Unique Baby Names for Girls and Boys

by Sophia Roberts


If you’re looking for unique baby names, you’ve come to the right place! Unique baby names for girls and boys are the best choice for each one-of-a-kind baby; each is individual, each is special! Enjoy finding unique names for the baby in our lists.

Choosing the perfect name for your little bundle of joy is always difficult because choosing their name is probably one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. They have to live with him for the rest of their lives and you have to call them forever. Plus there’s a lot of pressure to be unique these days.

It recently emerged that a fifth of parents regret their baby’s name because their names are so widely used or simply “don’t feel right.”

Are You Tempted to Use One of These VERY Unusual and Unique Baby Names for Your Girls and Boys?

The Site has compiled a list of the most creative baby names in the UK-US and around the world. With cool and unique baby names like this, we suspect your child will have the same name as someone else in his or her class at school.

So, without further ado, here are some of the most amazing, creative and unusual names given to babies in recent years.

Top Unique Baby Names


Meaning: This is a Greek name meaning “sparkling”. A flower name after Lily-like plants called daffodils lilies; it would poetically mean “a simple shepherd or peasant girl”.


Meaning: after the American state, the name derives from Aleutian, meaning “mainland” or literally “the object from which the movement of the sea is directed” or alternatively “the great land”.


Meaning: we think some parents might be inspired by Beyoncé and Jay Z on this! In Middle English, it would be written as bleu or blewe.


Meaning: English origin: a nickname for a cheerful person, from Middle English blisse “joy” – similar to the name Blythe.


Meaning: this Armenian girl name means “spring”. If you’re going to have a little girl in the spring, that name certainly seems appropriate.

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Meaning: English baby name meaning “young deer”. The Greek mythological god of nature and fertility was Fauna. He was famous for his chastity.


Meaning: the name oddly resembles Ginny from Harry Potter. The girl’s name comes from Wales and means fair, white, soft.


Meaning: the name Grey, traditionally a boy’s name, came to the fore as a popular girl’s name last year. It means “gray hair; pleasant”.


Meaning: this baby girl name reminds us of the gorgeous name Isabelle. However, Isabeau is slightly different; it comes from France and Means committed to God.


Meaning: thinking of giving your baby the name of the planet? Jupiter is derived from the Latin Iuppiter, which is ultimately derived from the Indo – European *Dyeu-Pater, which consists of the elements Dyeus (Latin God) and pater-“father”. Jupiter was the Supreme God in Roman mythology.

Unique Baby Names for Girls and Boys from Movies and Series


Arya is 119th on the U.S. Social Security Administration’s (SSA) list of baby names. it ranks next, and that makes it popular, but it’s still not very popular. Of course, it’s worth thanking “Game Of Thrones” for being a beloved character on the revenge-chasing Arya Stark HBO show.

You can also spell Aria, which is both melodic and feminine and is ideal for a musical family. After all, the Aria is a solo song, usually found in operas.


June July August is a great name for these seasons, especially for a baby girl born in June, July or August. And you can see this name on Rick and Morty.

Summer’s name was 140 on the SSA list in 2005. it rose in popularity when it was ranked, but has since peaked at 199. he fell in line.


If you like the mother name but want something more unique, consider this Swedish version, which means “grace.”

723 on the SSA list. ranked Annika is the name of retired Swedish-American professional golfer Annika Sörenstam, one of the best female golfers in history.


Meaning: in addition to being popular foods, it is both English and North German – From Middle English, peper is piper, hence a metonimic professional name for a spicer; alternatively, it may be a nickname for a small man (as if he were the size of a black pepper) or an angry man.


Meaning: are there any X-Men fans out there? The description of the storm is: strong winds and severe disruption of the atmosphere, usually with rain, thunder, lightning or snow.

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Fiona is 222 on the SSA list. it is ranked and means “fair, White, beautiful” in Welsh.

Singer Fiona Apple and the character Princess Fiona from the” Shrek ” movies have put her name back on the map, but it’s still pretty unique.


Meaning: although it is usually a boy’s name, it has revived the charts for girls this year. It derives from Valens, meaning” strong, vigorous, healthy”.


It’s another place name we love and has become even more unique baby names for girls in recent years. Currently, 23 in 2000. 165, a big drop from his rank. is ranked.

Sydney, Australia’s unofficial capital, comes to mind and makes it another beautiful for the much-traveled baby.


The Irish name means “little clock or Cloak” and is a unisex name with rock “n” roll roots. After all, the Beatles ‘ John Lennon is one of the most famous musicians of all time.

Lennon, who is more popular with girls, is currently 431 on the SSA list. is ranked.


Another character portrayed by Alexis Bledel was Lena Kaligaris in” the Brotherhood of wandering pants ” (and its sequel).

Of course, actresses Lena Dunham (of “Girls” fame) and Lena Headey (of “Game Of Thrones”) also brought up the name again. Lena is currently 301 on the SSA list. is ranked.

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Of German origin, the name most likely comes from a rocky area along the Rhine River. It is also the name of a rock song from the 1970s. No matter what story you like more, the name has a nice ring.


The name is of Welsh origin and comes from the words tuile and flaith, meaning abundance and Princess respectively. He’s got a pretty old-fashioned ring.


In Latin, this beautiful name means joy or happiness. It is also the name of a venerated saint in Spain. If you want your little one’s life to be full of good joy and pleasure, then this name can make it a great start.


It Greek Latin form of the name Phoibe, meaning bright or pure. Phoebe was a titan in Greek mythology. Not only does the name have a big meaning, it also has a ring of power.


The short name comes from the name of the climbing plant and was originally derived from the Old English word ifig. Winding Ivy reveals pictures of gorgeous British homes, so for a Classic name filled with many legacies, consider Ivy for your baby girl.


This is the short form of Griselda, which comes from the German words gris and hild, meaning grey and war respectively. Although the meaning may sound a little depressing, the name was given to the wife of a famous American novelist who was far from boring. There is also nothing gloomy about a name beginning with z.


The name, which combines the suffix “bel” with the name Christina, is mentioned in medieval literature. If you have twins, you might consider naming your daughters Christabel and Isabel because they make a beautiful couple.


The origin of the name is unclear, but in Arthurian legend Isolde is an Irish princess who falls in love with her king’s Knight because of her love potion. While their story is tragic, this unique name has a beautiful ring to it.


It is derived from a French surname, a place name meaning Stony. There’s a saint with that name. When pronounced with a “Sh” sound, the name sounds very pleasant.


It is a name derived from the Greek god Zeus. It was also the name of a saint. Your daughter probably won’t meet anyone by that name at school.

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