100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Q

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a journey of cultural richness and spiritual significance as we delve into a collection of Muslim baby girl names beginning with the distinguished letter Q. These names carry profound meanings, rooted in Islamic heritage and tradition. From timeless classics to contemporary gems, our list captures the essence of femininity with a touch of grace and spirituality. Each name is a doorway to a world of meaning and significance, providing parents with a beautiful array of options to bestow upon their newborn daughters. Join us in exploring the beauty and depth of Muslim names that start with Q.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with Q

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Qamar Moon قمر
2 Qandeel Light قنديل
3 Qirat Recitation قراة
4 Qaisara Queen قيصرة
5 Qubool Accepted قبول
6 Qurratulain Delight of the Eyes قرة العين
7 Qamarun One with a Beautiful Face Like the Moon قمرن
8 Qasira Short or Concise قصيرة
9 Qimat Value or Worth قيمة
10 Qailah One Who Speaks قيلة
11 Qudsia Holy or Pure قدسية
12 Quratulain Comfort of the Eyes قرة العين
13 Qasimah One Who Distributes قاسمة
14 Qamarah Moonlit قمرة
15 Qirrat Melody قراة
16 Qalb Heart قلب
17 Qaisarah Living in Ease قيسرة
18 Qaysara Like a Moonbeam قيسرة
19 Qabila Noble قبيلة
20 Qaylah Strong قيلة
21 Qurratul-Ain Coolness of the Eyes قرة العين
22 Qamra Moon قمر
23 Qawiya Strong قوية
24 Qaifa Beautiful قيفة
25 Qudsiyah Holy قدسية
26 Qalidah Eternal قالدة
27 Qamara Moonlight قمرة
28 Qurratul Mawaddah Delight of Love قرة المودة
29 Qandeela Bright قنديلة
30 Qutaybah Distant قتيبة
31 Qismah Fate قسمة
32 Qawiyyah Powerful قوية
33 Qurratul Ayn Comfort to the Eyes قرة العين
34 Qayyimah Upright قيمة
35 Qudrat Power قدرة
36 Qiratul Recitation of the Quran قراة القرآن
37 Qamila Complete قاملة
38 Quds Holy قدس
39 Qahira Victorious قاهرة
40 Quddus Pure قدوس
41 Qaima Standing قائمة
42 Qayra Admirable قيرى
43 Quwa Strength قوة
44 Qaysar Caesar قيصر
45 Qairina Beautiful قيرينة
46 Qaribah Close قريبة
47 Qassia Firm قاسية
48 Qusayra Short قصيرة
49 Qarinah Companion قرينة
50 Qashidah Poetess قاشدة
51 Qusayrah Narrator of Hadith قصيرة
52 Qatina Clever قاتنة
53 Quwaizah Powerful قويزة
54 Qanita Obedient قانتة
55 Qudsiah Holy or Sacred قدسية
56 Qaisiya Surety for Another قيسية
57 Qurratul Wusqa Delight of the Heart قرة الوسقى
58 Qudrah Power or Capability قدرة
59 Qayyumah Self-sustaining قيومة
60 Qameerah Moonlit قميرة
61 Qeema Valuable قيمة
62 Qindil Lamp or Light قنديل
63 Quboolia Accepted قبولية
64 Qirtas Paper قرطاس
65 Qamraa Moon-like قمراء
66 Qayla Beautiful, Like a Gazelle قيلة
67 Qareena Companion قارنة
68 Qaimah One Who Stands Up قائمة
69 Qaniah Content قانية
70 Qutb Pivot or Axis قطب
71 Qumaira Moonlit قميرة
72 Qalila Close Friend قليلة
73 Qubra Large or Great قبرة
74 Qaifa Slender قيفة
75 Qalibah Contented قلبة
76 Qudratullah Power of Allah قدرة الله
77 Qaabilah Accepting قابلة
78 Qaysiya Firm قيسية
79 Qudsiya Holy قدسية
80 Qatila Fighter قاتلة
81 Qanat Spring or Source قناة
82 Qarina Connected قارنة
83 Qamarina Moon-like قمرينة
84 Qaila One Who Speaks Well قيلة
85 Qawiyya Strong and Powerful قوية
86 Qaania Self-sufficient قانية
87 Qamariyah Belonging to the Moon قمرية
88 Qistina Fair and Just قسطنة
89 Qimra Moonlight قمرة
90 Qutiba Written قتب
91 Qatifa Fragrant قطيفة
92 Qamardeen Moonlit Garden قمردين
93 Qayma Standing Tall قائمة
94 Qamarunissa Moon of the Women قمرنسة
95 Qaseera Captivating قصيرة
96 Qasifa Revealing قاصفة
97 Qamarat Moons قمرات
98 Qadeerah Strong, Able قديرة
99 Qasirah Boundless قصيرة
100 Qaribat Close قريبة
101 Qaizah One Who Conquers قائزة

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Muslim baby girl names starting with Q, we have uncovered a tapestry of cultural richness and spiritual resonance. These names not only reflect the beauty of the Arabic language but also carry profound meanings rooted in Islamic tradition. Whether you seek timeless elegance or a modern twist, this collection offers a diverse array of choices for parents welcoming a new life into the world. Each name tells a story, and in choosing one, parents bestow upon their daughters not just a label but a legacy of heritage and significance. May these names bring joy and blessings to your family’s journey.

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