90+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with R

by Sophia Roberts

Selecting a fitting name for your newborn boy holds significant importance in Muslim culture. When considering names starting with “R,” one encounters a plethora of meaningful options. From the timeless “Rashid,” signifying guidance, to the noble “Rafiq,” representing friendship, each name carries a unique cultural and spiritual significance. The richness of these names reflects the values and aspirations cherished within Muslim communities. By exploring this diverse collection, parents can find a name that not only honors their heritage but also encapsulates their hopes and blessings for their son’s future.

90+ Muslim Baby Boy Names Starting with R

No. Name Meaning Arabic
1 Raafi Exalted رافع
2 Raahil Path guider راحل
3 Raamis Good looking رامس
4 Raashid Major, mature راشد
5 Rabee Spring ربيع
6 Radee Satisfied راضي
7 Radwan Content, satisfied رضوان
8 Raees Rich, Wealthy رئيس
9 Raem One who has a desire رائم
10 Raes Leader رئيس
11 Rafan Beautiful, Graceful رفان
12 Rafee High, Sublime رفيع
13 Rafi Noble رفيق
14 Rafid Support, prop رافد
15 Rafif Glittering, shining رفيف
16 Rafiq Kind, Friend رفيق
17 Raghib Desiring راغب
18 Raghid Pleasant رغيد
19 Ragheed Comfort راحد
20 Rahat Rest, Comfort راحة
21 Raheeb Merciful رحيب
22 Rahil Path guider راحل
23 Rahim Merciful, Compassionate رحيم
24 Rahm Mercy رحم
25 Rahman Merciful, Compassionate رحمن
26 Rahmat Blessing رحمة
27 Rai Trust, Confidence رائع
28 Raif Merciful, Gentle رئيف
29 Rais Captain, leader رئيس
30 Rajab Seventh month of the Muslim lunar calendar رجب
31 Rajeh One who rules راجح
32 Raji Hoping, full of hope راجي
33 Rajih Having the upper hand راجح
34 Rajiyy Hoping, full of hope راجي
35 Rajul Man رجل
36 Rakib Observer راقب
37 Rakin Respectful راكن
38 Rameez Symbol رمز
39 Rami Loving رامي
40 Ramis Beautiful رامس
41 Ramiz Symbol رامز
42 Rammal Strong, Stout رمال
43 Ramzi Symbolic رمزي
44 Rana To gaze, look رنا
45 Rania Gazing رانيا
46 Rani To gaze, look راني
47 Rashaad Integrity رشاد
48 Rashad Integrity, Righteous رشاد
49 Rashid Rightly guided رشيد
50 Rasim Planner رسم
51 Rasmi Official رسمي
52 Rasyad Success رشيد
53 Rasyid Well-guided رشيد
54 Ratin Composed, Calm راطن
55 Raudhah Garden in Paradise روضة
56 Raul Attendant رؤول
57 Razi Willing, Satisfied راضي
58 Razif The one who takes care رازف
59 Raziq Provider رازق
60 Razzaq Provider, Cherisher رزاق
61 Redha Contentment رضا
62 Reehan Fragrant, Sweet-smelling ريحان
63 Reeham Rain, drizzle ريحام
64 Rehan Scented ريحان
65 Reza Pleasure, contentment رضا
66 Rida Goodwill, Acceptance رضا
67 Ridha Pleasure, Contentment رضا
68 Ridhwan Acceptance رضوان
69 Rifaat Elevation رفعت
70 Rifat High rank رفعة
71 Riffat High rank رفعة
72 Rihab Vastness رهب
73 Rihaid Support رهيد
74 Rihan Fragrance ريحان
75 Riham Light rain ريهام
76 Riyaadh Garden رياض
77 Riyaad Garden رياض
78 Riyad Gardens رياض
79 Rizq Livelihood رزق
80 Robeel Loving ربيل
81 Romaan Hopeful رومان
82 Roshan Bright, Illuminated روشان
83 Rouh Soul روح
84 Ruhaan Spiritual روحان
85 Ruhan Spiritual روحان
86 Ruhul Soul روح ال
87 Ruqay Spell, Charm رقية
88 Rusydi Happy رشدي
89 Ruzain Enthusiasm رزين
90 Ruzaini Enthusiastic رزيني
91 Ruzainin Enthusiastic رزينين
92 Ruzainy Enthusiastic رزيني
93 Ruzaifa Dainty رزيفة

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In conclusion

In conclusion, the diverse array of over 90 Muslim baby boy names starting with the letter “R” embodies the richness and depth of Islamic culture and tradition. Each name carries its own unique significance, reflecting attributes such as strength, virtue, guidance, and spirituality. These names not only hold a deep connection to the faith but also signify the hopes and aspirations parents have for their sons. With this list, families can find inspiration and guidance in selecting a meaningful and auspicious name for their newborns, rooted in the timeless values and principles upheld by the Muslim community.

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