60+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with E

by Sophia Roberts

Embarking on the enchanting journey of selecting a name for your Muslim baby girl beginning with the letter “E” opens the door to a world of timeless elegance and profound meanings. Each name in this extensive collection is a testament to the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance found in Islamic traditions. Whether you seek a name that exudes grace like “Eliana” or one that carries a sense of faith, such as “Emaan,” the possibilities are as diverse as the cultures they represent. Join this exploration of over 60 Muslim baby girl names, where every name unveils a story and adds a unique touch to your family’s legacy.

60+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with E

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Emaan Faith إيمان
2 Eliza Unique اليزا
3 Esra to Travel by Night إسراء
4 Eman Faith إيمان
5 Eshal The Name of Flower in Heaven إشال
6 Eila Earth, Daughter of Man إيلا
7 Eiza The Sun’s Ray إيزا
8 Eshaal Paradise Flower إشال
9 Elina Bright, Intelligent إلينا
10 Elham Inspiration إلهام
11 Elyse Noble, Kind إليس
12 Elif Slender, Graceful إليف
13 Erum Heaven, Sky إرم
14 Ema Mother إيما
15 Elara The Moon إيلارا
16 Enaya Princess عناية
17 Eesha Alive, Living عائشة
18 Esita Beloved إيستا
19 Eriha Earth إريها
20 Eeshal The Name of Flower in Heaven إيشال
21 Evi Earth إيفي
22 Eshma Paradise إشما
23 Elisha Noble, Kind إليشا
24 Eliana Daughter of the Sun إليانا
25 Elayna Shining Light إلينا
26 Eriana Silver إريانا
27 Eyla The Beautiful One إيلا
28 Erina Beautiful Woman إيرينا
29 Eira Snow إيرا
30 Elida Winged إيليدا
31 Eshleen Flower إشلين
32 Elsie Consecrated to God إلسي
33 Evin Graceful إفين
34 Elya Sunshine إليا
35 Eshana Flower إشانا
36 Eshwari Goddess إشواري
37 Eryka Ever Ruler إيريكا
38 Evira Strong إفيرا
39 Emisha Queen إميشا
40 Eshal The Name of Flower in Heaven إشال
41 Evyana Warrior Princess إفيانا
42 Eshrat Sign, Signal إشراط
43 Erisha Speech إريشا
44 Ena Mirror إينا
45 Eshita Beloved إشيتا
46 Emara Princess إيمارا
47 Elishbah Beautiful إليشباه
48 Esmat Purity إسمات
49 Eisha Alive عائشة
50 Elif Slender, Graceful إليف
51 Ezgi Melody إزجي
52 Emel Hope إميل
53 Elsa Consecrated to God إلسا
54 Ebru Paper إبرو
55 Ekin Harvest إكين
56 Elifnur Light of Slimness إليفنور
57 Ece Queen إيج
58 Eda Promising إدا
59 Elif Su Slim and Graceful Water إليف سو
60 Ecem Queen إجم
61 Elifnaz Slim and Beautiful إليفناز
62 Elmas Diamond إلماس

Top 10 Notable Muslim Women with Names Starting with ‘E’

No. Name Meaning or   Description
1 Empress Nur Jahan Empress during the Mughal era
2 Elif Shafak Renowned Turkish-British author
3 Emine Erdoğan The First Lady of Turkey
4 Elvira Rahić Bosnian pop singer
5 Ela Bhatt Indian social activist and founder of SEWA (Self-Employed Women’s Association)
6 Eman Ahmed Egyptian woman known for her struggle with obesity and subsequent medical treatment
7 Erum Sattar Notable Pakistani lawyer and human rights activist
8 Edhi Bilquis Widow of Abdul Sattar Edhi, prominent Pakistani philanthropist and humanitarian
9 Eman Al Nafjan Saudi Arabian blogger and women’s rights activist
10 Esra Bilgiç Turkish actress known for her role in the TV series “Resurrection: Ertugrul”

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the exploration of over 60 Muslim baby girl names that begin with the letter “E” reveals a rich tapestry of tradition, meaning, and beauty. Each name is a poetic reflection of cultural diversity and carries a unique significance, fostering a connection to heritage and values. Whether you are drawn to the elegance of “Eliana” or the simplicity of “Emaan,” these names resonate with a sense of identity and spiritual depth. Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a meaningful journey, and this diverse compilation aims to inspire and guide you in finding a name that encapsulates the essence of love, tradition, and timeless grace. May your journey be filled with joy and the discovery of a name that beautifully resonates with your family’s aspirations and beliefs.

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