120+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a captivating journey as we explore a curated list of Muslim baby girl names commencing with the distinctive letter ‘Z’. In the Islamic tradition, names hold profound significance, reflecting cultural heritage, values, and aspirations for the newborn. This collection goes beyond mere phonetics, delving into the rich meanings and historical roots that each name carries. Whether you’re drawn to names steeped in tradition or those that resonate with contemporary elegance, our compilation promises a diverse array of options for parents seeking a name that not only sounds melodious but also encapsulates the spiritual essence and cultural richness of Islamic traditions.

120+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Z

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Zahra Radiant زهراء
2 Zainab Fragrant Flower زينب
3 Zara Princess زارا
4 Zoya Alive زويا
5 Zaynab Beautiful زينب
6 Zaina Beautiful زينة
7 Zainah Beautiful زينة
8 Zayna Beauty زينة
9 Zeba Adorned زيبا
10 Zuhra Venus, Star زهراء
11 Zafira Victorious زفيرة
12 Zakiyah Pure زكية
13 Zoha Light ضحى
14 Zaida Abundance زيدة
15 Zamilah Friendly زميلة
16 Zuhayra Sparkling زهيرة
17 Zayba Beautiful زيبا
18 Zakiya Intelligent زكية
19 Zimal Pure زمال
20 Zannat Heaven زنات
21 Zaynah Beautiful زينة
22 Zehra Flower زهراء
23 Zariya Flower زريا
24 Zalfa Beautiful زلفى
25 Zameera Companion زميرا
26 Zahiya Beautiful زهية
27 Zayda Abundance زيدة
28 Zakiyya Pure زكية
29 Zaraa Princess زارا
30 Zohal Crescent زهل
31 Zaina Beautiful زينة
32 Zaviyah Bright زفية
33 Zabeen Beautiful زبين
34 Zafirah Victorious زفيرة
35 Zulekha Fair زليخا
36 Zohra Venus زهرة
37 Zaylia Princess زاليا
38 Zynah Adornment زينة
39 Zikra Memory ذكرى
40 Zayrah Visitor زيراه
41 Zemina Honest زمينة
42 Zohraa Brilliant زهراء
43 Zayla Night زيلا
44 Zalika Brilliant زاليكا
45 Zehna Beautiful زينا
46 Zuwaina Adorned زوينا
47 Zohairah Shining زهيرة
48 Zunaira Enchanting زنيرة
49 Zavera Golden زافيرا
50 Zafina Victorious زافينا
51 Zaynaa Beautiful زينا
52 Zulfa Gift ذلفة
53 Zulaykha Bright, Shining ذليخا
54 Zimala Soft زمالا
55 Zaniyah Beautiful زانية
56 Zanira Enchanting زنيرا
57 Zuriya Beautiful زوريا
58 Zarnab Princess of Gold زرناب
59 Zainana Delicate زينانة
60 Zaini Gift of God زيني
61 Ziva Radiance زيفا
62 Zahirah Shining زاهرة
63 Zari Golden زاري
64 Zamarah Beautiful Song زمارة
65 Zuni Gift of God زوني
66 Zimala Soft زمالا
67 Zalayna Unique زلينا
68 Zunairah Flower زنيرة
69 Zainana Delicate زينانة
70 Ziyana Beautiful زيانا
71 Zareen Golden زرين
72 Zaliah Princess زاليا
73 Zayra Princess زايرة
74 Zayane Beautiful زين
75 Zemira Beautiful Song زميرا
76 Zanaya Gift of Allah زنية
77 Zaraah Princess زاراه
78 Zunairah Flower زنيرة
79 Zohaiba Adorable زهيبا
80 Zaynara Princess زينارا
81 Zirwa Highest Rank زرع
82 Zimali Pure زمالي
83 Zofeen Elegant زوفين
84 Zaylah Unique زيلة
85 Zulema Peaceful زليما
86 Zaira Princess زيرا
87 Zivara Moonlight زيفارا
88 Zohaira Shining زهيرة
89 Zemaira Princess زميرا
90 Zunika Flower زنيكا
91 Zaleena Captivating زلينا
92 Zaybah Beautiful زيباه
93 Zafreen Victorious زافرين
94 Zayel Light زايل
95 Zimra Song of Praise زمرة
96 Zorah Dawn زوراه
97 Zafir Successful ظافر
98 Zalina Tender زالينا
99 Zayani Beautiful زياني
100 Zuleika Fair ذليكا
101 Zawra Radiant زورا
102 Zawrah Bright زورة
103 Zuhaira Luminous زهيرة
104 Zelmira Prudent زلميرا
105 Zulya Gift of God ذليا
106 Zaneta Princess زانيتا
107 Zaima Adorned زيما
108 Zavara Blossom زافارا
109 Zarnisha Flower زارنيشا
110 Zarin Golden زارين
111 Zayona Unique زيونا
112 Zairah Visitor زيرة
113 Zohair Shining زهير
114 Zehraa Brilliant زهراء
115 Zabeera Intelligent زبيرة
116 Zanaara Beautiful زنارا
117 Zirwaan Radiant زرعان
118 Zainara Princess زينارا
119 Zabrina Noble زبرينا
120 Zaylee Radiant زيلي

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In conclusion

In conclusion, our exploration of Muslim baby girl names starting with Z has unveiled a tapestry of linguistic beauty and cultural richness. Each name in this collection is not just a combination of letters; it carries with it a profound meaning and a connection to Islamic heritage. Whether you’re drawn to names with historical significance or those that embrace contemporary elegance, the choices abound. As parents navigate the meaningful task of naming their daughters, may this compilation serve as a guide, offering a range of options that resonate with spiritual essence and cultural depth. May the chosen name become a source of pride and a reflection of enduring values for generations to come.

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