60+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

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Embark on a journey of cultural richness and profound meaning as we delve into a collection of Muslim baby girl names commencing with the exquisite letter ‘Y.’ In the Islamic tradition, names hold deep significance, reflecting values, aspirations, and blessings for the newborn. Our carefully curated list not only embraces the linguistic beauty but also encapsulates the spiritual essence these names carry. Whether you seek a name rooted in tradition or one that resonates with modern sensibilities, our compilation ensures a diverse array of choices for parents eager to bestow upon their daughters a name that echoes through generations with grace and purpose.

60+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Y

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Yasmin Jasmine ياسمين
2 Yusra Prosperous يسرى
3 Yasmine Jasmine ياسمين
4 Yara Princess يارا
5 Yameena Righteous يمينة
6 Yusraa Ease يسرى
7 Yalina Soft يلينا
8 Yalda Longest Night یلدا
9 Yumn Good Fortune یمن
10 Yaraa Small Butterfly یارا
11 Yumna Blessed يمنى
12 Yashfa Healing يشفى
13 Yashira Wealthy يشيرا
14 Yasira Rich يسيرة
15 Yaminah Right Hand يمينة
16 Yaqoot Ruby ياقوت
17 Yashfeen Healing يشفين
18 Yumaira Moonlight يميرا
19 Yasra Ease يسرى
20 Yamin Blessed يمين
21 Yashala Soft يشالا
22 Yumnah Blessings یمنة
23 Yaldaa Longest Night یلدا
24 Yashvi Beautiful यश्वी
25 Yusrae Ease يسرى
26 Yalini Melodious யாலினி
27 Yasrin Resplendent يسرين
28 Yalena Shining يلينا
29 Yumara Young Deer يومارا
30 Yashita Fame يشيتا
31 Yaqina Certain یقینا
32 Yashara Straight يشارة
33 Yalisha Noble يليشا
34 Yalitha Gentle يليثا
35 Yashfaa Healing يشفاء
36 Yaliza Elegant يليزا
37 Yuliana Youthful يوليانا
38 Yasara Comfort يسرى
39 Yashma Beautiful يشما
40 Yumina Righteous يومينا
41 Yaira Light یائرہ
42 Yashima Good Fortune ياشما
43 Yalida Unique يليدا
44 Yashwini Successful यश्विनी
45 Yuliya Youthful يوليا
46 Yusraah Ease يسراه
47 Yalana Soft يلانا
48 Yarina Beautiful Song يارينا
49 Yasleen Gentle يسلين
50 Yashmita Enthusiastic يشميتا
51 Yalinaa Delicate يلينا
52 Yalima Kind يليما
53 Yasaira Precious يسايرا
54 Yumnaa Blessing يمنى
55 Yashoda Worshipper of God यशोदा
56 Yulissa Noble يوليسا
57 Yasina Pure يسينا
58 Yashika Successful यशिका
59 Yasita Famous يسيتا
60 Yashfina Delicate يشفينا
61 Yarisha Gentle ياريشا
62 Yasara Delight يسرى

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Muslim baby girl names beginning with Y, we’ve uncovered a tapestry of linguistic beauty and profound meanings deeply rooted in Islamic tradition. Each name, carefully selected for its cultural richness, not only carries a unique melody but also encapsulates the spiritual essence of the Muslim heritage. As parents embark on the significant journey of naming their daughters, they are bestowed not just with a combination of letters but with a legacy of values and aspirations. May the chosen name resonate with grace and purpose, becoming a timeless reflection of identity and connection to a heritage that spans generations.

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