120+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with M

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Choosing a name for a newborn is a momentous decision, often imbued with cultural and familial significance. In the vast array of Muslim baby girl names, those commencing with the letter ‘M’ hold a unique charm and depth of meaning. These names not only reflect the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage but also carry individual significance and symbolism. From traditional choices to more contemporary options, Muslim baby girl names starting with ‘M’ offer a diverse range of beautiful and meaningful possibilities. In this exploration, we delve into a curated list of such names, each with its distinct essence and cultural resonance, guiding parents in the timeless endeavor of naming their precious daughters.

120+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with M

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Ma Water ماء
2 Ma’isah Walking with a proud, swinging gait معصة
3 Maajidah Glorious ماجدة
4 Maalikah Queen, Princess مالكة
5 Maariya Uncertain, maybe bitter مارية
6 Mahbubah Beloved محبوبة
7 Mahdi Guided one مهدي
8 Mahfoozah Protected محفوظة
9 Mahfoozhah Preserved, protected محفوظة
10 Mahmoodah Praiseworthy محمودة
11 Mahmudah Praiseworthy محمودة
12 Mahpari Moon-faced مهبة
13 Mahtabi Moonlight مهتاب
14 Maimoona Auspicious, Blessed ميمونة
15 Madihah Praiseworthy مديحة
16 Maimoonah Auspicious, Blessed ميمونة
17 Maimuna Auspicious, Blessed ميمونة
18 Maimunah Auspicious, Blessed ميمونة
19 Maisa Walking with a proud, swinging gait ميسا
20 Majeeda Glorious مجيدة
21 Majida Glorious ماجدة
22 Makaarim Beautiful مكارم
23 Makarim Generous مكارم
24 Maknoonah Hidden, Concealed مكنونة
25 Malaak Angel, Messenger of God ملاك
26 Mahjubah Veiled, Covered محجوبة
27 Malaeka Angel, Messenger of God ملائكة
28 Malaka Angel, Messenger of God ملاك
29 Malakah Queen, Princess ملاكة
30 Malayka Angel, Messenger of God ملايكة
31 Maleeka Queen, Princess مليكة
32 Maleekah Queen, Princess مليكة
33 Maleika Queen, Princess مليكة
34 Maliha Beautiful مليحة
35 Malihah Beautiful مليحة
36 Majeedah Glorious مجيدة
37 Malikka Queen, Princess ملكة
38 Malyka Queen, Princess مليكة
39 Man’nah Grant, Gift منحة
40 Manar Guiding light منار
41 Manizah Hidden, Concealed منيزة
42 Mansha Ambition منشى
43 Mansoorah Aided, Victorious منصورة
44 Manaal Achievement, Attainment منال
45 Maram Aspiration, Wish مرام
46 Marjanah Precious gem مرجانة
47 Maruff Favorable, Beneficial معروف
48 Maryam Arabic form of Mary, Mother of Isa (Jesus) مريم
49 Mas’ouda Happy, Lucky مسعودة
50 Mateenah Strong, Firm متينة
51 Matinah Strong, Solid متينة
52 Mawiya The sun’s rays ماوية
53 Maymunah Auspicious, Blessed ميمونة
54 Maysa To walk with a proud, swinging gait ميسا
55 Maysaa To walk with a proud, swinging gait ميساء
56 Maysun Of beautiful face and body ميسن
57 Mashahudah Witness مشاهدة
58 Mayyada To walk with a proud, swinging gait ميادة
59 Mayyadah To walk with a proud, swinging gait ميادة
60 Medina City of the Prophet المدينة
61 Meeza One who lives together in happiness ميزة
62 Mehar Kindness محب
63 Mehnaz Pride of the moon مهناز
64 Mehreen Lovable مهرين
65 Mehrunissa Sun of women مهرونيسا
66 Mehul Rain ميهول
67 Menaal Special flower منال
68 Mihrbano Kind and loving مهربانو
69 Mihrmah Moon-like face مهرمه
70 Mehanaz Pride of the moon مهناز
71 Mirza Prince ميرزا
72 Mishel Gift of love ميشيل
73 Miskeenah Humble مسكينة
74 Mocha Attractive موكا
75 Mohammad Praiseworthy محمد
76 Muadhah Protected مؤذه
77 Mubaarakah Blessed, Prosperous مباركة
78 Mubashshara Good news مبشرة
79 Mubeenah Clear, Evident مبينة
80 Mugheethah Helper, Assistant مغيثة
81 Muhasinah Beautiful محسنة
82 Muhjah Competent محجة
83 Muhsinah Beneficient, Charitable محسنة
84 Mujahida Striving for the cause of Allah مجاهدة
85 Mubinah Clear, Evident مبينة
86 Mujibah Responsive مجيبة
87 Mukarramah Honored, Respected مكرمة
88 Muminah Believer مؤمنة
89 Muna Wish, Desire منى
90 Madeeha Praiseworthy مديحة
91 Mahek Sweet fragrance مهيك
92 Muhsina Doer of good محسنة
93 Mahlah Forehead محلا
94 Mahru Pleasant محرو
95 Maimouna Auspicious, Blessed ميمونة
96 Maizah Discerning ميزة
97 Majidah Glorious مجيدة
98 Makhdumah Educated, Cultured مخدومة
99 Malak Angel ملاك
100 Maleehah Beautiful مليحة
101 Munawwarah Illuminated منورة
102 Malieka Angel, Messenger of God ملئكة
103 Mallak Angel, Messenger of God ملاك
104 Manaar Guiding light منار
105 Maraam Aspiration, Wish مرام
106 Mashhoodah Witnessed مشهودة
107 Mawiyah The sun’s rays موية
108 Maysoon Of beautiful face and body ميسن
109 Melek Angel ملاك
110 Mihrunnisa Sun of women مهرونيسا
111 Mismah Smile مسمة
112 Mouna Wish, Desire منى
113 Mubassirah Bright, Shining مبصرة
114 Mufidah Useful, Beneficial مفيدة
115 Mufeeda Useful, Beneficial مفيدة
116 Muhja Competent محجة
117 Mujeebah Responder مجيبة
118 Mumtaz Distinguished ممتاز
119 Mukarrmah Honored, Respected المكرمه
120 Maahirah Skilled ماهر

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the journey through Muslim baby girl names beginning with the letter ‘M’ unveils a treasury of culturally rich and spiritually resonant options for parents seeking a meaningful moniker for their daughters. Each name carries a story, a legacy, and a connection to the diverse traditions within the Islamic world. Whether one is drawn to the classic elegance of Maryam or the poetic beauty of Muneera, these names reflect not only cultural heritage but also values and aspirations for the future. As parents navigate the profound responsibility of naming their child, the ‘M’ names serve as a bridge between tradition and modernity, offering a plethora of choices that celebrate the unique identity and significance of each precious life.

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