100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with A

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Embark on a journey of cultural richness and profound significance with our compilation of Muslim baby girl names commencing with the letter ‘A.’ Rooted in tradition, these names embody grace, strength, and spirituality. Each name is carefully chosen to resonate with deep meanings and cultural nuances, reflecting the beauty of Islamic heritage. Whether you seek a name with historical significance or a modern twist, this diverse list promises options that are both meaningful and delightful. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of Muslim girl names, where each ‘A’ holds a unique story waiting to be cherished.

100+ Muslim Baby Girl Names Starting with A

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Aafrin Recognition عفرين
2 Aafsha The powerful and complete woman عافشة
3 Aaghaa Chief or leader آغا
4 Aaila Elegant, captivating, and enchanting عائلة
5 Aaima Leader أعيمة
6 Aaisha Alive or living عائشة
7 A’dab Good manners or cultured behavior آداب
8 A’idah Visiting or returning عائدة
9 A’li Noble or exalted عالي
10 A’mal Hopes or aspirations آمال
11 Aabidah Worshipper or devout عابدة
12 Aabirah Fleeting, transitory عابرة
13 Aadab Hope, need, or request آداب
14 Aadila Just, righteous عادلة
15 Aafiya Health or well-being عافية
16 Aaminah Trustworthy or faithful آمنة
17 Aamira Princess or leader أميرة
18 Aamirah Princess or commanding أميرة
19 Aanisah Close, intimate friend عانسة
20 Aaqilah Wise or intelligent عاقلة
21 Aarifah Knowledgeable or aware عارفة
22 Aakifah Devoted or dedicated عاكفة
23 Aalia Exalted or sublime عالية
24 Aaliah Exalted or sublime عالية
25 Aalimah Knowledgeable or learned عالمة
26 Aaliya High or exalted عالية
27 Aalliyah High or exalted عالية
28 Aamaal Hopes or aspirations آمال
29 Aamilah Worker or one who does righteous deeds عاملة
30 Aatirah Fragrant or perfumed عطرة
31 Aayesha Alive or living عائشة
32 Abadah Eternal or everlasting عبادة
33 Abbasah Lioness or fierce عباسة
34 Abdur Rahmaan Servant of the Most Gracious عبد الرحمن
35 Abeer Fragrance or scent عبير
36 Aamina Trustworthy or faithful آمينة
37 Aarzoo Wish or desire آرزو
38 Aasimah Protector or defender عاصمة
39 Aasiyah One who heals or brings comfort آسية
40 Aasma Sky or heaven آسماء
41 Aasmaa Sky or heaven آسماء
42 Aatikah Generous or charitable عاتكة
43 Aatiqah Free or independent عتيقة
44 Abeerah Fragrant or perfumed عبيرة
45 Abidah Worshipper or devout عابدة
46 Abiyah Great or grand أبيه
47 Abla Perfectly formed أبلة
48 Ablaa Perfectly formed أبلاء
49 Ablah Perfectly formed أبلة
50 Abqurah Ingenuity, brilliance عبقرة
51 Adeel Just or fair عديل
52 Adeela Equal or just عديلة
53 Adeena Obedient or righteous عدينة
54 Adhraa Young woman, virgin, unmarried or pure lady عذراء
55 Adibah Cultured or well-mannered أديبة
56 Adila Just or fair عدلة
57 Adilah Equal or just عدلة
58 Afsanah Story or legend أفسانة
59 Afshanah Adornment or beautification أفشانة
60 Ahd Pledge or covenant عهد
61 Ahmadi Praised or commendable أحمدي
62 Ain Eye or source of knowledge عين
63 Aina Mirror or reflection آينة
64 Aini My eyes عيني
65 Afaf Chastity or virtue عفاف
66 Afaza Breeze or gentle wind أفازا
67 Afeefah Chaste or modest عفيفة
68 Afeerah Fair or beautiful عفيرة
69 Afifah Chaste or modest عفيفة
70 Afraa White or fair عفراء
71 Afrah Happiness or joy أفراح
72 Afrin (Meaning not provided) عفرين
73 Aliah Exalted or sublime عالية
74 Aliiyah High or exalted عالية
75 Alimah Knowledgeable or learned عالمة
76 Aliyaah High or exalted عالية
77 Aliyya High or exalted عالية
78 Aliyyah High or exalted عالية
79 Allanna (Meaning not provided) ألانا
80 Afrina Maker عفرينا
81 Afroza Illuminating or shining أفروزة
82 Afrozah Illuminating or shining أفروزة
83 Afroze Illuminating or shining أفروز
84 Aisha Alive or living عائشة
85 Aishah Alive or living عائشة
86 Aiza Noble or respected عايزة
87 Ajibah Strange or wonderful عجيبة
88 Akhtari Star or celestial أختاري
89 Akila Intelligent or wise عقيلة
90 Aklima Wise or intelligent عقيلمة
91 Akshiti Victorious or conqueror أكشيتي
92 Alamara Adorned or beautiful علمارا
93 Aleemah Knowledgeable or learned عليمة
94 Alhena A ring or necklace الهينة
95 Alliya High or exalted عالية
96 Alliyah High or exalted عالية
97 Almaas Diamond or precious stone الماس
98 Almas Diamond or precious stone الماس
99 Altaira Star or bird الطائر
100 Altthea Healing or curing الثيا

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In conclusion

In conclusion, this compilation of over 100 Muslim baby girl names beginning with the letter “A” provides a diverse range of meaningful and culturally rich options for parents seeking names for their daughters. Each name carries its own significance, reflecting the beauty of Islamic heritage and offering a wonderful array of choices for families welcoming new additions to their lives. May this list serve as a source of inspiration and guidance for those embarking on the joyful journey of selecting a name for their precious baby girls.

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