Mythological Boy Names

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Top 10 Mythological Boy Names

Mythological Boy Names Inspired by legend are on the rise, inspired by the use of mythological boy names in The Hunger Games series. The pantheon of Greek and Roman gods such as Apollo and Orion and Irish, Scandinavian, African, Hindu and other myths and legends from other figures, all combining deep history with bold unheard of for baby names can provide a plentiful source. freshness for a long time.

Along with Orion and Apollo, other mythological male names in the US top 1000 include Arthur, Damon, Dylan, Finn, Jason, Jasper, Oscar and Tristan. American parents most likely choose names from European myths, but Asian and African countries have many gods with intriguing names, such as Kirin, Shango, and Vishnu.

Mythological names that may sound correct for Modern male infants include the following.

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Let’s See Mythological Boy Names

1- Achilles

The name Achilles is a baby name of Greek origin, meaning “thin-lipped”.
The name of the great Homeric hero with the defenseless heel (portrayed by Brad Pitt in Troy) is commonly used in European versions, but is rarely used here. He’s certainly making a strong statement, having premiered on the US top 1000 list in 2015 and has been climbing ever since. That’s our first name of “Mythological Boy Names List”

2- Finn

The name Finn is the name of a child of Irish origin and means “fair or white”.
Finn is the great hero of Irish mythology, Finn MacCool (aka Fionn mac Cuumhaill), a brave warrior with enormous energy and charm, mystical supernatural powers, also known for his wisdom and generosity.

Finn was named for his sons by cool couple Christy Turlington and Ed Burns, and also by Jane Leeves and Autumn Reeser. Finn Hudson, played by Cory Monteith before his death, was a featured character on Glee.
Other comers from the same family: Finlay and Finley, Finian and Finnian, Finnegan and Finnigan, and Fynn from Germany.

3- Ajax

The name Ajax is the name of a child of Greek origin.
Ajax was a strong and brave Greek hero known as Ajax the Great in Homer’s “Iliad”. But it’s also the name of a sparkling cleanser, and if you find that reference too strong, you can try the shortened Jax.

4- Odin

The name Odin is the name of a child of Scandinavian origin.
Odin is the name of the Supreme Norse god of art, culture, wisdom, and law, who is handsome, charming, and haggling. The name reflects a good measure of strength and power and has excellent assimilation potential.

The Odin God Yggr was commemorated by more than 200 names, including Sigfodr and Alfodr – none of which are recommended. The word Wednesday is derived from Woden, the English form of Odin.

Odin was originally used as a Norwegian male name from the nineteenth century, in the context of a romantic Viking revival. In Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel American Gods, The Character Wednesday is an incarnation of the god Odin.

5- Loki

The name Loki is the origin name of a child.
Loki is the shape-shifting, gender-shifting God of mischief in Norse mythology. Loki, who takes various forms of animals from salmon to seals and flies, is alternately a friend and enemy of the gods.

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6- Ragnarok

The name Ragnarok is the origin name of a child.
Ragnarök is a great battle of the future, pre-narrated in Norse mythology, that will lead to the ultimate destruction of many important gods and the rebirth of Earth and humanity. The word has become New familiar thanks to the 2017 Marvel Comics film “Thor: Ragnarok.”

7- Zeus

The name Zeus is the name of a boy of Greek origin.
The Supreme Olympian god represents a powerful image that a little man can live with, but more and more parents are starting to take it seriously. The Roman equivalent of Jupiter also landed on earth. And Zeus was not only the supreme god, but also the God of heaven, thunder, lightning and fate, among other heavy responsibilities.

8- Morpheus

The name Morpheus is the name of a child of Greek origin.
Although you pray to the God of sleep for your baby to sleep through the night, a sleepy image is not the biggest thing to give your little boy.

9- Jasper

The name Jasper is the name of a child of Persian origin, meaning “who brings treasure”.
Persian Latin Gaspar originated as a variation of Jasper, and is ultimately derived from the Persian word ganzabara, meaning “treasure-bringer”. As a specific name, the etymology of Jasper is not related to gemstone, which comes from a Semitic word meaning” spotted stone”. Jasper is the usual English form for one of the Three Wise Men who, according to medieval tradition, brought gifts to the infant Christ and referred to the stone itself in Revelation 4: 3 in the Bible.

Jasper has a lot to do with it – his ranks are soaring in the US after long being seen as a posh and attractive name in the UK. Distinctly masculine, Jasper represents a variety of quartz, one of the few jewel names for men, and is the first name of the great modern artist Jasper Johns. Our only caveat: Jasper is a favourite of many modern parents and has become even more popular since appearing strong in Twilight books and movies.

Jasper also has a significant literary reputation, appearing in works by Sir Walter Scott, James Fenimore Cooper, Thackeray and Thomas Hardy, as well as Stephenie Meyer.

Casper / Caspar is the German version.

10- Hector

The name Hector is the name of a child of Greek origin, meaning “fast holding”.
This name of the great hero of the Trojan War, described in Homer’s Iliad, previously used mainly by Latin families, is also beginning to be taken more seriously by others looking for Noble ancient hero names – it was also the name of the Knight who raised it. King Arthur as his own son.

In addition to being used for many contemporary Hispanic film and TV characters, other Hectors have appeared in films such as Mystic Pizza and Lars and The Real Girl. In literature, you can find Hector in Thackeray’s Vanity Fair and Balzac’s Cousin Bette.

Some notable real-life Hector: composer Berlioz and actor Elizando. That’s our last name of “Mythological Boy Names List”

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