190+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with S

by Sophia Roberts
Choosing a name for your baby boy is an incredibly significant and heartfelt decision. Muslim names beginning with the letter “S” hold deep cultural and spiritual significance, reflecting the values and virtues cherished within the Islamic tradition. From names symbolizing strength, wisdom, and devotion to those embodying grace, resilience, and peace, the assortment of options provides a rich tapestry of meaningful choices. These names not only carry historical and cultural weight but also encapsulate the hopes and dreams parents hold for their sons. Delve into this curated list to discover the perfect name that resonates with your family’s values and aspirations.

190+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with S

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Saad Felicity سعد
2 Saadi Happy سادي
3 Saafir Ambassador صافر
4 Saahir Wakeful ساهر
5 Saajid Prostrating ساجد
6 Saalih Virtuous صالح
7 Saarim Lion-hearted سارم
8 Saariq Bright سارق
9 Saatvik Pure صاتفيك
10 Sabeeh Beautiful سبيه
11 Saber Patient صابر
12 Sabih Beautiful صابح
13 Sabiq Foremost سابق
14 Sabir Patient صابر
15 Saboor Patient صابور
16 Sabri Patient صبري
17 Sabur Patient صابر
18 Sadad Felicity سداد
19 Sadaqat Truth صداقت
20 Sadeed Relevant صديد
21 Sadeem Insipid سديم
22 Sadeq TRUE صادق
23 Sadid Relevant صادق
24 Sadiq Truthful صادق
25 Sadir Orderly صدير
26 Sadr Chief صدر
27 Sadun Happy سعدون
28 Safal Succeeding سفل
29 Safar Travel سفر
30 Saffar Voyager صفار
31 Safi Pure صافي
32 Safir Ambassador سفير
33 Safwan Old Arabic name صفوان
34 Sagheer Small صغير
35 Sahab Cloud سحاب
36 Sahar Dawn سحر
37 Sahel Guide ساحل
38 Sahib Friend صاحب
39 Sahil Shore ساحل
40 Sahir Wakeful ساهر
41 Saif Sword سيف
42 Saiful Sword of Allah سيف الله
43 Saifullah Sword of Allah سيف الله
44 Sajid Prostrating ساجد
45 Sakhawat Generosity سخاوت
46 Salaam Peace سلام
47 Salaar Leader سالار
48 Salam Safety سلام
49 Saleem Secure سليم
50 Salem Safe سالم
51 Salih Good صالح
52 Salik Traveler سالك
53 Salm Safety سلم
54 Salman Safe سلمان
55 Salsabil Spring in Paradise سلسبيل
56 Samandar Ocean سمندر
57 Samee All-Hearing سميع
58 Sameer Entertaining companion سمير
59 Samer Fruitful سامر
60 Sami Exalted سامي
61 Samih Forgiving سميح
62 Samii The listener سميع
63 Samil Whole سامل
64 Samin Precious سمين
65 Samir Entertaining companion سمير
66 Samiy Elevated سامي
67 Samman Grocer سمان
68 Sammar Fruitful سمار
69 Sammi Exalted سمي
70 Samy Elevated سامي
71 Sanad Support سند
72 Sanaullah Appreciation of Allah ثناء الله
73 Sandal Sandalwood صندل
74 Sanim Brilliant سانم
75 Sanjar Prince سنجار
76 Sanobar Pine سنوبار
77 Saqib Shining ثاقب
78 Sarab Mirage سراب
79 Sarfraz Triumph سرفراز
80 Sariyah Clouds at night سارية
81 Sarosh Messenger سروش
82 Sarwar Leader سرور
83 Sattar Concealer ستار
84 Saud Fortunate سعود
85 Saumya Handsome سوميا
86 Saunak A great sage صوناك
87 Saurov Fragrance ساوروف
88 Savir Leader ساوير
89 Sawad Black سواد
90 Sawal Question سؤال
91 Sawan A character in Shahnameh سوان
92 Sawaab Reward ثواب
93 Sayeed Happy سعيد
94 Sayf Sword سيف
95 Sayid Master سيد
96 Sayyar Traveller سيار
97 Seif Sword سيف
98 Shaban Eighth month of the Islamic calendar شعبان
99 Shabeeh Resembling شبيه
100 Shabir Patient شبير
101 Shadab Fresh شاداب
102 Shadi Singer شادي
103 Shafiq Compassionate شفيق
104 Shafiullah Intercessor شفي الله
105 Shafqat Kindness شفقة
106 Shaharyar King of Kings شهريار
107 Shaheem Courageous شهيم
108 Shahid Witness شاهد
109 Shahil Ocean شاهيل
