Work, creation
43 Mahi Great, earth
44 Myra Sweet fragrance
45 Neha Love, rain
46 Ria Singer
47 Riddhi Prosperity
48 Sneha Affection
49 Tanisha Ambition, desire
50 Vaishnavi Devotee of Lord Vishnu
51 Aarushi First ray of the sun
52 Anamika Nameless
53 Devika Goddess Durga
54 Ishita Desired, Goddess Durga
55 Kritika Star
56 Manya Worthy of honor
57 Nandini Daughter, goddess Durga
58 Pooja Worship
59 Radha Success
60 Shreya Auspicious, fortunate
61 Tanvi Delicate
62 Dia Lamp, light
63 Ira Earth
64 Kashvi Shining, glowing
65 Mishka Gift of love
66 Natasha Born on Christmas day
67 Pranavi Goddess Parvati
68 Risha Saintly
69 Sanaya Eminent, distinguished
70 Tanya Fairy queen
71 Vaani Speech
72 Aditi Boundless, universe
73 Disha Direction
74 Inaya Concern, solicitude
75 Kirti Fame, glory
76 Nitya Eternal
77 Praniti Modesty
78 Saumya Gentle, mild
79 Vanya Gracious, forest
80 Ahana Inner light, dawn
81 Anshika Minute, atom
82 Devyani Divine, divine woman
83 Ishaani Consort of Lord Shiva
84 Kashish Attraction
85 Muskaan Smile
86 Naira Shining
87 Preeti Love, affection
88 Roshni Light
89 Twisha Ray of light
90 Vasundhara Daughter of the Earth
91 Aadya First power (Durga)
92 Anushka Grace
93 Eesha Purity
94 Jhanvi Ganga river
95 Aarna Goddess Lakshmi
96 Meher Benevolence, grace
97 Niyati Destiny
98 Raashi Collection, money
99 Samaira Enchanting
100 Tanishka Goddess of gold
101 Vaidehi Sita, wife of Lord Rama
102 Aashna Beloved, dear one
103 Adhya First power (Durga)
104 Anvita Powerful, complete
105 Divisha Lamp
106 Iraa Earth
107 Keya Flower
108 Mahika Earth, fragrance

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Indian girl names unveils a treasure trove of cultural heritage and significance. From timeless classics rooted in ancient mythology to modern innovations inspired by contemporary trends, these names reflect the diverse and dynamic nature of Indian society. Each name carries with it a story, a legacy, and a sense of identity that resonates through generations. As we celebrate the beauty and significance of these names, we also honor the richness of Indian culture and the enduring tradition of naming that continues to shape lives and identities.

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