50 Viking Names for Girls with Meanings

by Sophia Roberts

Within the annals of Norse history and culture lies a treasure trove of names, each carrying a unique story and significance. These names not only evoke the strength and spirit of the Viking women but also offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of their heritage. Join us as we unveil these 50 enchanting Viking names, each with a profound meaning, and embark on a quest to find the perfect name for your daughter, one that not only sounds beautiful but also resonates with the timeless legacy of the Vikings.

50 Viking Names for Girls with Meanings

No. Name Meaning
1 Astrid Derived from “Ás” (god) and “fríðr” (beautiful), meaning “divinely beautiful.”
2 Freya Named after the Norse goddess of love, beauty, and fertility, symbolizing those qualities.
3 Ingrid A combination of “Ing” (a Norse fertility god) and “fríðr” (beautiful), signifying “beautiful, loved one.”
4 Runa Reflecting “secret lore” or “rune,” representing the mystical and magical aspects of Viking culture.
5 Thyra Meaning “Thor’s warrior,” paying homage to the mighty Norse god of thunder.
6 Sigrid A name that carries the meaning of “beautiful victory,” embodying the spirit of triumph.
7 Elin Signifying “light” or “torch,” representing illumination and enlightenment.
8 Hilda Reflecting “battle maiden,” an epitome of strength and courage in Viking society.
9 Greta A name that means “pearl,” symbolizing preciousness and beauty.
10 Yrsa Named after a “she bear,” embodying qualities of strength and protection.
11 Karin Derived from “Kári” (wind), representing the elemental forces and nature in Viking culture.
12 Inga Meaning “guarded by Ing,” invoking the protection of the Norse god of fertility.
13 Ragnhild A combination of “Ragn” (advice) and “hildr” (battle), symbolizing wise counsel and strength in battle.
14 Solveig Signifying “sun strength” or “path of the sun,” evoking notions of radiance and positivity.
15 Siv Named after the Norse goddess Sif, who represented family and fidelity.
16 Liv Reflecting “life” or “to live,” celebrating the essence of existence.
17 Edda Named after the ancient Norse literature known as the “Eddas,” representing wisdom and knowledge.
18 Gudrun Meaning “secret rune” or “God’s secret lore,” embodying mysticism and divine wisdom.
19 Eira Signifying “mercy,” representing compassion and kindness.
20 Lovisa Derived from “Lof” (praise) and “vísa” (wise), meaning “wise praise” or “renowned in wisdom.”
21 Alva Reflecting “elf” or “supernatural being,” symbolizing a connection to the mystical and magical.
22 Saga Named after the Norse goddess of storytelling and history, representing narratives and tales.
23 Gunhild A combination of “Gunnr” (war) and “hildr” (battle), signifying “warrior in battle.”
24 Tove Meaning “beautiful Thor,” honoring the god of thunder and strength.
25 Hanne A name that reflects “grace” or “favour,” symbolizing elegance and blessing.
26 Vilda Signifying “wild” or “untamed,” embodying a free-spirited and adventurous nature.
27 Maiken Derived from “Maria,” representing the universal qualities of motherhood and love.
28 Dagny Meaning “new day” or “new beginning,” symbolizing optimism and fresh starts.
29 Jorun A combination of “Jór” (horse) and “rún” (secret lore), signifying “secret lore of horses.”
30 Sigyn Named after the faithful wife of Loki in Norse mythology, representing loyalty and resilience.
31 Vilja Reflecting “willpower” or “desire,” symbolizing determination and drive.
32 Bodil Meaning “remedy” or “cure,” invoking healing and wellness.
33 Hannele A name that signifies “God’s grace” or “favour of God,” representing divine blessings.
34 Torunn Derived from “Thor” and “rún,” symbolizing the mystical connection to the god of thunder.
35 Dagmar Meaning “day maid,” representing the spirit of daylight and illumination.
36 Sif Named after the Norse goddess of family and fidelity, symbolizing commitment and loyalty.
37 Kari Reflecting “wind” or “storm,” symbolizing the elemental forces and nature’s power.
38 Gull Signifying “gold,” embodying the value and preciousness of this precious metal.
39 Rannveig A name that means “goddess of the sea,” celebrating the mysteries and wonders of the ocean.
40 Marit Derived from “mær” (maid) and “rík” (rich), meaning “rich in maidens” or “powerful maiden.”
41 Eivor Meaning “always a warrior” or “eternal archer,” symbolizing strength and endurance.
42 Borghild Reflecting “protection” and “battle,” embodying a guardian spirit in times of conflict.
43 Lisbet Named after “Elisabeth,” signifying “God’s promise” and divine faithfulness.
44 Frigg Meaning “beloved” or “to love,” named after the Norse goddess of love and destiny.
45 Tindra Reflecting “sparkle” or “twinkle,” symbolizing the brightness and radiance of life.
46 Edda Named after the ancient Norse literature, representing the wisdom and legacy of their stories.
47 Annika A name that means “grace” or “favour,” embodying elegance and blessings.
48 Ragna Signifying “strong counsel” or “wise decision,” symbolizing wisdom and guidance.
49 Malin Derived from “Magdalene,” representing strength and resilience.
50 Sunniva Meaning “sun gift,” symbolizing the warmth and positivity of sunshine.

