80+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with H

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a journey of cultural richness and linguistic elegance with our curated list of over 80 Muslim baby girl names that commence with the letter ‘H.’ In Islam, names bear profound meanings, reflecting heritage and values. Whether you seek traditional grace or modern flair, our compilation spans a spectrum of choices, each resonating with significance. From classic favorites to hidden gems, discover names steeped in history and tradition, offering a plethora of options for your precious daughter. Join us in exploring the beauty of Muslim names that begin with ‘H,’ as we delve into a tapestry of meanings and cultural depth.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with H

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Hana Happiness هناء
2 Hadiya Guide هدية
3 Haleema Gentle, Patient حليمة
4 Hafsah Young Lioness حفصة
5 Hajira Wife of Prophet Ibrahim حاجرة
6 Hanifa True Believer حنيفة
7 Hasna Beautiful حسناء
8 Hawwa Eve (Adam’s wife) حواء
9 Hayat Life حياة
10 Hoor Beautiful women of paradise حور
11 Humaira Reddish Complexion حميراء
12 Huriya Angel حورية
13 Huda Right guidance هدى
14 Husna Beautiful حسناء
15 Hafsa Gathering حفصاء
16 Halima Gentle, Patient حليمة
17 Hadiyya Gift هديّة
18 Hanan Compassion حنان
19 Hashira Decorative هاشرا
20 Habiba Beloved حبيبة
21 Hazira Intelligent حازرة
22 Humayra Red حميرا
23 Hamida Gracious حميدة
24 Haniya Pleased هانية
25 Haya Modesty حياة
26 Hala Sweetness حلا
27 Huma Bird that brings good news هما
28 Hafs Lioness حفص
29 Hani Happy هاني
30 Hareem Respectable Woman حريم
31 Hoorain Two Angels حورين
32 Humaiza Little Huma (bird) حميزة
33 Haniyah Happy هنية
34 Hidayah Guidance هداية
35 Hifza Protective Angel حفظة
36 Hibah Gift هبة
37 Hikmah Wisdom حكمة
38 Himani Ice هيماني
39 Hina Henna حناء
40 Hirah Mount Hirah حرة
41 Hiza Citizen هيزة
42 Hooriya Angel حورية
43 Houda Right Guidance هدى
44 Houd Lioness هود
45 Hudaifa Smart هديفة
46 Hafiza Protector حافظة
47 Hanadi Soft-hearted حنادي
48 Haniyya Happy هنية
49 Haifa Slender حيفا
50 Hayfa Slender حيفا
51 Hareer Silk حرير
52 Husniya Beautiful حسنية
53 Hadiyyah Gift هديّة
54 Hareefa Soft-spoken حريفة
55 Hafziyya Protector حافظية
56 Hajar Stone حجر
57 Haleemah Clement حليمة
58 Hamna Purple حمناء
59 Haseena Beautiful حسينة
60 Hikari Light هيكاري
61 Hoori Nymph حوري
62 Halimah Gentle, Patient حليمة
63 Haneen Longing حنين
64 Hamra Red حمراء
65 Haadiyah Guide هادية
66 Hadiyah Gift هدية
67 Haritha Guardian حارثة
68 Hawraa White حوراء
69 Haziqa Intelligent حازقة
70 Haneefa True Believer حنيفة
71 Hayam Lucky هيام
72 Hasya Laughter هاسيا
73 Hibatullah Gift of Allah هبة الله
74 Hiranya Golden هيرانيا
75 Haaritha Plowman حارثة
76 Hanaya Happy هانية
77 Hamnah She was a narrator of hadith همنة
78 Hauwa First woman created by Allah حواء
79 Hafeeza Guardian حفيظة

Top 10 Most Famous Muslim Women Whose Names Begin with the Letter ‘H’

No. Name Meaning or Description
1 Huda Shaarawi Egyptian feminist leader and nationalist.
2 Halima Aden Somali-American model known for breaking barriers as the first hijab-wearing model in major fashion magazines and on runways.
3 Hanan Ashrawi Palestinian legislator, activist, and scholar known for her advocacy for Palestinian rights.
4 Hassanatou Barry Guinean human rights activist and founder of the organization “Voix de Femmes” (Women’s Voices).
5 Hina Jilani Pakistani human rights lawyer and co-founder of the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.
6 Hayat Sindi Saudi Arabian medical scientist and one of the first female members of the Consultative Assembly of Saudi Arabia.
7 Hatoon Kadi Saudi Arabian comedian and actress, known for her work in challenging gender norms and stereotypes.
8 Hafsat Abiola Nigerian human rights, civil rights, and democracy activist.
9 Haleh Esfandiari Iranian-American academic and director of the Middle East Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars.
10 Hosn Mahalli Iraqi women’s rights activist who has worked on promoting gender equality and combating violence against women.

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the array of Muslim baby girl names beginning with ‘H’ encapsulates a rich tapestry of tradition, meaning, and cultural diversity. Choosing a name for your daughter is not merely a linguistic exercise but a journey into heritage and values. From the timeless elegance of traditional names to the contemporary charm of modern ones, this collection provides a comprehensive guide for parents seeking a name that resonates with significance. Each name carries a unique story, contributing to the cultural mosaic of Islamic nomenclature. As you embark on the beautiful journey of naming your child, may this list inspire and guide you toward a name that encapsulates both meaning and beauty.

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