100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with U

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Embarking on the exploration of Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter “U” opens a gateway to a unique and meaningful collection. In this linguistic journey, each name carries not just a melodic sound but a profound cultural and spiritual significance. The names beginning with “U” are imbued with diverse meanings, reflecting virtues, aspirations, and historical roots. From traditional classics to more contemporary choices, the spectrum of options for parents seeking a name for their baby girl is both rich and resonant. Join us as we delve into this alphabetical tapestry, uncovering names that hold not only linguistic beauty but also deep cultural value.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with U

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Uzma Greatest عظمى
2 Umaira Bright, clean عميرة
3 Ulfah Friendship الفه
4 Umayma Little mother أميمة
5 Uzairah Bright, shining عزيرة
6 Uzriyah Beautiful أزرية
7 Uzaima Clever أزيمة
8 Uzaina Fountain أزينة
9 Umamah Proper name أمامة
10 Umeira Bright أميرة
11 Umaimah Little mother أميمة
12 Ummi My mother أمي
13 Uzra Virgin عذراء
14 Uzza Powerful عزة
15 Uzriya Fruitful أزريا
16 Uzaira Queen أزيرة
17 Uzmaan Adornment أزمان
18 Uzraa Virgin عذراء
19 Uzmaanah Adorned عظمانة
20 Uzayra Radiant أزيرة
21 Uzna Light أزنى
22 Uzara Princess أزارا
23 Uzlah Peace أزلة
24 Uzaynah Bright, radiant عزينة
25 Uzraat Virgin عذراء
26 Uzmae Greatest عظمى
27 Uznaa Light أزنى
28 Uzrae Virgin عذراء
29 Uzmaara Adorned عظمارا
30 Uzaraa Princess أزارا
31 Uzayrah Radiant أزيرة
32 Uznaan Light أزنى
33 Uzraah Virgin عذراء
34 Uzmaana Adorned عظمانا
35 Uznaat Light أزنى
36 Uzraana Princess أزرانا
37 Uzmaat Greatest عظمات
38 Uznaara Light أزنارا
39 Uznaay Light أزنى
40 Uzayraat Radiant أزيرات
41 Uzraar Princess أزرار
42 Uzmaari Adorned عظماري
43 Uzaraat Princess أزارات
44 Uznaari Light أزناري
45 Uzayraar Radiant أزيرار
46 Uzraahi Princess أزراهي
47 Uzmaay Greatest عظماي
48 Uznaayat Light أزنايات
49 Uzmayra Adorned عظميرا
50 Uzmaika Greatest عظمايك
51 Uzwa Prosperous أزوا
52 Uzaila Light أزيلة
53 Uzima Greatness عظيمة
54 Uzala Light أزلا
55 Uzaida Abundance عزيدة
56 Uziba Sweet أزيبة
57 Uziya Light أزيا
58 Uzayna Beautiful عزينة
59 Uzaraq Radiant أزراق
60 Uzba Prayer أزبى
61 Uzfa Greatness عظفة
62 Uzmah Might عظمة
63 Uzana Light أزنى
64 Uzira Blossom أزيرة
65 Uzri Blossom أزري
66 Uzmaiza Great عظميزة
67 Uzhra Bright, radiant أزهرة
68 Uzaimah Clever أزيمة
69 Uzbah She-camel عزبة
70 Uzmi Glorious عظمي
71 Uzbaa She-camel عزباء
72 Uzaria Radiant أزاريا
73 Uzraisha Princess أزريشا
74 Uzmaisha Adorned عظميشا
75 Uzairia Luminous عزيريا
76 Uzila Light أزيلة
77 Uzbak Pure أزبك
78 Uzaybah Radiant أزيبة
79 Uzama Lioness أزمى
80 Uzalah Dignity عزلة
81 Uzrah Blossom أزراح
82 Uzida Prosperity عزيدة
83 Uziyah Radiant عزيا
84 Uzaraisha Princess أزريشا
85 Uzmara Princess عظمارا
86 Uzaynaa Beautiful عزينا
87 Uzbat Adorned عظبة
88 Uzaimaa Clever أزيماء
89 Uzaraan Princess أزاران
90 Uzainaah Light أزناء
91 Uzamah Lioness عزمة
92 Uznaaraa Light أزنارا
93 Uzmaaraa Adorned عظمارا
94 Uzairaah Radiant أزيراه
95 Uzaymaa Beautiful عزيما
96 Uzarah Princess أزارة
97 Uzainaa Light أزناء
98 Uzraanaa Princess أزرانا
99 Uzainaay Light أزناءي
100 Uznaayah Light أزناءي
101 Uzmaraa Princess عظمارا
102 Uzaidaah Abundance عزيدة

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the journey through Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter “U” unveils a treasure trove of distinctive choices, each carrying its unique charm and cultural significance. From timeless classics to modern appellations, these names not only grace the ears but also resonate with rich meanings and historical roots. The diversity within this collection allows parents to select a name that mirrors their values and dreams for their daughters. Choosing a name is a profound expression of cultural identity and familial aspirations, and the names starting with “U” offer a beautiful palette for parents seeking to bestow upon their little ones a name that will resonate throughout a lifetime.

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