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Indian names for your baby

Indian names for your baby

It is increasingly difficult to choose the name of the baby. Many parents are tired of traditional indian names and are looking for a more original name. That is why the tendency in children's names is to look at exotic India, where we can find very original and meaningful names. Indian names for children are of Sanskrit origin and there are also traditional names, although we find them modern and novel. Actually, they are Indian names collected from the oldest mythological texts of Indian culture.

Indian names for your baby

Indian baby boy and girl names are usually written in the Devangari alphabet, although in this list you will see that the names are Latinized for correct reading. Like so many other civilizations, Indian names are greatly influenced by religious beliefs, as well as by the customs and spirituality of these peoples. In the case of the American Indian names something very similar happens: the stars, the elements and the animals play a very important role in the honomastics.

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Unique Indian baby names for your baby

The time to put your child's name is always important, since it is not just any person, it will be the person who will accompany us for the rest of our life, who will never depart and who despite all the problems that may arise will be with we, because the bond between parents and children is the strongest nature has; For this reason, when naming or appointing your baby, it must have a meaning that gives it power, personality and importance, as well as demonstrating the affection of its parents having taken part of their time to call it this way and One of the cultures that can give us what we are looking for is India. Like many other cultures, the Indian or India, it has had various sources or aspects that have made it become what it is today; Influence such as Muslim, Biblical and Chinese are part of the religion, language, attire and gastronomy of this country. In short, a name with this origin not only evokes only originality, also history, art and beliefs, traditions full of small details that make a difference. In general we can see how Indian male and female names are full of meanings concerning values, feminine beauty and nature, although always taking into account their great religious burden, since the Indian religion that predominates in this country has a lot of deities to which profess his devotion.

Indian male and female names

The names of Indian origin come from the Hindi language and its meaning is marked by the Indian religion. If you want your baby to carry in his name the essence of a land as special as India, and be marked with a meaning related to gods and nature, these names are your best option. Find the one you like best in our search engine for Indian names.

Modern Girl names of Indian origin

Indian names come from the Hindi language, an Indo-European language of the Indo-Iranian branch, which is used when writing the Devanagari alphabet. Therefore, the names of India found here are Latinized in terms of writing. Indian names are greatly influenced by the Indian religion, so their meanings have to do with their principles and gods, as well as their local fauna and flora.Ultrasound has revealed the gender of your baby: a girl! Now it will be easier for you to find an appropriate name for your daughter, since you must focus on female names.

5 most latest Indian baby boy and baby girl names

      Ranjit.It is one of the most frequent names for children in India. It has a meaning related to 'pleasure' and belongs to a historical character from India.
      Anand.This name for a child is one of the prettiest for its meaning of 'happiness'. Perhaps the word from which it derives in Sanskrit, Ananda, is more familiar to us.
      Jaidev.This name of Sanskrit origin means 'victory of the gods'. We like it because it is a very original name, with an exotic touch and a marked personality.
      Kiran.The name means 'sunbeam' and we like it because it is a short and very pretty name. In its eloquent meaning you can find everything that implies the arrival of your baby.
      Brahma.Although the meaning of this name in Sanskrit is 'prayer', it is more familiar to us as belonging to one of the main gods of Indian culture. Brahma is neither more nor less than the creator of the universe.
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