110 Shahir Renowned شاهر
111 Shahmeer Brave شاهمير
112 Shahram King’s son شهرام
113 Shahroz King of day شهروز
114 Shahryar King شهريار
115 Shahwaiz Renowned شهويز
116 Shair Poet شاعر
117 Shaista Polite شيستا
118 Shajee Brave شجي
119 Shajil Courageous شجيل
120 Shakeel Handsome شكيل
121 Shakib Patient شكيب
122 Shakil Well-formed شكيل
123 Shakir Thankful شاكر
124 Shakoor Grateful شكور
125 Shams Sun شمس
126 Shamsi Sunlight شمسي
127 Shamsuddin Sun of the faith شمس الدين
128 Shamsul Sun of the شمس ال
129 Shan Pride شان
130 Shariq Radiant شارق
131 Sharif Honest شريف
132 Sharik Partner شارك
133 Sharjeel Honorable شارجيل
134 Sharukh Face like the sun شاروخ
135 Sharyar Old Arabic name شاريار
136 Shaukat Power شوكات
137 Shayaan Worthy شيان
138 Shayne Beautiful شاين
139 Sheharyar King شهريار
140 Shehryar King شهريار
141 Shehryaar King شهريار
142 Shehzad Prince شهزاد
143 Sher Lion شير
144 Sheraz Loving شيراز
145 Sherif Honorable شريف
146 Shibli The great scholar شبلي
147 Shihab Flame شهاب
148 Shoaib Good شعيب
149 Shuayb The biblical prophet شعيب
150 Shuja Courageous شجاع
151 Shukri Thankful شكري
152 Shukrullah Thanksgiving to Allah شكر الله
153 Sibtain Two grandsons of Hasan and Husayn سبطين
154 Sibtan Two grandsons of Hasan and Husayn سبطان
155 Sidiq Truthful صديق
156 Sifat Quality صفات
157 Sikandar Conqueror سكندر
158 Silat Connection صلات
159 Simab Mercury سماب
160 Sinan Spearhead سنان
161 Siraj Lamp سراج
162 Sirat Path سيرة
163 Suhail Canopus (a star) سهيل (Suhail)
164 Suhayb Of reddish hair صهيب (Suhayb)
165 Suhayl Canopus (a star) سهيل (Suhayl)
166 Suleman Peaceful سليمان (Suleman)
167 Sultan King سلطان (Sultan)
168 Sumayr Brownness سمير (Sumayr)
169 Suroor Joy سرور (Suroor)
170 Surya The sun سوريا (Surya)
171 Suryakant Loved by the sun سورياكانت (Suryakant)
172 Suryansh Part of the sun سوريانش (Suryansh)
173 Suyash Good reputation سوياش (Suyash)
174 Syed Leader سيد (Syed)
175 Syud Lord سيد (Syud)
176 Saadiq Truthful صادق (Saadiq)
177 Saalim Secure سالم (Saalim)
178 Saami Eminent سامي (Saami)
179 Saamir Entertaining companion سامر (Saamir)
180 Saarah Pure سارة (Saarah)
181 Saariyah Clouds at night سارية (Saariyah)
182 Sabeeha Beautiful صبيحة (Sabeeha)
183 Sabiha Beautiful صبيحة (Sabiha)
184 Sabihah Beautiful صبيحة (Sabihah)
185 Sabina White صبيحة (Sabina)
186 Sada Pure صدى (Sada)
187 Sadeeqa Trustworthy صديقة (Sadeeqa)
188 Sadiqa Truthful صادقة (Sadiqa)
189 Sadira Lotus tree سديرا (Sadira)
190 Sadaf Seashell صدف (Sadaf)
191 Saffiya Best friend صفية (Saffiya)
192 Safiyyah Untroubled صفية (Safiyyah)
193 Sahla Smooth سهلة (Sahla)
194 Safoora Writer صفورة (Safoora)
195 Sahra Princess سهرة (Sahra)

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the comprehensive compilation of over 190 Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter “S” showcases the depth and beauty of Islamic nomenclature. Each name bears its own unique significance and evokes qualities such as virtue, strength, beauty, and spirituality, reflecting the values and beliefs held dear in the Muslim community. With an array of diverse names encompassing meanings ranging from bravery, faith, and gratitude to peace, guidance, and leadership, this list serves as a rich resource for parents seeking an auspicious and meaningful name for their newborn sons. These names not only reflect the profound cultural heritage but also embody the aspirations and hopes parents have for their children, laying a strong foundation for a purposeful and blessed life ahead.

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