100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with R

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a journey of discovery as we delve into a curated list of Muslim baby girl names beginning with the letter “R.” Each name is a tapestry of cultural richness and carries profound Islamic significance. Whether you seek traditional elegance or contemporary charm, these names offer a spectrum of options, each with a unique story and meaning. Join us in this exploration of names that not only sound beautiful but also resonate with the deep heritage of Muslim culture, providing a meaningful and auspicious start for your precious daughter.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with R

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Rabia Fourth رابعة
2 Rahma Mercy رحمة
3 Rania Queenly رانيا
4 Rayan Gates of Heaven ريان
5 Rasha Gazelle رشا
6 Rihab Vastness رهاب
7 Rukhsar Cheek رخصار
8 Ruqayyah Rise, Ascend رقية
9 Rida Contentment رضا
10 Rukaya Respectful ركية
11 Reem Gazelle ريم
12 Ridaa Virtuous رضاء
13 Raiza Satisfaction ريزا
14 Rameen Peaceful رمين
15 Rukhshar Brightness رخشار
16 Rafia Sublime رفيعة
17 Ramlah Old Arabic name رملة
18 Ruha Spiritual روحا
19 Raaida Leader رائدة
20 Ridaan Garden in Paradise رضان
21 Rahifa Sublime راحفة
22 Rehana Fragrance ريحانا
23 Rameesha Beautiful رميشا
24 Rukia Mountaineer ركيا
25 Raisa Leader ريسا
26 Raima Pleasing ريما
27 Ruwa Ascending روا
28 Rumaisha Bunch of flowers رميشا
29 Raeesa Princess رئيسة
30 Roza Beautiful, Rosa روزا
31 Raisah Captivating رائصة
32 Rubaba Rose ربابة
33 Rihana Sweet basil ريحانا
34 Ridaifa Pious رضيفة
35 Rizwana Beautiful angel رزوانا
36 Rashida Righteous راشدة
37 Rafeea Sublime رفيعة
38 Rawda Garden روضة
39 Ruzaina Brightness رزينا
40 Rumaisa Bunch of flowers رميسا
41 Rizma Beautiful as a rose رزما
42 Rafiza Dignified رفيزا
43 Rukhsaar Face رخصار
44 Rua Consistent روا
45 Rukain Steady ركين
46 Rabeea Garden ربيعة
47 Rafiyah High, sublime رفياه
48 Reham Kindness رحم
49 Rameenah Beautiful princess رمينة
50 Rashmika Ray of light رشميكا
51 Rayna Pure, Clean رينا
52 Raheelah One who travels رحيلة
53 Raisiya Noble, Leader رائسية
54 Roshanara Shining like a light روشنارا
55 Raheel Traveller رحيل
56 Rayanah Gazing ريانا
57 Rizqah Sustenance رزقة
58 Rabiha Winner, Profitable رابحة
59 Rayya Sated with drink ريا
60 Rukaiya The daughter of the Prophet رقية
61 Rahaf Delicate, fine رهف
62 Rubiya Spring season ربيعا
63 Rafif Glittering, Shining رفيف
64 Raheela A caring and tender woman رحيلة
65 Ruwayda Walking gently رويدا
66 Rumaila Beautiful woman رميلة
67 Rahimah Compassionate رحيمة
68 Rukhshana Bright, Shining رخشنا
69 Rafeeqa Kind, Gentle رفيقة
70 Ruwayfi Gentle, Soft-spoken رويفي
71 Raizel Leader, Head ريزل
72 Rahibah Devoted, Pious راحبة
73 Reevisha Full of life ريفيشا
74 Raheeqa Beautiful, Attractive رحيقة
75 Rashna Light, Radiance رشنا
76 Ruzina Brightness روزينا
77 Ruaa Hills, Height روعة
78 Rukaina Steady, Firm ركينا
79 Rukhsora Shining, Bright رخصورا
80 Rihal Journey, Travel ريحال
81 Rukayat Rise, Ascend رقيات
82 Rokaya Spiritual رقية
83 Raifah Compassionate رئيفة
84 Rukaiyah Name of the Prophet’s daughter رقية
85 Rumaitha One who is asked for رميثا
86 Rawiya Storyteller راوية
87 Raziya Content, Satisfied راضية
88 Rokshana Brightness رخشنا
89 Ruqaiya Daughter of the Prophet رقية
90 Rakhshanda Shining, Dazzling رخشندا
91 Raniah Gazing رانيا
92 Rubina Bright, Beautiful روبينا
93 Rabab White cloud رباب
94 Rafeefa Kind and compassionate رفيفة
95 Ruwaiza Graceful, Beautiful رويزا
96 Raimah Comforting رئيمة
97 Raaziya Satisfied, Pleased راضية
98 Ruwaidah Gentle, Soothing رويدة
99 Rukan Steady, Confident ركان
100 Rafeeah Sublime رفيحة
101 Rayeefa Gentle and kind ريفية
102 Rahmat Mercy, Compassion رحمة
103 Rayhanah Sweet basil ريحانة
104 Rahmah Compassion, Mercy رحمة
105 Rameeda Praiseworthy رميدا
106 Rafeeqah Companionate رفيقة
107 Rokaiya Spiritual رقية
108 Rizq Sustenance, Blessing رزق

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the journey through Muslim baby girl names starting with “R” unveils a tapestry of choices, each imbued with cultural significance and profound meanings. Whether you lean towards traditional roots or contemporary allure, these names offer a diverse range, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your precious daughter. Each name carries a story, a legacy, and a connection to Islamic heritage. As you navigate this sea of possibilities, may you discover a name that not only sounds beautiful but also resonates with the values and aspirations you wish to instill in your child. Embrace the richness of these names as you embark on the joyous journey of parenthood.

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