20 Viking Queens and Princesses’ Names

Discover a Fascinating Array of Names from Viking History: 20 Viking Queens and Princesses’ Names. Dive into the rich heritage of Viking culture and explore the captivating names of their influential queens and princesses in this list.

No. Name Title Meaning
1 Lagertha Queen “Keeper of the Fortress”
2 Aslaug Queen “Woman of the Gods”
3 Gudrun Princess “God’s Secret Lore”
4 Sigrid Queen “Beautiful Victory”
5 Ingrid Princess “Beautiful”
6 Freydis Queen “Lady of the Lord”
7 Thyra Princess “Thor’s War”
8 Astrid Queen “Divinely Beautiful”
9 Ragnhild Princess “Advice in Battle”
10 Gunnhild Queen “Battle Maiden”
11 Sif Princess “Bride”
12 Hilde Queen “Battle Woman”
13 Thora Princess “Thunder”
14 Alfhild Queen “Elf Battle”
15 Helga Princess “Holy”
16 Erika Queen “Eternal Ruler”
17 Gisla Princess “Pledge”
18 Solveig Queen “Sun Strength”
19 Yrsa Princess “She-Bear”
20 Ingegerd Queen “Guarded by Ing”

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How Are Viking Names for Girls Widely Used?

Viking names for girls have found enduring popularity and are widely used in various ways in modern times. Here are some of the ways these names are embraced:

Personal Names: Many individuals today bear Viking-inspired names as their given names. Names like “Astrid,” “Ingrid,” and “Erik” are timeless choices for girls, connecting them to their Viking roots.

Literature and Media: Viking names frequently appear in literature, movies, and television series set in Viking or medieval settings. These names add authenticity to characters and immerse audiences in historical or fantastical worlds.

Cultural Celebrations: Viking-themed events, reenactments, and festivals often feature individuals adopting Viking names for the duration of the event. This adds to the overall experience and sense of immersion.

Naming Trends: Viking names, like many other historical and cultural names, can also become trendy in naming practices. Parents sometimes select Viking names for their uniqueness and historical significance.

Tattoos and Art: Viking names and runes are popular choices for tattoos and artwork, often symbolizing personal meanings, strength, or cultural affinity.

Online and Gaming Identities: In the online world and gaming communities, individuals often adopt Viking-themed usernames and character names, adding an element of mystique and strength to their virtual personas.

In essence, Viking names for girls have transcended their historical origins, becoming a part of modern culture and offering a link to the rich heritage of the Viking people.

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