80+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with L

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Choosing the perfect name for a newborn is a momentous task, filled with hopes and aspirations for the future. For those seeking a name rooted in Islamic tradition, the letter ‘L’ offers a plethora of beautiful options for Muslim baby girls. Each name carries not only linguistic elegance but also profound meanings that resonate with the rich tapestry of Islamic culture. From timeless classics to contemporary gems, Muslim baby girl names starting with ‘L’ encompass a range of choices, allowing parents to find a name that reflects their values and beliefs. Let’s embark on a journey to explore the charm and significance of these enchanting names, weaving stories of identity and cultural heritage.

80+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with L

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Laila Night ليلى
2 Leena Tender لينا
3 Lamis Soft to the touch لميس
4 Lina Tender لينا
5 Lubna Storax tree لبنى
6 Layla Night ليلى
7 Latifa Gentle, kind لطيفة
8 Lara Famous لارا
9 Layan Gentle, tender ليان
10 Lima Lime tree ليما
11 Luiza Famous warrior لويزا
12 Lubabah The innermost essence لبابة
13 Liza Consecrated to God ليزا
14 Lamya Dark-lipped لميا
15 Lujain Silver لجين
16 Latifah Gentle, kind لطيفة
17 Leila Night ليلى
18 Lareen Of the sea لارين
19 Liyana Softness ليانا
20 Labibah Wise, intelligent لبيبة
21 Layyinah Gentle, tender لينة
22 Liham Lips لحم
23 Luma Sunset لوما
24 Lubainah Purity لبينة
25 Layal Nights ليال
26 Lamisah Soft to the touch لميسة
27 Lu’lu Pearls لؤلؤ
28 Lu’ayyah Wild cow لؤيه
29 Latimah Gentle, kind لطيمة
30 Lareeb Intelligent, wise لريب
31 Lutfiyya Kind, gentle لطفية
32 Laitha Lioness ليثة
33 Layanah Gentle, tender ليانة
34 Layaan Gentle, tender ليان
35 Lashira Wise لشيرا
36 Lathifah Gentle, kind لطيفة
37 Liyannah Softness ليانة
38 Labeebah Wise, intelligent لبيبة
39 Loubna Milk of a mother لبنا
40 Layina Gentle, tender لينا
41 Lameesah Soft to the touch لميسة
42 Lamyaah Dark-lipped لمياه
43 Leenah Tender لينة
44 Lutfiya Kind, gentle لطفية
45 Layyina Gentle, tender لينة
46 Lujaina Silver لجينة
47 Layanat Gentle, tender ليانة
48 Lamri Caring لمري
49 Lyna Palm tree لينا
50 Lareefa Elegant, charming لريفة
51 Lujainah Silver لجينة
52 Lubain Purity لبين
53 Layli Night ليلي
54 Lubaina Purity لبينة
55 Lamyah Dark-lipped لمياه
56 Lutfiyah Kind, gentle لطفية
57 Labina Just, wise لبينا
58 Latia Gentle, kind لطيا
59 Lahifa Gentle, kind لهيفة
60 Lutfiah Gentle, kind لطفية
61 Laiqah Worthy لائقة
62 Layyah Twist, flex لياه
63 Lubba Innermost essence لبة
64 Luban Frankincense لبان
65 Laaibah Laaibah لائبة
66 Leyaan Gentle, tender ليان
67 Laleh Tulip لاله
68 Lema Gift لمى
69 Lujayn Silver لجين
70 Lutfah Gentle, kind لطفة
71 Laaiqah Worthy لائقة
72 Lamees Soft to the touch لميس
73 Lubanah Frankincense لبانة
74 Luthfa Delicate grace لطفا
75 Lamiah Shining لميا
76 Layyin Gentle, tender لين
77 Luqmaanah Blessed لقمانة
78 Latafah Gentle, kind لطافة
79 Laiba Female of the lion ليبا
80 Laiqa Worthy لائقة
81 Lubaidah The innermost essence لبيضة

Top 10 Most Famous Muslim Women Starting with the Letter ‘L’

No. Name Meaning or Description
1 Laila Ali Former professional boxer and daughter of Muhammad Ali.
2 Leila Ahmed Renowned Egyptian-American scholar specializing in women and Islam.
3 Lubna Olayan Saudi businesswoman and the CEO of Olayan Financing Company.
4 Laleh Bakhtiar Iranian-American author and translator of the Quran.
5 Leymah Gbowee Liberian peace activist and Nobel Laureate.
6 Lubna Al Qasimi Emirati politician and the Minister of State for Tolerance in the United Arab Emirates.
7 Lama Zakharia Palestinian-American neuroscientist and academic.
8 Laila Lalami Moroccan-American novelist and essayist.
9 Lubna al-Hussein Sudanese journalist and women’s rights activist.
10 Leyla Güven Kurdish politician and human rights activist from Turkey.

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the array of Muslim baby girl names commencing with the letter ‘L’ not only offers a delightful linguistic melody but also carries profound meanings deeply rooted in Islamic culture. As parents embark on the quest to name their newborns, these names become more than mere labels; they become vessels of cultural identity, tradition, and aspirations for a meaningful life. The carefully selected names are like whispers of wisdom and grace, encapsulating the essence of Islamic heritage. Whether opting for a classic or a contemporary choice, each ‘L’ name weaves a unique narrative, contributing to the rich tapestry of a child’s identity in the vast and diverse world of Islam.

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