100+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with X

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing a meaningful and unique name for your baby is a joyous task, and for those seeking Muslim baby boy names beginning with X, the options are both distinctive and rich in significance. In the diverse tapestry of Islamic names, those starting with X carry a sense of individuality and cultural resonance. These names not only reflect the beauty of the Arabic language but also embody profound meanings, connecting your child to a heritage of wisdom and spirituality. From Xaahir’s radiant brightness to Xayn’s gracious demeanor, each name tells a story. Explore this compilation of 100 unique Muslim baby boy names starting with X and embark on a journey to find the perfect name that resonates with your family’s values and traditions.

100+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with X

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Xander Defender of the people زاندر
2 Xaide Intelligent and wise زايد
3 Xafar Companion in the battle ظفر
4 Xalid Eternal خالد
5 Xamir Intelligent زمير
6 Xavi Bright زاڤي
7 Xayd Supporter زايد
8 Xayden Creative زايدن
9 Xerxes Warrior زرخش
10 Xidir Green خضير
11 Xirad Brave زيراد
12 Xubair Strong زبير
13 Xudayl Excellent خديل
14 Xulfiqar Sword of Imam Ali ذو الفقار
15 Xumad Intelligent زمد
16 Xun Knowledgeable زن
17 Xydan Knowledgeable زيدان
18 Xyler Lively زايلر
19 Xylo Forest زايلو
20 Xyndel Explorer زيندل
21 Xyon Light زيون
22 Xyren Peaceful زيرين
23 Xyrian Respectful زيريان
24 Xyrus Brave زايروس
25 Xyzavier Bright زايزافير
26 Xzander Defender of the people زيكساندر
27 Xzavion Bright زازافيون
28 Xzayvion Bright زازافيون
29 Xzavier Bright زازافير
30 Xzion Majestic زيون
31 Xalmay Gift of God زالماي
32 Xan Gracious زان
33 Xanden Adventurous زاندين
34 Xaqir Intelligent زاقر
35 Xarim Generous زاريم
36 Xaryan Proud زاريان
37 Xavian Bright زافيان
38 Xaviel Intelligent زافييل
39 Xavior Savior زافيور
40 Xaylen Gentle زايلين
41 Xayn Gift of God زاين
42 Xayvion Bright زازافيون
43 Xedam Successful زيدام
44 Xelil Friend زليل
45 Xilan Intelligent زيلان
46 Xirham Kind زيرهام
47 Xishan Mountain زيشان
48 Xitij Superior زيتيج
49 Xufyan Smart زفيان
50 Xyaan Gift of God زيان
51 Xyros Bright زايروس
52 Xyto One who remembers زايتو
53 Xyvion Bright زازافيون
54 Xzayden Bright زازادن
55 Xzayvian Bright زازافيان
56 Xzayvier Bright زازافير
57 Xzidane Intelligent زيدان
58 Xziren Loyal زيرين
59 Xzorin Precious زورين
60 Xzylan Bright زازيلان
61 Xanderly Defender of the people زاندرلي
62 Xavianus Bright زافيانوس
63 Xadrian Dark زادريان
64 Xylanth Brave زيلانث
65 Xayvier Bright زازافير
66 Xavianth Bright زافيانث
67 Xylar Radiant زايلار
68 Xulayf Generous زليف
69 Xamuel Listener زامويل
70 Xalvador Savior زالفادور
71 Xydane Gift of God زيدان
72 Xavari Bright زاواري
73 Xavius Bright زافيوس
74 Xyndrick Gift of God زيندريك
75 Xilvan Intelligent زيلفان
76 Xylanis Intelligent زيلانيس
77 Xordell Brave زورديل
78 Xedric Strong ruler زيدريك
79 Xzaviar Bright زازافيار
80 Xantheus Golden-haired زانثيوس
81 Xahid Devoted زاهد
82 Xzain Graceful زازين
83 Xaneer Luminous زانير
84 Xylander Defender of the people زايلاندر
85 Xaiyden Bright زايدن
86 Xirak Peaceful زيراك
87 Xoltan Brave زولتان
88 Xerran Gift of God زيران
89 Xalin Bright زالين
90 Xianco Gift of God زيانكو
91 Xylon From the forest زيلون
92 Xyrenth Peaceful زيرينث
93 Xain Firm زاين
94 Xolten Lively زولتن
95 Xaden Protector زادن
96 Xarien Bright زارين
97 Xymon Listener زايمون
98 Xoan Gift of God زوان
99 Xael Light زايل
100 Xylonis Forest dweller زيلونيس
101 Xarnold Powerful leader زارنولد
102 Xalvatore Savior زالفاتوري
103 Xydrian Gift of God زيدريان
104 Xamson Listener زامسون
105 Xaiyad Bright زاياد
106 Xolin Bright زولين
107 Xarnon Mountain زارنون
108 Xemuel Listener زيمويل
109 Xylan From the forest زيلان
110 Xoltin Brave زولتين

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the compilation of 100+ Muslim baby boy names starting with X offers a diverse array of choices, each with its own unique charm and profound meaning. From the radiant Xaahir to the victorious Xzzafar, these names reflect the richness of Islamic heritage and the beauty of the Arabic language. Choosing a name for your little one is a significant and joyous endeavor, and this list provides a range of options that b lend tradition with individuality. Whether you seek a name that embodies wisdom, grace, or resilience, the collection presented here invites you to explore and select a name that resonates with the values and aspirations you hold for your precious son.

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