80+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with F

by Sophia Roberts

Embark on a journey of cultural richness and spiritual resonance as we explore over 80 distinctive Muslim baby girl names, all beginning with the letter F. In the tapestry of Islamic heritage, these names carry profound meanings and historical significance, providing a source of identity and connection for your precious daughter. From the timeless Fatima to the poetic Farishta, each name reflects the beauty and diversity within the Muslim community. Join us in this exploration of names that not only adorn but also impart a sense of tradition, spirituality, and familial pride. Let the quest for the perfect name begin.

80+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with F

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Farida Unique فريدة
2 Fatima Captivating فاطمة
3 Fariha Happy فريحة
4 Fadilah Virtuous فاضلة
5 Faiza Victorious فائزة
6 Fawzia Successful فوزية
7 Farhana Happy فرحانة
8 Fazila Virtuous فاضلة
9 Fizza Silver فيزا
10 Farishta Angelic فرشته
11 Fariqah Unique فارقة
12 Faseeha Eloquent فصيحة
13 Farkhanda Fortunate فرخنده
14 Fazia Successful فيازيا
15 Farzana Wise فرزانة
16 Fareeha Joyful فريحة
17 Fadwa Self-sacrifice فضوى
18 Fakhira Precious فاخرة
19 Fatin Captivating فاطن
20 Fajr Dawn فجر
21 Faida Beneficial فائدة
22 Falak Star فلك
23 Fatinah Captivating فاطنة
24 Farhat Happiness فرحة
25 Fadhila Virtuous فاضلة
26 Fariyha Happy فاريهة
27 Faiqa Excellent فائقة
28 Farzaneh Wise فرزانه
29 Faizah Successful فائزة
30 Fairooz Turquoise فيروز
31 Farsia Success فارسيا
32 Fariza Accomplished فاريزا
33 Fadheela Virtuous فضيلة
34 Fikriyah Intellectual فكرية
35 Farina Captivating فارينا
36 Fereshteh Angel فرشته
37 Fajra Morning light فجرا
38 Fathima Captivating فاطمة
39 Fayruz Turquoise فيروز
40 Fari Beautiful فاري
41 Falisha Happiness فاليشا
42 Fazliah Virtuous فضلية
43 Faria Beautiful فاريا
44 Fiyza Nature فيزا
45 Fadiya Savior فديا
46 Faryn Joyful فارين
47 Firdaus Paradise فردوس
48 Filzah Rose فيلزا
49 Fakhriya Honorary فخرية
50 Faqirah Understanding فقيرة
51 Fariyal Beautiful فاريال
52 Fauziah Successful فوزية
53 Fidda Silver فيدا
54 Faakhira Proud فاخرة
55 Fazilat Virtuous فضيلة
56 Fizah Silver فيزا
57 Farhah Joy فرحة
58 Fauzia Successful فوزية
59 Faseela Gracious فسيلة
60 Firdaws Highest garden فردوس
61 Fadilat Virtuous فضيلة
62 Faiha Successful فائحة
63 Faseehah Eloquent فصيحة
64 Fatihat Conqueror فاتحة
65 Faheemah Intelligent فهيمة
66 Farwah Beautiful فروة
67 Fikriyya Intellectual فكرية
68 Fauz Success فوز
69 Farzina Wise فرزينا
70 Fizaa Nature فيزا
71 Fariqa Unique فارقة
72 Fareeda Unique فريدة
73 Farouq Distinguisher فاروق
74 Farihah Happy فريحة
75 Fairoza Successful فيروز
76 Fehmina Wise فهمينا
77 Fawziyah Successful فوزية
78 Firdausi Highest garden فردوسي
79 Farkhundah Fortunate فرخندة
80 Faryal Beautiful فاريال
81 Faakhirah Proud فاخرة
82 Fiddah Silver فيدة
83 Fathiyah Joyful فتحية
84 Faizat Successful فائزة
85 Faatimah Captivating فاطمة
86 Fajarah Silver فجارة
87 Fasiha Eloquent فصيحة
88 Fawziya Successful فوزية

Top 10 Prominent Muslim Women Whose Names Begin with the Letter F

No. Name Meaning or Description
1 Fatima al-Fihri Founder of the University of Al Quaraouiyine in Morocco.
2 Fatima Jinnah Sister of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, played a key role in Pakistan’s early development.
3 Fawzia Fuad of Egypt Queen of Iran, the first wife of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
4 Faten Hamama Renowned Egyptian actress, known as the “Lady of the Arabic Screen.”
5 Fatima Mernissi Moroccan feminist writer and sociologist.
6 Farida Khanum Pakistani classical singer, celebrated for ghazals and classical music.
7 Farida Jalal Indian actress, recognized for her work in Hindi films.
8 Fathia Nkrumah First wife of Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s first First Lady.
9 Fatimah bint Muhammad Daughter of Prophet Muhammad, wife of Ali, the fourth Caliph.
10 Ferial Ashraff Sri Lankan politician, the first Muslim woman cabinet minister in Sri Lanka.

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In conclusion

In concluding our journey through the myriad Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter F, we’ve unveiled a treasure trove of culturally rich and spiritually resonant choices. Each name carries a unique story, echoing the heritage and traditions of the Islamic world. As you embark on the path of choosing the perfect name for your daughter, may this collection inspire you with its depth of meaning and connection to a shared history. These names not only adorn your child but also serve as a bridge to a cultural legacy that spans generations. May the name you choose be a source of pride, identity, and enduring significance for your family.

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