100+ Most Popular Canadian Girl Names

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Canada, a land of vast beauty and cultural richness, inspires a diverse array of names for girls. From coast to coast, Canadian girl names echo the nation’s natural wonders, historical figures, and multicultural heritage. In this exploration, we delve into the top picks that reflect the essence of Canada’s identity, offering a glimpse into the cherished names that adorn its daughters and embody its spirit of inclusivity and celebration. Join us on a journey through the most popular Canadian girl names, each carrying its own story and significance in the tapestry of Canadian culture.

100+ Most Popular Canadian Girl Names

No. Name Meaning
1 Olivia Olive tree
2 Emma Universal, whole
3 Charlotte Free man
4 Ava Life
5 Sophia Wisdom
6 Amelia Work
7 Mia Mine
8 Isabella God is my oath
9 Evelyn Desired, wished for
10 Harper Harp player
11 Abigail Father’s joy
12 Emily To rival, excel
13 Lily Lily flower
14 Chloe Blooming
15 Ella Light
16 Scarlett Red
17 Grace Grace, favor
18 Avery Elf ruler
19 Hannah Favor, grace
20 Madison Son of Maud
21 Sofia Wisdom
22 Zoe Life
23 Aria Air, melody
24 Riley Valiant
25 Layla Night
26 Victoria Victory
27 Lucy Light
28 Stella Star
29 Ellie Light
30 Aubrey Elf ruler
31 Nova New
32 Maya Water
33 Penelope Weaver
34 Natalie Christmas Day
35 Claire Bright, clear
36 Nora Honor
37 Mila Gracious, dear
38 Addison Son of Adam
39 Leah Weary
40 Zoey Life
41 Sarah Princess
42 Elizabeth God is my oath
43 Paisley Church
44 Aurora Dawn
45 Brooklyn Water, stream
46 Skylar Sheltering
47 Eva Life
48 Audrey Noble strength
49 Bella Beautiful
50 Hazel Hazel tree
51 Caroline Free man
52 Sophie Wisdom
53 Eleanor Bright, shining one
54 Isla Island
55 Alice Noble
56 Gabriella God is my strength
57 Clara Bright, clear
58 Ruby Deep red
59 Hailey Hay meadow
60 Quinn Wise
61 Sadie Princess
62 Lillian Lily
63 Piper Pipe player
64 Violet Violet flower
65 Peyton Fighting man’s estate
66 Kennedy Helmeted chief
67 Madeline Woman from Magdala
68 Josephine God will add
69 Willow Willow tree
70 Savannah Treeless plain
71 Mackenzie Son of Coinneach
72 Adeline Noble
73 Alexis Defender
74 Gianna God is gracious
75 Ariana Most holy
76 Eden Paradise
77 Emilia Rival
78 Lyla Night
79 Lydia From Lydia
80 Annabelle Gracious, beautiful
81 Jasmine Jasmine flower
82 Elise Pledged to God
83 Tessa Harvester
84 Paige Young servant
85 Delilah Delicate
86 Maria Bitter
87 Rose Rose flower
88 Reagan Little ruler
89 Naomi Pleasantness
90 Cecilia Blind
91 Elena Shining light
92 Isabelle God is my oath
93 Mary Bitter
94 Ariel Lion of God
95 Diana Divine
96 Fiona Fair
97 Eloise Healthy, wide
98 Meredith Guardian of the sea
99 Juniper Evergreen shrub
100 Rosalie Rose
101 Gwendolyn White ring
102 Thea Gift of God
103 Adelaide Noble
104 Celeste Heavenly
105 Maisie Pearl
106 Elodie Marsh flower
107 Vivienne Alive
108 Clementine Mild, merciful
109 Phoebe Bright, shining
110 Daphne Laurel tree
111 Beatrice Bringer of joy
112 Imogen Maiden
113 Matilda Battle-mighty
114 Francesca Free
115 Sabrina From the river Severn
116 Ramona Wise protector
117 Sylvia Forest
118 Evangeline Good news
119 Camille Perfect
120 Thalia Flourishing
121 Magnolia Magnolia flower
122 Seraphina Fiery
123 Calliope Beautiful voice
124 Odette Wealth
125 Colette Victory of the people
126 Marlowe Hill by the lake
127 Anneliese Gracious, graceful
128 Noelle Christmas
129 Bianca White
130 Marina Of the sea
131 Lorraine From Lorraine
132 Regina Queen
133 Winifred Peaceful friend
134 Estelle Star
135 Lenora Light
136 Miriam Bitter
137 Florence Flourishing
138 Harriet Ruler of the home
139 Georgia Farmer
140 Elara Bright, shining

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In conclusion,

The exploration of the most popular Canadian girl names reveals a captivating tapestry of diversity, tradition, and cultural richness. From timeless classics to contemporary favorites, these names embody the spirit of Canada’s inclusive and vibrant society. As Canada continues to evolve, these beloved names serve as a testament to the nation’s embrace of its multicultural heritage and the enduring legacy of its daughters.

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