100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with N

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In the tender embrace of parenthood, one of the earliest and most meaningful decisions a family makes is choosing a name for their newborn. Rooted in tradition, culture, and often, deep spiritual significance, a name becomes a lifelong companion, shaping the identity and character of the precious soul it represents. For those embarking on the journey of selecting a name for their Muslim baby girl, the letter ‘N’ opens the door to a world of elegance, meaning, and cultural richness. Join us on a voyage through the enchanting realm of Muslim baby girl names starting with ‘N,’ where each name is a whispered promise of hope, virtue, and the timeless beauty that resonates within Islamic traditions. Let us delve into this curated collection, where linguistic artistry and cultural heritage unite to create names that are not just labels but narratives—stories woven with threads of faith, love, and the profound significance of a chosen identity. Welcome to a sanctuary of inspiration, where the quest for the perfect name is illuminated by the grace of the letter ‘N’ and the diverse tapestry of Islamic heritage.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with N

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Naima Comfort, Tranquility نعيمة
2 Nadia Caller, Announcer نادية
3 Noura Light نورة
4 Nyla Winner, Achiever نيلا
5 Noor Light نور
6 Nabila Noble, Excellent نبيلة
7 Nahla Drink, Water نهلة
8 Naila Acquirer, Successful نائلة
9 Nada Generosity ندى
10 Naimah Blessing, Comfort نعيمة
11 Nasira Victorious نصيرة
12 Nazeera Like, Equal ناظرة
13 Nadiya Caller, Announcer ندية
14 Nadira Rare, Precious نادرة
15 Nouran Light نوران
16 Naseem Breeze نسيم
17 Nadiyah Caller, Announcer نادية
18 Naiara Big Eyes نايارا
19 Nahida Elevated, Delicate ناهدة
20 Nafisa Precious, Delicate نفيسة
21 Nahid Elevated, Venus ناهد
22 Nusrat Help, Victory نصرة
23 Nuzhat Pleasure, Delight نزهة
24 Naeema Blessing, Grace نعيمة
25 Najwa Confidential Talk, Secret Conversation نجوى
26 Nayyirah Luminous نيرة
27 Nasiha Advisor, Sincere ناصحة
28 Nazia Pride, Princess نازية
29 Nafiah Profitable, Beneficial نافعة
30 Nuzha Pleasure Trip, Excursion نزهة
31 Nujood Noble, Wise نجود
32 Nuha Intelligence, Mind نهى
33 Naseeha Wise, Sincere نصيحة
34 Nazifa Pure, Clean نظيفة
35 Nahlah A Drink of Water نهلة
36 Nargis Narcissus Flower نرجس
37 Nourhan Radiant Light نورهان
38 Noreen Light, Bright نورين
39 Nourallah Light of God نورالله
40 Naseerah Helper, Protector نصيرة
41 Naiyara Shining, Glittering نيارا
42 Nayla Winner, Achiever نيلة
43 Nasiya One who Forgets ناسية
44 Nidaa Call, Prayer نداء
45 Nasrin Wild Rose نسرين
46 Nadida Equal, Rival نديدة
47 Nabeeha Intelligent, Wise نبيهة
48 Nadaa Generosity, Kindness نداء
49 Naylah Queenly, Inimitable نيلا
50 Nouria Shining, Bright نورية
51 Nahidah Precious ناهدة
52 Naazira Observer, Supervisor ناظرة
53 Nasiyah One who Forgets Not نسية
54 Nisreen Rose نسرين
55 Nuzhah Pleasure, Contentment نزهة
56 Nuzayhah Pure, Chaste نزيهة
57 Nubaha Noble, Outstanding نبهة
58 Noshaba Elixir of Life نوشابة
59 Nudrat Gift, Present نضرة
60 Niyazah Offering, Sacrifice نيازة
61 Nafeesah Precious, Pure نفيسة
62 Nazzia Optimistic نازية
63 Naimal Blessing of Allah نعمل
64 Nujum Stars نجوم
65 Naira Shining, Glittering نايرا
66 Nadeen Hopeful ندين
67 Naseemah Breeze نسيمة
68 Naqiyah Pure, Clean نقية
69 Naifah Soft, Delicate ناعفة
70 Nahira Shining, Radiant ناهرة
71 Najida Courageous, Noble ناجدة
72 Najiyah Saved, Delivered نجية
73 Nafees Pure, Precious نفيس
74 Nafila Extra, Superfluous نافلة
75 Naiyah Radiant, Brilliant نياه
76 Najat Safety, Rescue نجاة
77 Nakeeta Valuable, Pearl نكيتا
78 Nakisa Sweet, Lovely نكيسا
79 Nalina Lotus Flower نالينا
80 Namaa Blessing, Favor نعماء
81 Namira Pure, Untouched نميرة
82 Naseefa Pure, Clean نصيفة
83 Nasiba Noble, Fortunate نسيبة
84 Naveen Beautiful, Pleasant نوفين
85 Nayab Rare, Precious نياب
86 Nazima Leader, Organizer نظيمة
87 Noorain Light, Radiance نورين
88 Nooriya Luminous, Radiant نورية
89 Nadina Tender, Delicate نادينا
90 Nafeeza Pure, Precious نفيزة
91 Najaah Success, Prosperity نجاح
92 Najiba Noble, Honorable نجيبة
93 Naseela Honey, Sweet نسيلة
94 Nashwa Elation, Enthusiasm نشوى
95 Nasirah Helper, Supporter ناصرة
96 Natifa Delicate, Refined ناطفة
97 Nausheen Sweet, Pleasant نوشين
98 Nawal Gift, Blessing نوال
99 Naya New, Fresh نيا
100 Nida Call, Prayer نداء
101 Nijaat Freedom, Liberation نجاة
102 Nisaa Woman, Lady نساء
103 Noora Light, Radiance نورا
104 Nureen Bright Light نورين

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In conclusion

As we conclude this exploration of Muslim baby girl names beginning with ‘N’, it is evident that each name carries a unique tapestry of culture, tradition, and profound meaning. In the vast spectrum of Islamic heritage, the names presented here are not merely labels but echoes of timeless values and virtues. The significance of choosing a name for your newborn extends beyond its phonetic beauty; it becomes a beacon, guiding your child through the journey of life.

Whether you lean towards names deeply rooted in Arabic origins, carrying historical resonance, or contemporary choices that seamlessly blend tradition with modernity, the ‘N’ names on this list showcase the diversity within Islamic nomenclature. This collection is a celebration of the linguistic elegance and cultural richness that defines Muslim names, each one a gift to be cherished and nurtured.

As you embark on the journey of parenthood, may the names you choose for your little one be a source of pride, identity, and a constant reminder of the values you hold dear. May these names resonate with the beauty of your faith and the strength of your cultural heritage. In naming your child, you are not just bestowing a word but shaping a destiny—a destiny intertwined with the profound legacy of Islamic tradition. Here’s to the joyous beginnings and the timeless significance of the letter ‘N’ in the enchanting world of Muslim baby girl names.

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