100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with K

by Sophia Roberts

Selecting a meaningful name for a baby girl is a cherished tradition in Muslim culture, reflecting aspirations and values. In the rich tapestry of Muslim baby girl names, those commencing with the letter ‘K’ carry unique significance. Each name is a beacon of identity, encapsulating cultural heritage and spiritual aspirations. Whether it’s the eloquent beauty of “Khadija” or the poetic charm of “Kiran,” these names are more than mere labels; they are a testament to the richness of Islamic heritage. Join us on a journey to explore Muslim baby girl names starting with ‘K’, where every name is a verse in the beautiful melody of identity.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with K

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Khadijah Premature child خديجة
2 Kainat Universe كائنات
3 Kashifa Revealer كاشفة
4 Kanza Hidden treasure كنز
5 Khawla Gazelle خولة
6 Karima Generous كريمة
7 Kamilah Perfect كاملة
8 Khalida Immortal خالدة
9 Karishma Miracle كريشما
10 Khushi Happiness خوشي
11 Kaifah A lady with good qualities كيفة
12 Kausar Abundant in blessings كوثر
13 Kareema Noble, generous كريمة
14 Kalsoom Name of Prophet Muhammad’s daughter كلثوم
15 Kanza (again) Hidden treasure كنز
16 Kashish Attraction كاشش
17 Kasima Controller of anger كاسيما
18 Kauthar River in Paradise كوثر
19 Khadija (again) First wife of Prophet Muhammad خديجة
20 Khalilah Beautiful, good friend خليلة
21 Khazanah Treasure خزانة
22 Khidrah Green خضرة
23 Kifayat Sufficiency كفاية
24 Kisa Fertile land without rock كيسا
25 Kishwar A piece of land like a garden كيشور
26 Kobra Large, powerful كبرا
27 Kolsoum A famous woman كلسوم
28 Komal Tender, delicate كومال
29 Kulsoom Flowering, blossoming كلسوم
30 Kurnia Gift كورنيا
31 Kyaana Intelligence, grace كيانا
32 Kyda Powerful كيدا
33 Kyna Intelligence, insight كينا
34 Kyrha Excellent, illustrious كيرها
35 Kyria Lady, ruler كيريا
36 Kyrsha Leader, chief كيرشا
37 Kyser Brave, lion-hearted كيسر
38 Kyva Beautiful, strong كيفا
39 Kyza Wise, sagacious كيزا
40 Kyzia Intelligent, clever كيزيا
41 Kaiah Unique, special كايا
42 Kailani Sea and sky كيلاني
43 Kalila Beloved, sweetheart كليلا
44 Kalima Word, conversation كلمة
45 Kamilia Perfect, flawless كاميليا
46 Kanara Pure, clean كنارا
47 Kanaya Youngest daughter كنايا
48 Kardelen Snowdrop flower كارديلين
49 Karisa Beloved, dear كاريسا
50 Karlia Womanly, strong كارليا
51 Karuna Compassion, mercy كارونا
52 Kasira Abundant, plentiful كاسيرا
53 Kavina Poetess, wise woman كافينا
54 Kavya Poem, poetry كافيا
55 Kayana Graceful, beautiful كايانا
56 Kazia Cinnamon كازيا
57 Keerat Fame, glory كيرات
58 Kefaya Sufficient, content كفاية
59 Kesara Lion كيسارا
60 Kessa Pure, innocent كيسا
61 Keyla Beautiful, victorious كايلا
62 Khadra Green خضراء
63 Khairia Charitable, benevolent خيرية
64 Khaliyah Clear, pure خالية
65 Khansa Old Arabic name خنساء
66 Khateebah Orator, speaker خطيبة
67 Khatoon Lady, mistress خاتون
68 Khawlah Gazelle خولة
69 Khayriyyah Charitable, good-natured خيرية
70 Khudrah Good nature خضرة
71 Kiana Divine, heavenly كيانا
72 Kifayah Ability, sufficiency كفاية
73 Kimaya Divine, miracle كيمايا
74 Kira Sunbeam كيرا
75 Kiran Ray of light كيران
76 Kisha Beautiful, stylish كيشا
77 Kiswa Cloak, covering كسوة
78 Koja Role, function كوجا
79 Komila Complete, perfect كوميلا
80 Kora Filled with water كورا
81 Kousar Abundant in blessings كوثر
82 Kowther River in Paradise كوثر
83 Kozue Tree branches كوزو
84 Krysia Follower of Christ كريسيا
85 Kujira Whale كوجيرا
86 Kusuma Flower كوسوما
87 Kuzey North كوزاي
88 Kyah Diamond in the sky كيا
89 Kyomi Beauty and honor كيومي
90 Kyrie Lord, master كيري
91 Kyzyl Red كيزيل
92 Kaanha Dark كانها
93 Khaanam Princess خانم
94 Khaizaran Green area of paradise خيزران
95 Kharqa Silken cloaks خرقة
96 Khawaliyah Name of a poetess خوالية
97 Khaznah Treasure خزنة
98 Khurshid Shining sun خورشيد
99 Khushtar Star خوشتار
100 Kyla Crown of laurels كايلا

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In conclusion

In concluding our exploration of Muslim baby girl names beginning with the letter ‘K,’ we’ve traversed a landscape of significance and meaning. Each name represents a unique blend of cultural heritage and spiritual resonance. Whether it’s the strength embodied in “Khadijah,” the radiance of “Khawla,” or the poetic simplicity of “Kainat,” these names offer a profound connection to Islamic traditions. Choosing a name for a newborn is a gesture of hope, and in these names, we find a reflection of aspirations and blessings. May the journey of discovering meaningful names for our little ones be as enriching as the diverse tapestry of Muslim baby girl names that begin with ‘K.’

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