100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with J

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing a name for your baby girl is a cherished tradition, and for those seeking a Muslim identity, the journey begins with a profound decision. “J” holds a special significance, symbolizing uniqueness and grace. In the vast tapestry of Muslim baby girl names, those commencing with “J” exude a timeless charm and cultural richness. Each name carries a story, a meaning that resonates with the values and aspirations of Islamic heritage. From traditional favorites to hidden gems, the array of choices is as diverse as the cultures that embrace Islam. Let’s embark on a delightful exploration of Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter “J”, where every name is a chapter in a beautiful narrative of identity and tradition.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with J

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Jannat Paradise جنة
2 Jahan World جهان
3 Jannah Heaven جنة
4 Jabeen Forehead جبين
5 Jara Princess جارة
6 Jamila Beautiful جميلة
7 Jasmin Jasmine ياسمين
8 Jazlyn Modern and creative جازلين
9 Jenna Heaven جنة
10 Jaira One who enlightens جيرا
11 Jemima Dove جميما
12 Jasmine Jasmine ياسمين
13 Jahanara Queen of the world جهانارا
14 Juwairiyah One of the wives of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) جويرية
15 Joyce Rejoice جويس
16 Jasia Informal letter جاسيا
17 Jamia Beautiful جميلة
18 Juman Pearl جمان
19 Jian Gracious جيان
20 Jehan Universe جهان
21 Jean God is gracious جين
22 Janna Paradise جنة
23 Jina Treasure جينا
24 Jani Gift of God جاني
25 Jana Harvest جنى
26 Jumana Silver pearl جمانا
27 Jada Wise جادة
28 Jarina Farmer جارينا
29 Jemimah Dove جميمة
30 Jariya Servant, Housemaid جاريا
31 Jena Little bird جينا
32 Jasmeen Jasmine جاسمين
33 Jawahar Jewel جواهر
34 Jaida Gift جيدة
35 Jilan Adviser جيلان
36 Jinan Paradise جنان
37 Juwariyah Married to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) جوارية
38 Judi Praised جودي
39 Jessie Wealthy جيسي
40 Jahaan Universe جهان
41 Jaide Benevolence جايد
42 Juri Damascus’ rose جوري
43 Jaiyana Power جيانا
44 Jahida Assists the vulnerable جاهدة
45 Jazan Jasmine Blossom جازان
46 Joiya Joyful جويا
47 Jasmina Jasmine جاسمين
48 Jabira Brave جابيرا
49 Jamilah Beautiful جميلة
50 Jessenia Blossom جيسينيا
51 Jazmine Jasmine جازمين
52 Jamaima Beautiful جميما
53 Johi Jasmine جوهي
54 Juggan Glow of a glowworm, signifies light, radiance, brilliance جگن
55 Jai Victory جاي
56 Jale Rain جال
57 Jawahir Jewels جواهر
58 Jennet Paradise جنات
59 Jabala Strong Women جبالا
60 Jala’ Clarity and elucidation جلاء
61 Jess Jasmine Blossom جيس
62 Jumanah A Silver Gem جمانة
63 Jadee Virtue جدي
64 Jaeda Virtue جيدا
65 Jaseena Beautiful جسينا
66 Jamala Beautiful جمالا
67 Jala Philanthropy جالا
68 Jassia Sitter جاسيا
69 Junna Heaven جنا
70 Jewana Divine gift جيوانا
71 Jessamine Jasmine Blossom جيسمين
72 Jazbia Intense enthusiasm جازبيا
73 Jubaila Charm, life, upstanding personality جبيلة
74 Jadida Brand new جديدة
75 Jovira Flower arrangement in a basket جوفيرا
76 Jihan Universe جيهان
77 Jazba Passion جذبة
78 Johara Jewel جوهرة
79 Jaisha Keenness جيشا
80 Janan Heart جنان
81 Jalwa Attraction جلوا
82 Johana Divine favor جوهانا
83 Janaan Paradise جنان
84 Jaan Life جان
85 Jamana Precious jewels جمانا
86 Juhainah Arabian clan designation جهينة
87 Jamal Beauty جمال
88 Jahanara Queen of the world جهانارا
89 Jalila Noble جليلة
90 Jeeda Reward جيدا
91 Jazmin Jasmine جازمين
92 Jumaina A smaller form of Jumana جمينة
93 Jasrah She narrated Hadiths جسرا
94 Jorawar Brave جوراور
95 Jalilah Majestic جليلة
96 Juwan Fragrance جوان
97 Jessamy Jasmine Blossom جيسامي
98 Jessamyn A flower name derived from the older form “Jessamine” is “Jasmine” جيسامين
99 Jawaria Lucky جوارية
100 Jameela Beautiful جميلة

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the realm of Muslim baby girl names beginning with “J” is a captivating journey into the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage. As we’ve explored these names, each one unveils a story, a cultural significance, and a unique identity. Whether rooted in tradition or embracing modern interpretations, these names reflect the diverse and timeless beauty of Muslim nomenclature. Choosing a name for your baby girl is more than a linguistic decision; it’s a celebration of heritage, values, and the profound connection to a community. In the collection of “J” names, we find not just letters, but a mosaic of meanings that contribute to the beautiful mosaic of Islamic identity.

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