90+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with W

by Sophia Roberts

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a momentous task, especially when seeking a name with deep cultural and spiritual significance. Muslim baby boy names beginning with ‘W’ offer a myriad of beautiful and meaningful options. From the resounding promise embodied in ‘Waad’ to the grace and affection represented by ‘Wadood,’ these names reflect the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage. Whether you seek a name that signifies strength like ‘Waqar’ or one that encapsulates the essence of love such as ‘Waddood,’ this compilation of names promises to infuse your child’s identity with the timeless values and virtues found within Islamic tradition.

90+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with W

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Waad Promise وعد
2 Wabish Name of a Sahabi وبيش
3 Wadood Loving, affectionate ودود
4 Wahab Donor, grantor وهاب
5 Wail Returning, coming back وائل
6 Waiz Preacher, sermonizer واعظ
7 Wajdi Passionate, affectionate وجدي
8 Wajih Eminent, distinguished وجيه
9 Wakil Agent, representative وكيل
10 Walid Newborn, newborn child والد
11 Waliyuddeen Supporter of the faith ولي الدين
12 Warid Arriving, coming وارد
13 Wasif Describer, storyteller واصف
14 Wasiq Confident, sure واسق
15 Wazir Minister, official وزير
16 Widaad Love, affection وداد
17 Wijdan Ecstasy, sentiment وجدان
18 Wileed Father, parent وليد
19 Wisam Badge, emblem وسام
20 Waa’il Coming back, returning واعل
21 Waqar Dignity, sobriety وقار
22 Waraqah Leaf, paper ورقة
23 Wasil Inseparable friend واصل
24 Widad Love, friendship وداد
25 Wissam Badge, emblem وسام
26 Wadhah Bright, brilliant وضاح
27 Wa’il Coming back, returning وائل
28 Wajeeh Noble, eminent وجيه
29 Waleed Newborn, newborn child وليد
30 Warith Heir, successor وارث
31 Wasim Graceful, good looking وسيم
32 Waziruddin Minister of the faith وزير الدين
33 Waqas Combatant, fighter وقاص
34 Warqa Paper, leaf ورقة
35 Wasimuddin Graceful of the faith وسيم الدين
36 Waddood Loving, affectionate ودود
37 Wael Seeker, desirous وائل
38 Wahb Donor, grantor وهب
39 Waheed Unique, singular وحيد
40 Wailan Coming back, returning وائلان
41 Wajahat Dignity, grace وجاهة
42 Walhan Gentle, mild ولهان
43 Wasi Broad-minded, liberal وسع
44 Wasiluddin Inseparable friend of the faith واصل الدين
45 Wajdan Ecstasy, sentiment وجدان
46 Wariduddin Arriving of the faith وارد الدين
47 Wasimulhaq Handsome, good looking وسيم الحق
48 Waqqas Combatant, fighter وقاص
49 Ward Rose, flower ورد
50 Wasiullah Friend of Allah وسي الله
51 Wahhaj Glowing, radiant وهج
52 Walee Supporter, friend ولي
53 Wasifuddin Describer of the faith واصف الدين
54 Waleeduddin Newborn of the faith وليد الدين
55 Waqee Calm, quiet وقي
56 Waarid Coming, arriving وارد
57 Waajid Finder, discoverer واجد
58 Wazirullah Minister of Allah وزير الله
59 Wasilullah Inseparable friend of Allah واصل الله
60 Waleef Friendly, sociable وليف
61 Wafeeq Successful, prosperous وفيق
62 Wajdiyyah Passionate, affectionate وجدية
63 Waqar Observer, supervisor وقار
64 Waa’iluddin Returning of the faith وائل الدين
65 Wahhaaj Illuminated, shining وهاج
66 Wadudullah Friend of Allah ودود الله
67 Waaris Heir, inheritor وارث
68 Waaqif Acquainted, aware واقف
69 Wajeeha Eminent, prominent وجيهة
70 Wahhajuddin Illuminated of the faith وهاج الدين
71 Wakeelullah Representative of Allah وكيل الله
72 Waarith Heir, inheritor وارث
73 Wafiqullah Successful of Allah وفيق الله
74 Wajeehullah Noble of Allah وجيه الله
75 Wailuddin Returning of the faith وائل الدين
76 Waqasullah Fighter of Allah وقاص الله
77 Wasifullah Describer of Allah واصف الله
78 Waajidullah Finder of Allah واجد الله
79 Wafeequlhaq Successful in truth وفيق الحق
80 Wajdanullah Sentiment of Allah وجدان الله
81 Wahidullah Unique of Allah وحيد الله
82 Wakeelulhaq Representative of truth وكيل الحق
83 Waaridullah Coming of Allah وارد الله
84 Waseemullah Graceful of Allah وسيم الله
85 Waleedullah Newborn of Allah وليد الله
86 Wajahatullah Dignity of Allah وجاهة الله
87 Waleefullah Friendly of Allah وليف الله
88 Waaqifulhaq Observer of truth واقف الحق
89 Waarithullah Heir of Allah وارث الله
90 Waseefulhaq Graceful of truth وسيم الحق
91 Waleeullah Supporter of Allah ولي الله
92 Wafiqulhaq Successful of truth وفيق الحق
93 Wajeehulhaq Noble of truth وجيه الحق
94 Wakilulhaq Representative of truth وكيل الحق

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In conclusion

In conclusion, Muslim baby boy names commencing with the letter ‘W’ offer a treasury of meaningful and culturally rich options. From the essence of promise to the embodiment of grace, these names carry the weight of Islamic values and virtues. With each name symbolizing unique characteristics such as love, dignity, and friendship, this collection presents a profound opportunity for parents to choose a name that not only resonates deeply but also bestows a timeless legacy upon their beloved child. Embrace the beauty and significance embedded within these names, ensuring a meaningful and enriching start to your child’s life journey.

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