100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with V

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing a name for your baby is a beautiful and meaningful process, reflecting cultural heritage and personal preferences. If you’re seeking a Muslim baby girl name that starts with the letter “V,” you’re in the right place. In Islamic tradition, names are bestowed with significance, embodying qualities and virtues parents hope their child will embody throughout life. From traditional to contemporary, the list we’ve curated encompasses a diverse range of options, each with its own unique charm. Delve into this compilation of over 100 Muslim baby girl names beginning with “V” and discover names that resonate with your values and aspirations for your precious daughter.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with V

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Vafiya Trustworthy وفية
2 Vahida Unique, Singular واحدة
3 Vaida Clear, Evident واضحة
4 Vaihda Unity, Oneness وحدة
5 Vajeeha Eloquent, Expressive وجيهة
6 Vakeela Advocate, Counselor وكيلة
7 Valiha Exalted, Noble وليهة
8 Vania God’s Gift فانيا
9 Vareesha Heir, Inheritor وارثة
10 Varisha Lightning وارشة
11 Vasiha Beautiful وسيحة
12 Vazeefa Duty, Assignment وظيفة
13 Vehaan Morning Light وهان
14 Veheer Brave, Courageous وهير
15 Vehisha Queenly, Royal وهيشة
16 Vejha Distinguished وجهة
17 Vida Life فيدا
18 Vihara Place of Rest, Monastery فيهارا
19 Vihaana First Ray of the Sun فيهانا
20 Vilisha Beautiful فيليشا
21 Vimara Courageous Woman فيمارا
22 Vinaaya Pure, Pious فينايا
23 Vinika Moonlight فينيكا
24 Virma Prosperous فيرما
25 Vishaal Wide, Spacious فيشال
26 Vishra Righteous فيشرا
27 Vitha Love, Affection فيثا
28 Vizaara Brave, Daring فيزارا
29 Vusala Comfort, Ease فصالة
30 Vushaal Happy, Joyful فوشال
31 Vaiyona Delicate Flower فايونا
32 Valifa Virtuous, Pure فاليفا
33 Vamika Goddess Durga فاميكا
34 Varaisha Blessing of God فريشا
35 Vareena Precious فارينا
36 Varina Gift of God فارينا
37 Vasha Fame, Glory فاشا
38 Vashma Brightness, Light فاشما
39 Vayesha Living with Dignity فيشا
40 Veeha Precious فيها
41 Veshala Heavenly فيشالا
42 Vezara Precious فيزارا
43 Viara Beautiful Melody فيارا
44 Vithika Pathway فيثيكا
45 Vizia Brightness, Light فيزيا
46 Vimala Pure, Clean فيمالا
47 Vinaara Melodious فينارا
48 Vinara Loving فينارا
49 Vishaara Pure, Innocent فيشارا
50 Vishka Prosperous فيشكا
51 Vishwika Worldly, Universal فيشويكا
52 Vithya Knowledge فيثيا
53 Vushaara Living with Dignity فيشارا
54 Vushiqa Enchanting فيشيقا
55 Vaniah God’s Gift فانيا
56 Varaara Selective, Chosen فارارا
57 Vezina Distinguished فيزينا
58 Viraana Adorable فيرانا
59 Vishaala Spacious, Beautiful فيشالا
60 Varshika Rain فارشيكا
61 Vareera Faithful, Trustworthy فيريرا
62 Vashira Brave فيشيرا
63 Vikaara Transformation فيكارا
64 Veeniya Artistic فينيا
65 Vashriya Wealthy, Prosperous فيشريا
66 Vashika Light فيشيكا
67 Varshaara Blessing of Rain فارشارا
68 Virina Adorable فيرينا
69 Vinita Knowledgeable فينيتا
70 Vihira Moon فيهيرا
71 Viyasha Happiness فيياشا
72 Vaisya One who Trades فيسيا
73 Vashna Pure, Pious فيشنا
74 Vashaara Living with Dignity فيشارا
75 Vahira Intelligent فيهيرا
76 Veema Fearless فيما
77 Vithara Adorned فيثارا
78 Vinona Intelligent فينونا
79 Viana Graceful فيانا
80 Vishaaya Goddess Parvati فيشايا
81 Vashra Brave فيشرا
82 Veshira Brave فيشيرا
83 Vaira Beautiful فيرا
84 Virsha Pious, Virtuous فيرشا
85 Vahini Sister فيهينيا
86 Vayna Pure فينا
87 Vayra Faithful فيرا
88 Vahiya Beautiful فيهية
89 Vazira Brave فيزيرا
90 Vahiniya Sisterly فيهينيا
91 Vusaira Comfort, Ease فيصيرا
92 Vayona Precious فيونا
93 Vashaal Eloquent فيشال
94 Veesha Precious فيشا
95 Varona Beloved فيرونا
96 Vashara Living with Dignity فيشارا
97 Vanaara Beautiful Forest فانارا
98 Vareeha Intelligent فيريها
99 Viraya Brave فيرايا
100 Vashiqa Charming فيشيقا
101 Velaara Beautiful فيلاارا
102 Veesa Precious فيسا
103 Vithiya Religious فيثيا

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In conclusion

In conclusion, exploring the extensive list of over 100 Muslim baby girl names that begin with the letter “V” offers a rich tapestry of choices, each name carrying its own cultural significance and timeless charm. As parents embark on the journey of naming their daughter, they have the opportunity to connect with tradition, express their values, and choose a name that resonates with the aspirations they hold for their child. From classic names with historical roots to modern options that reflect contemporary sensibilities, this compilation aims to inspire and assist in the thoughtful process of selecting a name that will become an integral part of a child’s identity and heritage.

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