60+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

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Embarking on the quest for the perfect name for your Muslim baby boy is a meaningful journey, and the letter Y presents a wealth of options steeped in cultural significance. Each name carries a tale of heritage, tradition, and spirituality, offering a unique identity for your precious son. From Yaseen, symbolizing a revered chapter in the Quran, to Yameen’s representation of an oath, and Yaqeen’s embodiment of belief, the selection of names starting with Y encapsulates a diverse spectrum of meanings. Join this exploration as we delve into a compilation of Muslim baby boy names, each crafted to add a touch of tradition and depth to your child’s identity.

60+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with Y

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Yaaseen A chapter in the Quran; also a name for boys. ياسين
2 Yaasmeen Jasmine flower; a fragrant flower. ياسمين
3 Yaasoob Variant of Yusuf, meaning “God increases” or “God will add.” ياسوب
4 Yaawar Helper, supporter, or friend. ياور
5 Yacoob Variant of Yaqub, meaning “Supplanter” or “One who follows.” يعقوب
6 Yagana Unique, exceptional. ياجنة
7 Yaghnam A variant of Yaghnam, meaning “Crow” in Arabic. يغنم
8 Yaqeen Certainty, belief, faith. يقين
9 Yaqub Arabic form of Jacob, meaning “Supplanter” or “Holder of the heel.” يعقوب
10 Yaseen A chapter in the Quran, often used as a name for boys. يس
11 Yasser Easygoing, prosperous, or wealthy. ياسر
12 Yateem Orphan. يتيم
13 Yazdan Gift of God. يزدان
14 Yusuf God increases or God will add. يوسف
15 Yusufzai Descendant of Yusuf. يوسفزاي
16 Yusufuddin Faith in God. يوسف الدين
17 Yusra Ease, prosperity, or comfort. يسرى
18 Yusufullah God’s increase. يوسف الله
19 Yusufuz Zaman Yusuf of the time or era. يوسف الزمان
20 Yazeed God will increase. يزيد
21 Yaminuddin Faith of the religion. يمين الدين
22 Yaminullah Faith in God. يمين الله
23 Yaminul Islam Faith of Islam. يمين الإسلام
24 Yaman Blessed. يمان
25 Yamanul Asr Blessed in the era. يمان العصر
26 Yamanuddin Blessed faith. يمان الدين
27 Yaminul Haqq Faith in truth. يمين الحق
28 Yaminul Quran Faith in the Quran. يمين القرآن
29 Yaminul Sunnah Faith in the Sunnah. يمين السنة
30 Yaminul Ummah Faith in the community. يمين الأمة
31 Yasin A chapter in the Quran; also used as a name. ياسين
32 Yasir Wealthy or rich. ياسر
33 Yasinuddin Faith in the religion. ياسين الدين
34 Yasirullah Wealth from God. ياسر الله
35 Yasinul Haqq True faith. ياسين الحق
36 Yasinul Quran Quranic faith. ياسين القرآن
37 Yasinul Sunnah Sunnah-based faith. ياسين السنة
38 Yasinul Ummah Faith in the community. ياسين الأمة
39 Yaqeenuddin Faith in the religion. يقين الدين
40 Yaqeenullah Faith in God. يقين الله
41 Yaqeenul Haqq Faith in truth. يقين الحق
42 Yaqeenul Quran Faith in the Quran. يقين القرآن
43 Yaqeenul Sunnah Faith in the Sunnah. يقين السنة
44 Yaqeenul Ummah Faith in the community. يقين الأمة
45 Yaqubullah God is the supplanter. يعقوب الله
46 Yaqubuddin Faith in the religion. يعقوب الدين
47 Yaqubul Haqq Faith in truth. يعقوب الحق
48 Yaqubul Quran Faith in the Quran. يعقوب القرآن
49 Yaqubul Sunnah Faith in the Sunnah. يعقوب السنة
50 Yaqubul Ummah Faith in the community. يعقوب الأمة
51 Yar Friend. يار
52 Yasinan A chapter in the Quran; also used as a name. ياسينان
53 Yasinullah Faith in God. ياسين الله
54 Yazan Unknown. يزن
55 Yazdanpanah Sheltered by God. يزدانپناه
56 Yazdanparast Devoted to God. يزدانپرست
57 Yazdanparvaz Flight towards God. يزدانپرواز
58 Yazdanparwar Defender of God. يزدانپروار
59 Yousuf God increases or God will add. يوسف
60 Yousufuddin Faith in God. يوسف الدين
61 Yousufullah God’s increase. يوسف الله
62 Yousufal Haqq Yusuf of truth. يوسف الحق

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the collection of over 60 Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter Y offers a rich tapestry of meanings and cultural significance. These names, rooted in Arabic and Islamic traditions, carry diverse meanings ranging from faith and blessings to prosperity and uniqueness. Whether parents seek a name from the Quran, a reflection of their cultural heritage, or simply a beautiful and meaningful name for their baby boy, this list provides a wide array of options. Each name encapsulates a story, a sentiment, and a connection to the rich linguistic and spiritual heritage of the Muslim world. Choosing a name for a newborn is a special and significant task, and this compilation aims to assist parents in finding a name that resonates with their values and aspirations for their precious child.

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