70+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with B

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing a meaningful and beautiful name for your baby girl is a cherished tradition, reflecting the hopes and aspirations you hold for her future. In the rich tapestry of Islamic names, those beginning with the letter ‘B’ carry a special significance and depth of meaning. From the timeless elegance of “Bathsheba” to the profound spirituality of “Barakah,” these names encapsulate qualities that parents often seek for their daughters. This compilation of Muslim baby girl names starting with ‘B’ is a guide for parents navigating the delightful task of naming their precious bundle. Each name resonates with cultural, historical, or linguistic significance, providing a diverse range of options for families to consider in bestowing a name that will carry a positive and lasting impact throughout their daughter’s life.

70+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with B

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Bathsheba Daughter of the Oath بثشبا
2 Beulah Married بعولة
3 Bernice Victory Bringer برنيق
4 Bethany House of Figs بيت حنين
5 Bethel House of God بيت إل
6 Bilhah Timid, Bashful بلهة
7 Bithiah Daughter of God بثيا
8 Bracha Blessing بركة
9 Barak Lightning, Flash باراك
10 Benaiah God has Built بنياه
11 Berenice Victory Bringer بيرينيس
12 Bethsaida Fishing House بيت صيدا
13 Boaz Swiftness بوعز
14 Beor Burn, Flame بعور
15 Bethia Daughter of God بيثيا
16 Bilshan Son of the Right Hand بلشان
17 Bethuel God is with Me بيتوئيل
18 Bakbuk Empty, Void بكبوك
19 Bethsheba Daughter of the Oath بثشبا
20 Bashemath Sweet-Smelling بشمات
21 Bariah Evildoer بريه
22 Bela Destruction بيلا
23 Belshazzar May Bel Protect the King بلشزر
24 Benjamin Son of the Right Hand بنيامين
25 Beeliada Belonging to God بعليادة
26 Bithron Dividing Stream بثرون
27 Ben-oni Son of My Sorrow بن أوني
28 Ben-ammi Son of My People بن عمي
29 Bar-jesus Son of Jesus بريسوس
30 Bealiah God is Lord بياليا
31 Barkos Lightning بركوس
32 Binnui Built بنوئي
33 Baruch Blessed باروخ
34 Bazluth Disdain, Contempt بزلوث
35 Barnabas Son of Encouragement برنابا
36 Barsabas Son of Return برسابا
37 Bathrabbim Daughters of the Multitude بتربيم
38 Bethzur Fortress بيت زور
39 Bazlith Disdain, Contempt بزليث
40 Berechiah Blessed of God بيرخيا
41 Barjesus Son of Jesus بريسوس
42 Baalath Lady of the House باعلاث
43 Bezalel In the Shadow of God بيتساليل
44 Barzillai Man of Iron برزلي
45 Barachel God Has Blessed براخيل
46 Bar-jona Son of Jonah بريونا
47 Bath-shua Daughter of Wealth بث شوع
48 Bashan Smooth, Level بشان
49 Bath-rabbim Daughters of the Multitude بتربيم
50 Bahurim Young Men بهوريم
51 Bakbakkar Field of Graves بكبكار
52 Buzi Contempt بوزي
53 Buzite Contemptuous بوزيت
54 Bocheru Firstborn بوكيرو
55 Bildad Son of the Wind بلداد
56 Beth-palet House of Escape بيت فالت
57 Beth-lebaoth House of Lionesses بيت لباوث
58 Beth-horon House of Caves بيت حورون
59 Beth-gilgal House of Rolling بيت جلجال
60 Beth-dagon House of Grain بيت داجون
61 Beth-arabah House of the Desert بيت عرابا
62 Beth-anoth House of Answers بيت أنوث
63 Beth-azmaveth House of Death بيت عصموث
64 Beth-jeshimoth House of Desolation بيت جيشيموث
65 Beth-meon House of Habitation بيت ميون
66 Beth-hoglah House of Partridge بيت حوجلا
67 Beth-tappuah House of Apples بيت تافواح
68 Beth-shemesh House of the Sun بيت شمش
69 Beth-gamul House of Repayment بيت جامول
70 Beth-diblathaim House of Fig-Cakes بيت دبلاثايم
71 Beth-birei House of My Creator بيت بيري
72 Beth-barah House of Grain بيت بارا
73 Beth-emek House of the Valley بيت إميك
74 Beth-rapha House of Healing بيت رافا

10 Famous Muslim Women Names Starting with B

No. Name Meaning or Description
1 Bilqis Queen of Sheba in Islamic tradition.
2 Barakah Meaning ‘blessing,’ a name of spiritual significance.
3 Begum A common title for Muslim women, especially in South Asia.
4 Bano A name with Persian origins, meaning ‘lady’ or ‘princess.’
5 Bushra Signifying ‘good news’ or ‘glad tidings.’
6 Batul Often used to denote a pure and chaste woman.
7 Basmah Meaning ‘a smile,’ reflecting positivity.
8 Badriya A name representing the full moon’s beauty.
9 Bahira Referring to a dazzling and radiant woman.
10 Bilquis An alternative spelling for Bilqis, the Queen of Sheba.

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In conclusion

In conclusion, exploring the extensive list of over 70 Muslim baby girl names starting with the letter ‘B’ opens a door to a world of meaningful and culturally rich options for parents. Each name carries a unique story, rooted in history, spirituality, and linguistic beauty. From the timeless classics like “Bilqis” to the contemporary elegance of “Barirah,” the choices are diverse and reflect the rich heritage of Islamic culture. As parents embark on the journey of naming their newborn, this compilation serves as a valuable resource, providing not just names but stories and meanings that can shape a child’s identity. May the process of choosing a name be a joyous celebration of cultural heritage, faith, and the boundless love that parents have for their precious daughters.

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