120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with T

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Selecting the perfect name for your baby boy is a significant decision. Delve into the world of Muslim names beginning with “T,” each carrying profound cultural and spiritual significance. From traditional names like Tariq to contemporary choices like Taha, this curated list offers a diverse array of options, each reflecting values of guidance, strength, and faith within the Islamic tradition. Explore the rich tapestry of meanings and virtues encapsulated within these names, providing an opportunity for parents to choose a name that resonates with their cultural heritage and embodies their aspirations for their beloved son.

120+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with T

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Taha Pure طه
2 Tahir Pure طاهر
3 Taif Vision طيف
4 Taqi Pious تقي
5 Tariq Morning star طارق
6 Tawfiq Success توفيق
7 Tayeb Good طيب
8 Tayyab Good طيب
9 Thabit Firm ثابت
10 Thaqib Shooting Star ثاقب
11 Tharik One who knocks ثارق
12 Thawab Reward ثواب
13 Thayer Fertile ثاير
14 Thumamah Iron ثمامة
15 Tufayl Small طفيل
16 Tuhin Snowy توهين
17 Tumaan Blessed تومان
18 Turan Brave توران
19 Turoob Kindness تروب
20 Tawqir Honor توقير
21 Tawseef Praise توصيف
22 Talal Nice طلال
23 Talib Seeker طالب
24 Tamam Generous تمام
25 Tamir Rich تمير
26 Tameem Perfect تميم
27 Taufeeq Prosperity توفيق
28 Tawheed Oneness توحيد
29 Taysir Facilitation تيسير
30 Thaabit Firm ثابت
31 Thaqif Intelligent ثقف
32 Thufail Small ثفيل
33 Tuwaila Nightingale طويلة
34 Taymullah Servant of God تيم الله
35 Tayseer Ease تيسير
36 Taheem Active تحيم
37 Tawwab Repentant تواب
38 Taib Repentant تائب
39 Taifur Victorious طيفور
40 Tajammal Beautiful تجمل
41 Takhur Lord تاخور
42 Talah Sweet طلح
43 Tamleek Possession تمليك
44 Tari Rocky hill طاري
45 Tawab Sincere تواب
46 Tawqeer Respect توقير
47 Taymur Iron تيمور
48 Thaer Brave ثائر
49 Thamir Fruitful ثمر
50 Tharwat Wealth ثروة
51 Thubaytah Gazelle ثبيتة
52 Tuhfa Gift تحفة
53 Turaab Soil تراب
54 Turgut Eagle تورغوت
55 Turhan Of mercy ترهان
56 Tawfeeq Success توفيق
57 Taabish Warmth تابيش
58 Taahir Clean طاهر
59 Taaj Crown تاج
60 Taalay Fortunate تعلي
61 Taamir One who builds تعمير
62 Taaraz Courageous تعارز
63 Taban Bright تابان
64 Tabari Good thinker تباري
65 Tabbah Drummer طباح
66 Tabbar Fighter طبار
67 Tabish Warmth تابش
68 Tadgh Poet تادغ
69 Tadhg Poet تادغ
70 Tadil Justice تعديل
71 Tafazzul Excellence تفضل
72 Taffy Beloved تافي
73 Taft A kind of hat تافت
74 Tag Day تاغ
75 Taghi Rescuer تاغي
76 Tahawwur Active تحور
77 Taher Pure طاهر
78 Tahsin Adornment تحسين
79 Tahvo Courage تاهفو
80 Taiki Too much love تايكي
81 Taishi Great master تايشي
82 Taiwo First of twins تايو
83 Tajdar Crowned تاجدار
84 Tajdin Crown of faith تاج الدين
85 Tajh Crown تاج
86 Tajinder Lord’s glory تاجيندر
87 Tajuan Praiseworthy تاجوان
88 Talat Countenance طلعت
89 Talay Rising تلاي
90 Tale Valley تال
91 Talfryn Well-grown تالفرين
92 Talha Kind طلح
93 Taliesin Shining brow تاليسين
94 Talin Tall تالين
95 Talion Avenger تاليون
96 Talis Calm تاليس
97 Taliyah Heavenly dew تاليا
98 Tamal A tree تمل
99 Tamas Darkness تاماس
100 Tammam Generous تمام
101 Tamon Secure تامون
102 Tamor A type of bird تامور
103 Tanay Son تناي
104 Taner Dawn تانر
105 Tani Second تاني
106 Tanim Wave تنيم
107 Tanish Ambition تانيش
108 Tanmay Ecstasy تنماي
109 Tanuj Son تانوج
110 Tanveer Rays of light تنفير
111 Tanvir Illuminated تنوير
112 Tanyon Of the oak tree تانيون
113 Taoufik Prosperity توفيق
114 Taqiy Pious تقي
115 Tareek Rescuer تاريك
116 Tarek Morning star طارق
117 Tarell Thunder ruler تاريل
118 Tarn Lake تارن
119 Tarun Connection تارون
120 Tarvis To cross تارفيس
121 Tarz Beat تارز
122 Tashawn Ambitious تاشون
123 Tashfin Sympathy تشفين
124 Tasnim Fountain in paradise تسنيم
125 Tassos Immortal تاسوس
126 Tatanka Bull تاتانكا
127 Tawil Tall طويل
128 Tawsif Praise توصيف
129 Taylan Tall تايلان

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the compilation of over 120 Muslim baby boy names beginning with the letter “T” offers a rich tapestry of names reflecting the profound cultural and spiritual significance within the Islamic tradition. Each name, from Taha to Taylan, carries its own unique meaning and symbolism, embodying virtues such as purity, strength, and wisdom. This diverse array of names provides parents with a multitude of options to choose a name that resonates with their cultural heritage and aspirations for their beloved son. May this list serve as a guide to selecting a meaningful and auspicious name for the newest addition to your family.

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