100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with S

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing a name for your baby is a momentous decision, a blend of tradition, meaning, and personal resonance. For Muslim families seeking a name that begins with ‘S’ for their baby girls, the choices are as diverse as the cultures that encompass the Islamic world. ‘S’ is a letter that carries profound significance in various contexts, and selecting a name starting with it adds a special touch to your child’s identity. In this exploration of Muslim baby girl names beginning with ‘S,’ we delve into a treasure trove of options, each name imbued with its own unique charm and historical significance. Let’s embark on this journey of discovery and meaning, unveiling a collection of names that resonate with beauty and cultural richness.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with S

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Sabah Morning صباح
2 Sabina Sabine Woman صبين
3 Sadia Lucky سعدية
4 Safa Clarity, Purity صفاء
5 Safiya Pure, Sincere صفية
6 Sahar Dawn سحر
7 Salma Safe, Sound سلمى
8 Samina Healthy, Safe سمينة
9 Sana Brilliance, Radiance ثناء
10 Sara Princess سارة
11 Sareen Graceful سارين
12 Shabnam Dewdrops شبنم
13 Shazia Rare شازيا
14 Sheema Daughter of the King شيماء
15 Shireen Sweet شيرين
16 Sophia Wisdom صوفيا
17 Sumaya Wise, Learned سمية
18 Suraya Bright Star سورايا
19 Suriya Sun سوريا
20 Saba Morning Breeze سابا
21 Sadaf Seashell صدف
22 Saima Fasting Woman سائمة
23 Sakina Tranquility سكينة
24 Salima Safe, Sound سليمة
25 Samira Entertaining Companion سميرة
26 Samiya Elevated, Exalted سامية
27 Shahnaz Princess of the Kings شهناز
28 Shaima A Shy Woman شيماء
29 Shanza Woman of Dignity شنزا
30 Shireena Sweet, Pleasant شيرينا
31 Shumaila Beautiful Face شمائلة
32 Shurooq Sunrise شروق
33 Sofia Wisdom صوفيا
34 Suhana Charming سهانا
35 Sultana Queen سلطانة
36 Suraiya Beautiful Angel سريعة
37 Sabeen Cool Breeze سبين
38 Samara Guardian, Protected by God سمراء
39 Sameeha Generous سميحة
40 Samiha Generous, Forgiving سامحة
41 Samra Fruitful, Profitable سمراء
42 Saniya Resplendence, Brilliance ثنية
43 Sanya Radiant ثنية
44 Sarah Pure, Happy سارة
45 Sehar Moonlight سحر
46 Shaista Polite, Courteous شيستا
47 Shireesha Sweet and Lovely شيريشا
48 Shiza Snow شذا
49 Sonia Golden صونيا
50 Sumbul Fragrance سمبل
51 Suraiyya Beautiful سريعة
52 Saadia Lucky, Blessed سعدية
53 Saara Princess, Noble Lady سارة
54 Sabira Patient, Enduring صابرة
55 Sadiya Fortunate, Blessed سعدية
56 Saimah Fasting Woman سائمة
57 Sairah Beautiful, Happy سائرة
58 Salar Leader, Commander سالار
59 Saleha Virtuous, Pious صالحة
60 Samaha Generosity سماحة
61 Sameena Precious سمينا
62 Samita Collected, Calm ساميتا
63 Sanaa Resplendence, Brilliance سناء
64 Saniyya Radiant, Brilliant ثنية
65 Sareena Princess سارينا
66 Shabina Eye of the Storm شبينة
67 Shadha Aromatic, Fragrant شذى
68 Shafia Kindness شافية
69 Shaimaa Good Natured شيماء
70 Shamsia Shining Star شمسية
71 Shazana Beautiful Princess شازانا
72 Sheherazade City Dweller شهرزاد
73 Shifaa Healing شفاء
74 Shireefa Noble, Honorable شريفة
75 Silma Peace سلمى
76 Suhayla Smooth, Soft سهيلة
77 Sumaira Night Companion in Conversation سميرة
78 Surina Wise, Learned سورينا
79 Sahira Wakeful, Alert ساهرة
80 Samera Companion in Evening Talk سميرة
81 Shamila Beautiful, Intelligent شميلة
82 Sufia Wisdom صوفيا
83 Suhaira Beautiful سهيرة
84 Saaliha Virtuous, Righteous صالحة
85 Saamira Entertaining Companion ساميرة
86 Sadira Ostrich, or Beautiful صادرة
87 Saphira Precious Gem صفيرة
88 Shadiya Singer شادية
89 Shamsiya Daughter of the Sun شمسية
90 Shaza Fragrance شذى
91 Shereen Sweet, Pleasant شيرين
92 Suhaila Moonlight سهيلة
93 Suri Red Rose سوري
94 Sabiha Beautiful, Graceful صبيحة
95 Sabriya Patient, Enduring صبرية
96 Sadiyah Fortunate, Lucky سعدية
97 Salina Moonlight سلينا
98 Sameeka Honest, Fair سميكة
99 Samona Listener سامونا
100 Samreen Fruitful, Productive سمرين

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Muslim baby girl names starting with ‘S,’ we find ourselves immersed in a tapestry of linguistic beauty, cultural depth, and profound meanings. Each name in this collection carries not just an alphabetical significance but also a rich heritage that spans across the diverse Islamic world. From Samina to Salma, Sara to Saida, these names offer a glimpse into the histories and traditions that shape the Muslim identity. As parents, the task of selecting a name for your baby girl becomes a meaningful journey, a bridge connecting the past with the future. May the names discussed here serve as a source of inspiration and guidance, as you embark on the beautiful and sacred journey of naming your precious daughter.

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