200+ Most Popular English Names for Girls with Meanings

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In the realm of English names for girls, there exists a rich tapestry of timeless appellations, each carrying a unique history and significance. From the classic elegance of Elizabeth to the contemporary charm of Emma, these names embody strength, grace, and individuality. Delve into the meanings behind these popular choices, uncovering the stories woven into names like Sophia, Isabella, and Ava. Whether rooted in tradition or flourishing in modernity, these names reflect the diverse essence of femininity, resonating with generations past and present. Join us on a journey through the captivating world of the most popular English names for girls.

200+ Most Popular English Names for Girls with Meanings

No. Name Meaning
1 Emma Whole or universal
2 Olivia Olive tree
3 Ava Like a bird
4 Isabella God is my oath
5 Sophia Wisdom
6 Mia Mine or bitter
7 Charlotte Free
8 Amelia Work
9 Harper Harp player
10 Evelyn Desired or life
11 Abigail My father’s joy
12 Emily To excel or rival
13 Elizabeth God is abundance
14 Mila Gracious or dear
15 Ella Beautiful fairy woman
16 Avery Elf ruler
17 Scarlett Red
18 Grace Charm or grace
19 Chloe Blooming or fertility
20 Victoria Victory
21 Riley Courageous
22 Aria Air or melody
23 Lily Lily flower
24 Aurora Dawn
25 Zoey Life
26 Hannah Grace
27 Lillian Lily or innocence
28 Addison Son of Adam
29 Stella Star
30 Savannah Treeless plain
31 Natalie Christmas Day
32 Skylar Learned one
33 Zoe Life
34 Nora Honor or light
35 Leah Weary
36 Hazel Hazelnut or the hazel tree
37 Violet Purple
38 Aurora Dawn
39 Audrey Noble strength
40 Bella Beautiful
41 Claire Clear or bright
42 Lucy Light
43 Paisley Church
44 Everly From the boar meadow
45 Anna Gracious or merciful
46 Samantha Listener
47 Caroline Free
48 Genesis Beginning
49 Aaliyah Exalted or sublime
50 Kennedy Helmeted chief
51 Ellie Bright shining one
52 Madelyn Woman from Magdala
53 Maya Water
54 Kylie Boomerang
55 Faith Faith or trust
56 Gabriella God is my strength
57 Isabelle God is my oath
58 Alice Noble or kind
59 Leah Weary
60 Amy Beloved
61 Melody Song
62 Julia Youthful
63 Lyla Night
64 Quinn Descendent of Conn
65 Clara Bright or clear
66 Victoria Victory
67 Summer Summer
68 Penelope Weaver
69 Vivian Lively
70 Madeline Woman from Magdala
71 Aspen Quaking tree
72 Jade Green gemstone
73 Olive Olive tree
74 Destiny Destiny
75 Eliana My God has answered
76 Elise God is my oath
77 Laila Night
78 Adriana From Hadria
79 Rachel Ewe
80 Arianna Most holy
81 Daniela God is my judge
82 Alaina Little rock
83 Alina Bright
84 Ariel Lion of God
85 Gracie Grace or favor
86 Gabrielle God is my strength
87 Kaitlyn Pure
88 Kiara Dark
89 Adrianna From Hadria
90 Alana Fair or beautiful
91 Liliana Lily or the flower
92 Mya Emerald
93 Tessa Harvester
94 Leilani Heavenly flower
95 Jayla Combination of Jay and -la endings
96 Makenzie Son of Coinneach
97 Alivia Olive tree
98 Valeria To be healthy
99 Sabrina From the river Severn
100 Mckenna Son of Cionaodh
101 Camila Attendant
102 Ayla Oak tree
103 Christina Follower of Christ
104 Diana Divine or heavenly
105 Selena Moon
106 Eloise Famous in war
107 Zara Princess or to blossom
108 Stephanie Crown or garland
109 Eloise Famous in war
110 Iris Rainbow
111 Alayna Fair or beautiful
112 Esther Star
113 Hope Hope or expectation
114 Margaret Pearl
115 Natalie Christmas Day
116 Harmony Harmony
117 Athena Goddess of wisdom
118 Esther Star
119 Harley Hare clearing
120 Emery Industrious ruler
121 Eliza God is my oath
122 Daisy Day’s eye
123 Adalyn Noble
124 Francesca From France
125 Arabella Yielding to prayer
126 Mabel Lovable
127 Alessandra Defender of men
128 Miriam Rebellion
129 Amaya Night rain
130 Aniyah Caring
131 Alessia Defender of mankind
132 Cadence Rhythm or beat
133 Bridget Strength or exalted one
134 Amara Eternal
135 Alani Orange or tree
136 Joy Joy or happiness
137 Cecilia Blind
138 Alessandra Defender of men
139 Jordyn To flow down
140 Anya Gracious
141 Dylan Son of the sea
142 Lila Night
143 Alicia Noble
144 Kiara Dark
145 Ruth Companion
146 Jocelyn Joyous
147 Alayah Exalted or sublime
148 Alanna Fair or beautiful
149 Skye Cloud
150 Lilah Night
151 Heidi Noble or kind
152 Nina Little girl
153 Phoebe Bright or pure
154 Carmen Song
155 Kira Throne
156 Georgia Farmer
157 Esmeralda Emerald
158 Celeste Heavenly
159 Jaelynn Combination of Jae and Lynn endings
160 Marilyn Uncertain, maybe wished-for child
161 Mira Admirable or peace
162 Guadalupe Valley of the wolf
163 Amira Princess
164 Saylor Sailor
165 Wren Small bird
166 Raven Raven
167 Leslie From the gray castle
168 Annie Gracious or merciful
169 Remi Oarsman
170 Leighton From the town by the meadow
171 Blair Plain or field
172 Helen Bright or shining one
173 April To open
174 Remy Oarsman
175 Kamryn Crooked nose
176 Aubrie Rules with elf-wisdom
177 Jayleen Combination of Jay and -leen endings
178 Noelle Christmas
179 Sawyer Woodcutter
180 Lennon Dear one
181 Jamie Supplanter
182 Sutton From the southern homestead
183 Marley Pleasant seaside meadow
184 Skyler Protection and shelter
185 Rylan Island meadow
186 Dakota Friend or ally
187 Phoenix Dark red
188 Royalty Royal status or bearing
189 Sutton From the southern homestead
190 Kinsley King’s meadow
191 Charlie Free
192 Royal Royal status or bearing
193 Waverly Quaking aspen meadow
194 Landry Ruler
195 Lennon Dear one
196 Remington Settlement by the rough stream
197 Monroe Mouth of the Roe
198 Journey Trip or excursion
199 Oakley Oak meadow
200 Reign Rule or sovereignty

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In conclusion

In essence, the diversity of the English names for baby girls reflects the rich tapestry of meanings and cultural influences. Each name encapsulates a unique essence, carrying with it a sense of history and significance. From timeless classics like Emma and Olivia to more contemporary choices like Aria and Skylar, the range of options allows parents to find a name that resonates with their aspirations for their child. These names not only denote individual identity but also embody virtues, aspirations, and symbolism, shaping the narrative of a child’s life. With such a plethora of meaningful choices, parents are empowered to select a name that befits the precious individuality of their beloved daughter.

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